Common problems with Renault Laguna

Renault Laguna

The Renault Megane is a large family car available both as a sedan or a coupe. It was first introduced for the 1994 model year and has since spawned three different generation. The Laguna was discontinued for the 2015 model year which marked the final end. The Laguna was no more and it seems like that is not going to change.

In this article, we are going to mention the most common problems with Renault Laguna which means telling you what should go wrong with it and what you can do to negate that. These include problems with the engine such as a faulty cooling fan or problems with the fuel pump that can cause the car to stall and not turn on again.

The steering system is also prone to problems, some of which can render the system completely useless. The manual transmission can have clutch problems while electrical problems are numerous and sometimes really frustrating. Lastly, we also need to mention the suspension system, particularly the rear axle bushes which can cause knocking noises.

All in all, the Laguna is a fairly reliable car if you do everything you can to keep it that way. Older models are indeed more troubling, but everything should play out fine if you do you dilligence and stay on top of these problems.

Engine Problems

The most common Renault Laguna engine problems are linked to the cooling fan which can fail and cause the car to stall. Sometimes it can be due to the sensor itself which means that you shouldn’t jump on replacing the fan immediately. The Laguna can suffer from EGR valve problems as well as these are goign t lead to poor acceleration and engine oil burning.

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The fuel pump is a known sore spot for many Laguna models years and the peroblem typically starts with incocnsistent fuel delivery but easily develops into a complete no-start. The turbocharger can rarely fail as well, so be sure to inspect all of these systems whenever possible as early interventions can help you prevent these.

Steering System Problems

There are a few steering system-related problems with the Laguna, the main ones being knocking sounds while turnign the wheel all the way and a fauly power steering pump. The former can be taken care of by realignign all the small mechanical bits which can rub against each other when you apply a decent lock into the wheel.

The power steering pump failing is a more serious problem and is going to lead to a complete lack of power steering assistance. If this does happen, you will have to replace the power steering pump, but if you catch the problem early on, you might be able to salvage your pump.

Transmission Problems

Most Renault Laguna models out there are equipped with a manual transmission which is known to suffer from a sticky clutch pedal. This typucally means  that engaging the pedal requires more force while disengaging the pedal is slow and often difficult if the pedal refuses to return to its starting position.

The reality is that this is a common problem with the Laguna and replacing the clutch is the only way to fix it completely. As this is a rather difficult task to perform yourself, you should take your car to an experienced mechanic who should be able to take care of the problem in a few hours time.

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Electrical Problems

There are many potential electrical problems that can plague the Laguna, the two main ones are faulty heaters and failing power windows. The former is caused by a faulty control panel which will need replacing while the latter will require you to to inspect the power window regulators and replace them as well.

Other electrical issues include potential exterior lighting problems, problems with the electronci parking brake, and problems with the dashboard screen. Some of these smaller problems can be solved with simple software updates, but some will also require you to replace hardware parts.

Suspension System Problems

The main problems with the rear suspension system are worn-out axle bushings, and potential shock problems. You can’t really prevent these from happening as both are expendable and will need to be replaced eventually.

So, if you hear any knocking sounds coming from the suspension area, especially while going over undulations, you should inspect the axle bushings and the shocks.

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