Do Mercedes require a lot of maintenance?

Do Mercedes require a lot of maintenance?

Mercedes-Benz cars provide exceptional comfort, luxury, and power. But with all of these fancy features, comes high initial prices and maintenance costs.

When do Mercedes require a lot of maintenance?

Mercedes cars require a lot of maintenance to keep them running smoothly. However, there isn’t a lot of maintenance in the first 4 years or 50k miles of ownership. But after 100,000 miles, you will have to maintain your car regularly to avoid costly repairs and replacements.

Maintenance of Mercedes compared to other luxury cars

Compared to other luxury brands, Mercedes-Benz is one of the more high-maintenance vehicles. It is next to BMW and Audi, which are slightly more expensive to maintain. Some of the things that you may have to maintain a few years after buying a Mercedes-Benz are oil changes, fluid changes, spark plug replacement, and filter replacement.

Owning a luxury car like a Mercedes, BMW, or Audi attracts a higher maintenance cost than owning a regular car, such as a Toyota. The regular service is expensive and you will need a specialized Mercedes car dealer to carry out the service and repairs.

Regular service and maintenance costs for Mercedes-Benz

Maintaining your Mercedes-Benz regularly is very important for the smooth functioning of the car. It also helps to reduce costly repairs as the mechanic is able to detect faults in time. Mercedes are well-built for longevity, but without proper care and maintenance, the car may be expensive to maintain.

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Mercedes come with two types of scheduled maintenance: Service A and Service B. Service A should be done after every 10,000 miles. It includes fluid change, oil change, spark plug replacement, and filter replacement.

Service B should be conducted after every 20, 000 miles and it includes brake fluid replacement, dust filter replacement, and much more.

Service B maintenance features all services provided in Service A maintenance and much more. It also requires more time and is more expensive. This service should be done after two years of driving your Mercedes-Benz car or after every 20,000 miles.

Cost of maintaining different Benz car models

Although Mercedes-Benz cars require a lot of maintenance, it varies from one car model to another. The most expensive Benz car models are costlier to maintain than their cheaper counterparts. For instance, conducting a 10,000-mile service for the E-Class model is cheaper than the S-Class model.

Additionally, some Mercedes-Benz car models have more issues than others and require more maintenance. For example, most Mercedes-Benz car models made after 1995 have had constant issues with oil leaks in electronic transmission. While the Mercedes-Benz E-Class models built between 1989 and 1995 had noisy struts.

Before you buy any Mercedes, find out the cost of maintaining it. On top of that, you should know when to inspect certain parts, in addition to adhering to the regular service maintenance schedule. This will help to prevent you from having costly repairs in the long run.

Mercedes Warranty

Mercedes car owners may have many maintenance and repairs to deal with as their car ages, but with the warranty, it is quite affordable. There are two types of warranties offered: 4-year/50,000-mile warranty and extended limited warranty. If you want to have reduced repair and maintenance costs, having a warranty will help you a lot.

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Maintenance tips of Mercedes-Benz owners

If you want your Benz to last longer, then proper care and maintenance is a must. It will help your car to operate smoothly, and there will be no need for costly repairs. Luckily, most Mercedes models have specific issues that you can look out for to ensure your car’s longevity. 

Here are some of the regular maintenance tips that you should practice:

  • Examine the brakes after every 20,000 miles.
  • Ensure the battery connections are clean and well connected. If there is any corrosion, wipe it off.
  • Change your car’s oil every 10,000 miles. The oil is very vital in the performance of the engine.
  • Make sure the tires are properly inflated at all times. What’s more, you should check their alignment from time-to-time.
  • Change the drive belts after every 40,000 miles. The drive belt is important as it generates power.

If you follow most of these maintenance tips, you will avoid costly repairs in the end. Moreover, when you see the check engine light come on, get the car diagnosed immediately.

FAQs about Mercedes

Is Mercedes-Benz cheaper to maintain than other luxury vehicles?

This may come as a surprise, but Mercedes are cheaper to maintain than other luxury cars such as Audi and BMW. Audi is one of the most expensive luxury cars to maintain. However, the difference in maintenance costs between Mercedes, BMW, and Audi is not far off.

After how often should I service my Mercedes?

To keep your Mercedes-Benz car running efficiently, smoothly, and safely, you need to service it after every 10,000 miles for A Service and 20,000 miles for B service. A service is comprised of brake inspection, fluid inspections, and filter replacements. B Service is comprised of serious issues. 

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How much should I anticipate to pay for minor Mercedes repairs?

It depends on the type of repair you want to make and the car model. So, there is no particular answer. Regardless, minor repairs will only cost you a few dollars and won’t take many hours to repair. They include minor oil leaks, filter replacement, and spark plug replacement.

How much should I anticipate to pay for major Mercedes-Benz repairs?

If you have major repairs or replacements to make, expect to pay several thousands of dollars. But such repairs are rare in the first few years of owning your Mercedes-Benz car. They usually show up after covering around 100,000 miles. That’s why having an extended warranty is vital.

How much does a Benz cost to maintain long-term?

If you intend to run your Mercedes-Benz car for more than 10-years, then the overall maintenance cost may not be as high as you think. Provided, you take good care of your car and service it after every 10,000 miles for A Service and 20,000 miles for B Service.

Final thoughts

Mercedes-Benz cars may not require a lot of maintenance within the first few years of ownership, but as the car ages, more maintenance will be required. You will have to service the car after every 10,000 miles for Service A and 20,000 miles for Service B. Note that the cost of maintaining different Mercedes models varies.

Do Mercedes require a lot of maintenance?

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