Is a BMW a good first car?

is a bmw a good first car

When looking for a first car, most people feel excited and enthusiastic to get on the road. BMWs are undoubtedly cool and well-performing vehicles. They are built with quality materials and are quite safe, but should be driven with caution as most of them are quite powerful.

A BMW can be a good first car if you avoid the more powerful engine options and remember to drive the vehicle sensibly and respectfully of other drivers on the road.

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Pros of purchasing a BMW for a first car

If you are purchasing a BMW as a first car, you are most likely going for a second-hand BMW. Aim for one that has under 100,000 miles on it and has been properly maintained. Consult a mechanic to inspect the car for you before you purchase it.

Pick a reliable BMW model

Most teenagers or new drivers go for E36 and E46 models from 1996 which are not expensive, are durable, and are equipped with the so-called bulletproof engines that even new drivers can’t break.

They are crowned as the most durable BMWs of all time. The only reliability issues these two models have are their coolant systems, which shouldn’t bother new drivers as they are not expected to drive for prolonged hours or in high RPM.

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You’ll learn how to take care of a car

After you’ve already got your BMW purchased, it will need quite a bit of servicing and maintaining. BMWs are more costly to own than other cars, and that tends to teach the owner a few things about how cars function. This is a great thing for a new driver. You get to experience how cars function and how to take care of your vehicle right away.

Driving pleasure at a discounted price

If you are purchasing a second-hand BMW, it still brings in the driving pleasure that new BMWs do. Yes, it might cost you a lot to service and repair at times, but it is greatly discounted from its original price, like all second-hand BMWs. If you are looking to simply try a sports car for a year or two, a used BMW could be a good choice.

BMWs are easier to drive than most cars

Many drivers, even experienced ones, have reported that the feeling that BMW gives behind the wheel is quite different from most other vehicles. It’s much easier to connect with the vehicle. Rear-drive models give you good control of power in sunny weather but should be avoided by new drivers during the colder months. If you are a new driver, avoid purchasing a rear-powered BMW for the winter.

Do not buy these used BMWs

Cons of purchasing a BMW for a first car

The power of BMWs should not be underestimated. Many new drivers are eager to hop on the road and purchase an affordable second-hand BMW which is beyond their driving capabilities. They end up crashing the vehicle and sometimes injuring themselves too.

A vehicle of such power and performance should not be underestimated. Not even by experienced drivers. Starting slow and staying safe on the road should be your number one priority as a new driver.

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Costly maintenance

Yes, you will learn how to maintain a car and service it regularly if you want to keep your BMW on the road, and that is a plus for a new driver. On the other hand, you will have to invest quite a lot of money into repairs and maintenance. This is definitely something that might bother a new driver.

If you’ve decided to get a second-hand BMW, expect trouble every once and a while and stash some cash just in case you need an urgent repair. Most repairs can be avoided with properly scheduled on-time maintenance, but you never know what will happen on the road.

Insurance costs, fuel usage, and tax are all higher on sports vehicles and can also affect your spending. The total ownership cost of a BMW is much higher than that of most other vehicles, so keep that in mind.

BMW’s rear-drive can be tricky

If you learn how to drive a BMW as a first car and later switch to a front-drive car, it could feel a bit weird at the start. Rear-drive feels amazing in dry weather but can sometimes play a bad joke on us in the winter.

Moreover, if you have been taught how to drive on another vehicle that was front powered, you will feel strange driving a BMW at first, and you’ll need to drive with caution as a bit of pressure on the gas pedal could drive you off the road, especially on more powerful models.

People think all BMW drivers are jerks

In most countries, there is a stigma around BMW drivers. People may be less likely to help if you are having some trouble with your car or have experienced any engine failures and have pulled off on the side of the road. New drivers often need help more than others and sometimes being in a BMW might actually be a hindrance for some drivers.

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Do BMWs break down more than other cars?

Depending on the model, some BMWs tend to break down more, especially if they are out of warranty and have been driven for more than 100,000 miles. The most common issues are in newer models’ electronics which end up costing a lot to repair. Aside from that, most issues are minor and are usually things like oil leaks or coolant system failure.

Are BMW reliable vehicles?

Models past 2007 are often labeled in the middle spectrum of reliability by different sources. Generally, BMW Models between 1996 and 2004 are very reliable, especially the models E36 and E46, which have been labeled a standard for a reliable engine.

Unfortunately, newer BMW models are less reliable.  In 2012, BMWs were awarded awards as the least reliable cars of the year.

Can you repair a BMW at home?

You might be able to fix some small issues, but unless you are an experienced mechanic stay away from making any repairs on the safety systems such as brakes, as well as any parts of the engine or suspension of your vehicle as you might compromise your safety. If you are experiencing any issues, make sure to consult a BMW-certified mechanic.

is a bmw a good first car
What to know about BMW problems and issues.

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