Is Renault Kadjar a Good Car?

Renault Kadjar

The Renault Kadjar first burst onto the scene back in 2015 when it was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show. Renault realized that the compact crossover SUV segment is becoming more and more popular which is why they wanted the Kadjar on the market as soon as possible. So, is Renault Kadjar a good car?

In short, the Renault Kadjar can be a really good car if you get a good deal on one. The Kadjar was recently discontinued which means that there are likely a few of these in showrooms. As most dealerships want to sell their discontinued cars as soon as possible, there is a great deal of chance that you might get a good discount for one of the last few remaining new models.

The long answer is going to be much more thorough and fact-based which is why you should stick around and read this article until the end. We are going to go through the engines, the transmission, and the rest of the powertrain while also paying close attention to design, the driving experience, reliability, common issues, pricing, and practicality.

So, if you want to know if a Renault Kadjar could be your next car and all you need is more info, you’ve come to the right place!

The Powertrain

The Phase 1 pre-facelift Kadjar is available with either a 1.2L or a 1.7L gasoline engine. The former makes about 131hp while the latter makes around 163hp. Both of these engines were ditched for the 2019 facelift which only offers a 1.4L inline 4-cylinder which is better than both the Phase 1 engines. This engine offers a decent 140hp-160hp which is more than enough.

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Phase 1 also gives you the choice between a 1.5L 4-cylinder diesel or a 1.6L 4-cylinder diesel engine with either 110hp or 131hp while Phase 2 only leaves the 1.5L diesel with 116hp. There are no hybrids or EVs to speak of, and the best engine out of all of these is likely the 1.4L gasoline unit with 160hp.

A manual gearbox comes as standard, FWD is a must, while an automatic 7-speed DCT is also available as an option. It’s safe to say that the Kadjar can return up to 40MPG with its gasoline engines while diesel engines tend to be around 40% more efficient.

Design and Driving

When the Kadjar came out, people were fairly pleasantly surprised by how it looked. It features a fairly muscular stance, nice-looking sharp LEDs, and a decently appointed interior. The Phase 2 facelift makes the Kadjar quite a looker as it introduces cooler-looking large wheels, newer exciting colors, and hefty upgrades both to the exterior and the interior.

As far as driving is concerned, the Kadjar is nothing special as is usually the case with cars from this segment. The Kadjar is a family hauler which means that it does not want to be dynamic while overall comfort is decent, but not rock solid. 

Reliability and Common Issues

In the first few years of its life, the Kadjar was not seen as a reliability champion as it certainly wasn’t one. There were many recalls over the years, four of those only regarding the airbags. However, as time moved on and Renault facelifted the Kadjar, its overall reliability statistics improved drastically and the Kadjar is now a fairly dependable automobile.

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The most common problems include key card malfunctioning, and issues with electrical accessories, wipers, and windows. The manual is known to suffer from master cylinder issues while the automatic can be a bit sluggish. The diesel engines are prone to glow plug problems while airbags have also been faulty on earlier models in particular.

Pricing and Practicality

In the UK, the Kadjar was listed at between £19,815 and £30,735. The average price in Europe was slightly under €30,000 which is a fairly good price considering the size of the Kadjar. Over the years, the Kadjar lost a large portion of its value which means that it is not at a really good price if you want to snatch up one of the early facelift models as these are almost 4 years old now.

Practicality is in line with the rest of the segment which means that the Kadjar fits four adults without any issues while the trunk space is adequate for its size. Visibility is okay getting in and out of the Kadjar is easy thanks to wide opening doors and a raised-up driving seat.

FAQ Section

How Safe is the Renault Kadjar?

Back in 2015, Euro NCAP awarded the Kadjar with a 5 out of 5-star rating which made it one of the safest cars in 2015. This still remains to this day as all the later models of the Kadjar have only improved on that. Pedestrian safety is where the Kadjar isn’t on par with the very latest Renault models but is still better than the 2015 average.

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Where the Kadjar also trails behind the modern era is the availability of safety assistance features which are not all that extensive. This does make sense since the Kadjar is an 8-year-old car at this point.

Is the Renault Kadjar a Good Family Car?

The Renault Kadjar is actually a really good family hauler as it does not cost too much to buy or to live with. It is modern enough to have all the necessary trinkets which are a must-have these days, especially stuff such as enough airbags and 5-star safety ratings.

Space-wise, the Kadjar can easily transport an adult family of four, but more than four is going to be a crowd. The Kadjar does not come with the very latest safety systems though, so be sure to keep that in mind as that can be a dealbreaker for some.

Is the Renault Kadjar Coming Back?

In 2022, Renault came out with the Austral which replaced the Kadjar completely. As such, there are no reasons why Renault should ever bring back the Kadjar, especially in an era where most automakers focus on EVs, hybrids, and new technologies which are better off presented with either already-established or brand-new models.

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