Common problems with Renault Talisman

Renault Talisman

The Renault Talisman is a large family sedan first introduced back in 2015. The Talisman is what Renault believes is enough to compete with the likes of the VW Passat and the Peugeot 508, all of which fit underneath the Mercedes E-Class, Audi A6, Volvo S90, BMW 5-Series, and the Jaguar XF. This segment of sedans is still fairly popular, but mostly in the luxury segment which means that the Talisman is not the most popular Renault out there.

In this article, we are going to mention all the common problems with Renault Talisman and tell you what you need to look for if you are in the market for one. These include problems with the turbocharger, AdBlue, the transmission, a dead battery, and potential fuel leaks.

All in all, the Talisman seems to be fairly reliable which does make sense since Renault’s latest cars are much better than what they used to be. If you buy one, make sure to take proper care of it if you want it to last as long as possible.

If you do that, you will have no issues living with the Talisman for years to come. Even though it isn’t the most popular car Renault makes, it indeed is one of the best-looking and most comfortable ones.

 Turbocharger Issues

The 1.6L diesel engine pushes out 130hp or 160hp and is the most popular diesel powertrain you can get with the Talisman. It is mostly a reliable engine as Renault knows that these diesel variants are selling really well, except for the turbocharger which can have issues and can even fail in some circumstances.

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It has to do with the pressure within the turbocharger, so if you sense any lack of power, especially near 1,500 and 2,000 RPM where the turbo usually kicks in, it is likely that your turbocharger needs to be looked at. Sometimes these can be fixed via a simple cleaning, but if that does not work, you will have to replace it with a new one.

AdBlue Problems

The AdBlue system is designed to help your diesel pollute less and make it more efficient. This enables Renault to push an engine that otherwise wouldn’t be able to comply with really rigorous diesel emissions regulations in Europe.

The problem here is that the canister can leak and thus the AdBlue could leak out and the car might fail an emissions test. This is fairly rare, and the real problem with the AdBlue system is that most people don’t know that this also needs maintenance. As such, if you take proper care of the AdBlue and top it up whenever needed, it should hold up fine.

Transmission Problems

Most problems that stem from the EDC gearbox are down to owners not replacing the transmission oil whenever needed. This typically leads to erratic shifts, delays, and rough shifting which can make the entire driving experience much less comfortable, sometimes even leading to the car stalling and not changing gears at all.

If you fail to change your oil, the transmission could also fail completely which will require you to buy a completely new unit. The EDC 2 gearbox is the newer model which does promise to be much more reliable, but nothing will make any sense if you don’t maintain it well enough.

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Dead Battery

There are quite a few owners out there that complained about the battery dying. If your engine is cranking really slowly, emits clicking noises while starting, and flickering the lights, there is a good deal of chance that your battery is to blame.

You will have to test the battery output using a voltmeter and look for around 12.6 volts or more. If your car isn’t able to provide that power, you will have to replace the battery with a new one. This is a common occurrence on many cars and isn’t necessarily an issue.

 Fuel Leaks

One of the more serious problems with the Talisman is when it starts leaking fuel onto the road and thus increases the chances of losing control, potentially even catching flames. This was the case for quite a few 2018 and 2019 Talisman models which were part of a recall back in 2020.

So, if you are in the market for a 2018 or a 2019 Talisman, be sure to pay close attention to this. Call your Renault dealer and ask if the car you are interested in has been part of this recall.

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FAQ Section

Should I Buy a Renault Talisman?

So, if you are interested in buying a mid-size family sedan that can hold its own in a corporate car park while also being spacious and not overly expensive, the Talisman is actually a great option. It combines the looks and feels of a much more expensive car with smaller, more efficient, and more affordable engines which make it fairly cheap to run.

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This is especially the case when you compare it to the Premium German trio. However, if you are used to a luxury mid-size sedan, you are not going to be thrilled with the Talisman. Even though it is a really good car, it can’t match the Germans, after all, the Germans do cost a lot more money.

Which Cars Rival the Renault Talisman?

The fiercest competitor to the Renault Talisman was the VW Passat sedan which was discontinued last year. The Talisman now rivals its better-looking brother, the Arteon which is slightly less spacious and a bit more expensive.

The Talisman also goes against the Peugeot 508 and the Skoda Superb which are likely its main competitor as these three are really similar across the board. The new DS 9 is a bit more expensive and tries to cater to a more luxurious end of the market, but it actually goes against the Talisman in the real world.

Is Renault Getting Rid of the Talisman?

The Talisman is sadly also leaving the charts soon as Renault figured that EVs, hybrids, crossovers, and SUVs are the way to go. The sedan market only works if you are in the luxurious end of the segment which means that the Talisman follows the Passat sedan and is not likely to be replaced anytime soon.

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