Common problems with Renault Trafic

Renault Trafic

The Renault Trafic is a light commercial van that was first introduced in the 1980s and is still in continuous production. It is one of the longest-running commercial vehicles in Renault’s catalog which means that it still manages to attract buyers from a wide variety of mostly small and medium-sized businesses.

In this article, we are going to mention the most common problems with Renault Trafic which includes problems with the gearbox, the engine, the suspension, a bunch of electrical systems, and issues with the turbocharger. Some of these are indeed serious and costly, but most of them are rather smaller niggles which is indeed a good thing.

The third generation of the Renault Traffic is by far the most reliable one of the bunch, partially because it is the newest, but also because it isn’t as neglected as the older ones. Therefore, if you buy one of the later models and take good care of it, you are likely going to enjoy it for a long time to come.

If you want to know more about these specific issues with the Renault Trafic, be sure to read this article to find out!

Gearbox Problems

Issues with the gearbox have been reported for almost all the model years of the Traffic. These include difficulties shifting gears, noisy operation, and gear slipping. Some believe that these problems are due to general wear and tear and that they can’t be avoided, but that is rather questionable as regular maintenance can usually do the trick.

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As far as the newer Traffic is concerned, the clutch pedal isn’t the most enjoyable to use while also suffering from clutch plate wear. That being said, if you are aware of these problems and you take decent care of your van, you should be good.

Engine Issues

Some Renault Trafic owners have reported oil leaks, which can be caused by a variety of factors, including faulty gaskets, seals, or other engine components, mostly due to aging and lack of maintenance. Engine misfiring is a bit more troubling as it can lead to reduced performance and poor fuel economy. Misfires can be caused by a variety of factors, including faulty spark plugs, fuel injectors, or other engine components.

Last but not least, we ought to mention the timing belt as well. The timing belt is an important component in the engine that helps keep the engine’s valves and pistons in sync. If the timing belt fails, it can cause serious damage to the engine and can be caused by a variety of factors, including improper maintenance or a faulty timing belt.

Suspension Problems

Renault Trafic has also been reported to have suspension-related problems by some owners. Some of the most commonly reported suspension issues include noises from the front suspension, premature wear on the shock absorbers, and uneven tire wear. The front suspension of the Trafic can develop a clunking noise over time, which is typically caused by worn-out suspension components.

Premature wear on the shock absorbers can cause the vehicle to handle poorly and result in a bumpy ride. Uneven tire wear can be caused by a variety of factors, including suspension misalignment, worn-out suspension components, or tire pressure issues.

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Electrical Problems

Electrical problems are a common trait of many Renault models, even though newer ones are known to be much more resilient. However, the most common electrical issues are problems with the central locking system, dashboard instrument cluster, and electronic stability control.

The central locking system can fail and will require you to replace the power door lock actuators a few times during the car’s lifetime. A faulty dashboard instrument cluster is another thing to keep in mind as it can show misinformation. Lastly, the electronic stability control can malfunction and thus increase the chance of ending up in an accident.

Turbocharger Problems

Some of the most commonly reported turbocharger problems include turbo lag, noisy operation, and turbo failure. Turbo lag can cause a delay in power delivery, while noisy operation can indicate a problem with the turbocharger bearings or other components. Turbo failure can be caused by a variety of factors, including improper maintenance, a lack of lubrication, or other issues with the engine or turbocharger system. Regular maintenance and timely repairs can help prevent and address these turbocharger problems.

FAQ Section

Should I Buy the Renault Trafic?

There is a good reason why so many people are still interested in the Renault Trafic even though it was only fully redesigned two times. If you are after a simple tool, a light commercial van that can take care of all of your smaller logistical needs, the Renault Trafic is definitely worthy of your attention.

On the other hand, if you want the best the current LCV industry has to offer, you should skip the Renault Traffic as it is rather dated. Be that as it may, you are likely going to find a Renault Traffic at a price hardly any other newer light commercial van can match.

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Which Vans Rival the Renault Trafic?

The light commercial van segment is brimming with lots of options which means that the Trafic is part a rather competitive company. The most popular Renault Trafic alternatives are the Ford Transit Custom which does offer newer technology but isn’t too different from the Trafic.

The VW Transporter is one of the most popular options because it combines affordability, technology, practicality, and a well-designed interior. The Mercedes Benz Vito is the most popular one for VIP transportation while the Citroen Dispatch and the Peugeot Expert are more or less the same as the Transit Custom.

Is Renault Going to Come Out with the New Trafic?

The current generation Renault Trafic was launched in 2014 and received a facelift in 2019, so it’s possible that Renault may release a new version of the Trafic in the next few years.

However, Renault has not officially announced any plans for a new generation of the Trafic, so it’s best to keep an eye on Renault’s official announcements and news regarding the Trafic to stay up to date on any future releases or updates.

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