Common problems with the BMW 116d

When you decide to invest in a BMW, one of the things that you will have to consider is how much you will spend on repair and maintenance. BMWs are some of the most expensive cars to own on the market. That’s why it is vital to know some of the problems that you will face when you acquire the BMW 116d.

The BMW 116d is one of the finest small hatchbacks on the market. This car is spacious, reliable, fuel-efficient, and practical. On top of that, it is quite cheaper to acquire and maintain compared to its bigger siblings. However, it has some common problems that users and interested buyers should be ready to deal with. 

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What are the common problems with the BMW 116d?

Engine stalling

There have been several recalls because of engine stalling. The recalls were connected to an electrical problem that made the engine stall while running. When this happens, the check engine light comes on. BMW discovered that a cable supplying power to the distribution can become faulty and cause the issue.

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To fix the issue, replace the faulty cable. This is something that can be done quickly by a certified technician.

Power steering failure

Another common problem that BMW 116d users face is an issue with the power steering. Two issues were discovered to be the problem. The first issue was the power steering ECU failure and the second issue was a bad steering box. Both of these issues were fixed and the latest models don’t have them.

Faulty crankshaft sensor

A faulty crankshaft sensor can be quite costly to fix. The issue that made the crankshaft sensor become bad was faulty software in the crankshaft sensor. Some of the signs of a bad crankshaft sensor are reduced engine power, rough running, or engine stalling. To fix this issue, replace the entire crankshaft sensor.

Fuel pump failure

This issue normally occurs because of the production malfunction from the factory. The fuel pump fails because of parts that have not been nickel-plated well. Some of the signs of a bad fuel pump are a warning lamp and a message displayed in the instrument cluster. If the fuel pump has failed, you will have to replace it.

Malfunction VANOS system

Even though a few cars were recalled because of this issue, it was a nuisance when trying to change gears. The VANOS system malfunctioned because of a bolt that becomes loose in the clutch pressure plate. This made the car lose power. To rectify the problem, you will have to fix the VANOS system.

Door handle problem

This is a common problem in most BMW models. When you open the door, the door handle may not return to its normal position. This is caused by a bad handle and catch. In some cases, the door locking system and actuator may have issues causing the door not to open. Whatever the issue, detect it and replace the necessary part.

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Clutch plate issues

Many users have reported the clutch plate has issues affecting how the gearbox works. This in turn affects changing of gears. It is caused by a loose bolt in the clutch pressure plate. So, if the clutch plate is not working fine, it will affect the gearbox and the transmission as well. Replace the bad clutch plate.

The EGR module may leak

The BMW 116d comes with an EGR module. After some time of use, the EGR module may become faulty and start to leak. Take the car to the mechanic and have it fixed.

Propshaft universal joint may fail

This only applies to the 2nd generation BMW 116d and not the latest models with the front-wheel-drive. Since the BMW 116d is a rear-wheel drive with a propshaft universal joint, it takes the power from the engine at the front and directs it to the back wheels. After some time, a union at the front may become bad and need a replacement.


Is the BMW 116d reliable?

Even though BMW has a bad reputation when it comes to reliability, the BMW 116d is a pretty reliable car. It is rated slightly above average as it registers fewer problems compared to family cars in the 5-series. Only the BMW 3-Series has more reliable models than the BMW 116d.

After how many miles does the BMW 116d start experiencing issues?

If the car is not properly maintained, it may start having issues as early as 40,000 miles. But if it is well-maintained, it can clock over 100k miles without having serious issues. Some 116d variants can even clock over 200,000 miles. So, how well you maintain your car plays a crucial role in how quickly you start having issues.

Is the BMW 116d expensive to maintain?

Yes, BMW 116d is expensive to maintain. This is because it comes with several issues that cost a lot to fix. What’s more, BMW OEM parts are very expensive and quite challenging to get. On top of that, the cost of labor is very high, making the overall cost of maintenance to be really high.

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Does the BMW 116d hold its value?

No, it doesn’t hold its value. Like other luxury cars, the BMW 1-Series loses 15% of its value as soon as you drive out of the showroom. After 5 years, the BMW 1-Series will have lost at least 50% of its value. Besides, its competitors like the Mercedes-Benz A-class have a better resale value. 

Is BMW 1-Series a woman’s car?

Yes, the BMW 1-series is more feminine than masculine. This is because this car is compact, stylish, and comfortable. It is also easier to handle compared to the more powerful BMW 3, 4, and 5-series. What’s more, it has a decent speed and its fuel-efficiency.

Final thoughts

The BMW 116d is a nice compact hatchback with exceptional performance. It is also easier to maintain than most BMWs and it’s fuel-efficient. However, it also comes with several issues, including the ones that we’ve highlighted above.

The good news is that most of the problems that this car comes with are simple to fix. Visit a certified BMW mechanic or BMW service center if you experience any of the above issues. Generally, this is a nice car for people who want a BMW but don’t have the money to spend on a high-end model.

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