Common Problems With Renault Twingo

Renault Twingo

The Renault Twingo is a subcompact, two or four-door city car that was first introduced for the 1992 model year. Since then, it has spawned three different generations with numerous special editions and limited projects. It is also the spiritual successor to the original Renault 5 which is soon to be released once more but only in EV form.

This also means that the Renault Twingo production is over in order to make space for the upcoming Renault 5 EV and due to the ever more rigorous Euro 7 emissions regulations. In this article, we are going to tell you all the common problems with Renault Twingo which includes what can go wrong, and how serious it actually is.

The most common problems with Renault Twingo include engine rattling and knocking, problems with some of the car’s electrical accessories, problems with the suspension system, equipment and body panel issues, and issues with the seat belts.

All in all, the Twingo is known to last a substantial amount of time if taken care of properly. However, as most of these are now old and cheap, they are likely neglected.

Engine Problems

The Renault Twingo has encompassed quite a few engine-related issues over the years. These include an erratic engine which typically has to do with a faulty throttle control module that will need to be replaced. The engine can also suffer from engine knocking which is mostly due to belt problems which will require replacing if you want the engine to not destroy itself.

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The ignition coils can cause the Twingo to become sluggish and unable to provide consistent acceleration. The best thing to do is to replace all the coils at once as that should give you a long time before needing to touch the coils again.

Electrical Problems

Most Renault models these days are known to suffer from a wide variety of electrical issues, some of which are more serious than others. For example, the heater unit can cut itself out or stop blowing at certain settings. The main reason is likely a faulty motor resistor which will need to be replaced to solve the problem for good.

The ignition fob/key can sometimes refuse to open the doors or the trunk and can thus not let you drive the car. This is usually down to a software issue that will need to be updated in order to work. It’s not a particularly serious issue, but if it occurs, it could mean that you can’t drive the car for a while.

Suspension Problems

There are a few suspension-related problems to look out for with the Renault Twingo, the two main ones are knocking sounds when turning and issues with the suspension springs at the front. The former is caused by a front left stub axle carrier failing. In order to solve this problem, you will have to replace it with a new one.

The latter is usually accompanied by loud cracking noises which is likely the easiest way how you can spot these. Be sure to replace the suspension springs as early as possible as further damage could greatly impact the car’s on-road safety.

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Equipment and Body Panel Issues

The Twingo is now a fairly old car, and since it isn’t necessarily a car most people tend to maintain all that well, there are many things that can go wrong with it. As seen with most 1st generation models, the body panels can rust, can detach, and the outer skin layer can start peeling and thus expose your paint to even more damage.

The only way to fix these issues is to repair and repaint if possible, or even replace the faulty part altogether. Either way, these are slowly, but surely killing most Twingo examples out there, so if you want to save yours, be sure to act quickly.

 Seat Belt Issues

Sometimes the buckles on the belts can pop free and thus significantly affect your safety behind the wheel. The Twingo was recalled to fix this issue, but it’s unclear if the recall actually solved the issue for all examples involved. Be sure to replace these if you have to as driving with malfunctioning seat buckles is a huge risk.

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FAQ Section

Should I Buy a Used Renault Twingo?

If you are in the market for a compact city car aimed at making your daily commute cheap and easy, the Twingo is actually a really good option. It is designed to excel in busy city centers without being overly cramped which means that it can also do some highway driving without any problems.

It is not a luxury car, far from it, but it does deliver everything a modern-day car should. With that being said, if you manage to find one that hasn’t been maintained all that well, it’s better to skip it as these cars can be dangerous if they are not up to the task as the safety credentials were never all that good to begin with.

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Is the Renault Twingo Too Small?

The looks can be a bit deceiving as the Twingo does not follow a traditional design language. First of all, it is a lot narrower than most cars as Renault wanted to make sure that the Twingo takes up as little space as possible. However, it is also a relatively tall car which means that headroom should be sufficient even for taller adults.

All in all, the Twingo is a small car and there is no getting around that fact. However, if you are often by yourself or with one more passenger inside the car, you will have enough space while four people are most definitely a crowd.


Will Renault Bring Back the Twingo?

As of right now, there are no plans to bring the Twingo back which is a shame as the Twingo is actually one of the more popular cars in Renault’s recent history. The Twingo is a really popular first car in many places around the world for a good reason.

However, the upcoming Renault 5 EV is likely going to be a much more advanced car, but also one with a much higher price tag.

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