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The Renault Espace was first introduced for the 1984 model year and has since spawned five different generations. It is a large five-door multi-purpose MPV that offers lots of seating space, efficient engines, and lots of safety features. This is what makes family MPVs so immensely popular which is why the Renault Espace manages to be a really successful car in Europe.

The most common problems with Renault Espace are related to the car’s electrical systems such as the A/C or various problems with wiring harnesses. Some of the equipment and trim are also known to cause issues, mostly in older models where the spare wheel can just fall off the car.

The EGR valve is one of the most common problems with the Espace as it can affect both older and newer models. The parking brake can fail to engage when you press it and can also fail to disengage when you depress it. Last, but not least, the Espace is also prone to certain suspension-related systems which can make the car much less comfortable.

All in all, the newer Espace manages to be a fairly reliable car, but it needs timely and thorough maintenance, otherwise, it is going to fail eventually.

Electrical Problems

The air conditioning system on the Renault Espace is known to suffer from a wide variety of issues including stuff such as faulty A/C controls, or problems with the heater unit itself. Some customers even reported problems where hot liquid can hit the occupants due to a problem with the heater matrix. This issue prompted Renault to do a recall as it can be incredibly dangerous.

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The second specific issue that has been reported with the Renault Espace is the failure of the wiring harness, which can cause various electrical components to malfunction or fail altogether. This issue can be difficult to diagnose and repair, and in some cases, the entire wiring harness may need to be replaced.

Equipment and Trim Issues

There are quite a few of these issues that can plague the Espace, but the two most common ones are a spare wheel falling off the car and the doors being way too stiff to open. The spare winch cable is what holds the wheel secured to the car, but this cable isn’t particularly strong and can easily break and launch the wheel of the car.

The doors being too stiff is another issue, but this one is caused by deteriorating trim around the inner door sills. To repair these, you will have to replace the surrounding of the door as these can get too dry and thus will not be able to cushion the door. This will make your driving experience louder while the doors are going to be much harder to open and close.

EGR Valve Problems

The EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) valve is an important component of the emissions control system on the Renault Espace, and like any other vehicle, it can develop problems over time. Some common Renault Espace EGR valve problems include clogging, failure, and malfunctioning which are typically followed by poor performance, poor fuel economy, and carbon build-up.

If you suspect that your Renault Espace has EGR valve problems, it’s important to have it diagnosed and repaired as soon as possible. Ignoring the issue can lead to more serious problems with the engine and emissions system, and could even result in a failed emissions test.

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Parking Brake Problems

There are a few problems linked with the parking brake on the Renault Espace. The main two are a faulty parking brake cable and a software issue, both of which will make it really difficult to use the parking brake. There were many instances where owners complained that the parking brake can fail to engage when the button is pressed while others state the opposite.

To fix this, you will have to identify the issue as soon as possible and try to update the software version no matter what the problem is.

Suspension Issues

Renault Espace suspension issues have been reported in some models, particularly those produced before 2006. Some common problems include issues with the shock absorbers, springs, and suspension bushings. Symptoms of suspension issues can include a bumpy or uncomfortable ride, excessive noise, and uneven tire wear.

Regular maintenance and inspections can help to prevent suspension issues from occurring or identify them early on. This can include replacing worn suspension components, checking and adjusting wheel alignment, and ensuring that tires are properly inflated and balanced.

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FAQ Section

Is the Renault Espace Out of Production?

The Renault Espace is officially no more as Renault came out and said that they are planning to dial down MPV production as MPVs are slowly becoming less and less popular. The global car market is changing rapidly as EVs and crossovers are becoming more and more popular. SUVs are also on a steep rise and many people believe an SUV is a better version of an MPV.

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With all of these in mind, there is little reason to keep the Espace rolling which is probably why Renault decided to stop making it. Also, we need to mention that ever more rigorous CO2 emissions standards are also helping to discontinue cars these days.

Is Renault Espace the Largest Renault MPV?

Yes, the Renault Espace is the largest MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle) produced by Renault. It is a full-size MPV that offers seating for up to seven passengers and has a spacious interior that is ideal for families or businesses that require a large vehicle for transporting people or cargo.

Renault also produces several other MPVs, including the Renault Scenic and Renault Grand Scenic. While these models offer seating for up to seven passengers in some configurations, they are smaller than the Renault Espace and are classified as compact or mid-size MPVs.

 Is Renault Espace the longest-running Renault Model?

Yes, the Renault Espace is the longest-running Renault model in production. It was first introduced in 1984 and has been in continuous production ever since, undergoing several updates and redesigns over the years.

Overall, the Renault Espace is an iconic model in the Renault lineup, and its longevity and popularity are a testament to its quality and innovation, so it’s rather sad to see it go after 40 years in continuous production.

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