Common problems with BMW X8

BMW X8 problems

BMW will soon be releasing a new powerful and luxurious SUV, known as the BMW X8. This SUV will be more powerful, luxurious, and expensive than the BMW X7. But since it will be based on the BMW X7 platform, it should also be expected to have issues. So, what common problems will the BMW X8 owner’s likely face?

It is quite challenging to tell some of the problems that it will come with. But if we follow the history of the BMW 8-series and X7 models, on which the BMW X8 platform will be based, we can highlight some of the problems that should be anticipated.

The common problems that BMW X8 users might face are electrical issues, transmission issues, suspension problems, engine problems, exhaust rattling, and automatic gearbox problems.

What are the common problems with the BMW X8?

Electrical problems

This is a common problem across BMW models. The BMW X8 won’t be an exception, more so, since it will have more advanced features than all BMW models on the market. Some of the electrical problems that users should anticipate to have are the front passenger side power window module may break, difficulty driving in cold weather with the window down, and remote car app problems.

Transmission issues

One of the common problems that the BMW X7 faces is transmission issues. And since the BMW X8 will be based on this platform, interested buyers and users should be worried about this problem. In the BMW X7, the manufacturer mistakenly added an extra bolt in the starter motor that falls into the transmission and triggers different problems.

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Fixing the transmission is very costly and that’s why owners of the X8 should take good care of their car when they purchase one. 

Suspension problems

It is vital for the suspension system of any car to function properly. This is because it helps to maximize the overall performance during operation. It is also in charge of absorbing bumps in the road to offer a comfortable and safe ride.

With that said, it is very likely that the BMW X8 may have suspension issues like most BMW X7s and most BMW models. Users may start to experience a slow suspension system that reverts back to whatever level the car modes tell it to. Nonetheless, proper care and maintenance can keep this problem at bay.

Engine issues

Engine problems are common in every car make and model. BMW X8 won’t be an exception, but with good maintenance, the issues can be kept at a low number. And since the BMW X8 will be equipped with the V8 engine, users should expect issues like engine misfiring and run poorly.

If the engine develops problems, the cost of repair can be quite high. However, most BMW 8-Series feature an engine block that suffers from bore wear. If you’re lucky, you may only be required to change pistons and block. But if you’re unlucky, you may have to purchase a new engine. 

Exhaust rattling

This is another issue that is common in BMWs with lots of miles. The rattling noise is usually noticeable when the engine is cold. It is vital to note that this problem comes on when the catalytic converter is about to fail. To fix this problem, you may be forced to replace the exhaust and catalytic converter.

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Automatic gearbox problems

This is a problem experienced across most BMWs and cars in general. If your car puts on several miles, you’re very likely to have automatic gearbox problems. This is an issue that BMW X8 owners should anticipate to have when the car is released.

A bad gearbox can make the car surge or have acceleration delays. To fix the problem, professional mechanics normally rebuild the gearbox or replace it with a new gearbox.


Is BMW X8 a reliable car?

It is quite challenging to tell whether the BMW X8 will be reliable or not. But since it is based on the BMW X7 platform, there is a high chance that this car will have an above-average reliability rating. This is at par with most of its competitors, such as the Mercedes-Maybach GLS and Rolls-Royce Cullinan.

Is BMW X8 expensive to maintain?

BMW X8 will soon be released. However, since it is a luxurious and expensive car, interested buyers should be ready to spend a lot on repair and maintenance. Like most high-end BMW models, expect the BMW X8 to have multiple issues that will drive up the cost of maintenance. Also, its parts will be costlier than even those of the BMW X7,

Do BMWs have a lot of problems?

Yes, most BMWs have a lot of problems. Most BMW models develop problems before hitting 150,000 miles. Nonetheless, there are some models that hit over 150,000 miles without experiencing a lot of issues. With proper care and maintenance, most BMWs will easily clock over 200,000 miles.

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Which car has a lot of issues – BMW or Mercedes-Benz?

BMW and Mercedes-Benz are known to have lots of problems. This is expected as they are both luxury cars with a lot of high-tech engineering. However, BMW registers more problems than Mercedes-Benz. What’s more, fixing BMW is costlier than fixing Mercedes.

How long do BMW transmissions last?

The lifespan of BMW transmissions depends on how well you take care of the car. If you don’t maintain your BMW transmission, it will have a lifespan of 100,000 miles or less. But if you take good care of Your BMW transmission, it will last for more than 300,000 miles.

So, if you decide to invest in the BMW X8 after its release, you will have to maintain its transmission well for longevity. Note that fixing a transmission can be costly and that’s why proper maintenance is vital.


Before placing your order for the soon-to-be-released BMW X8, it is crucial to note some of the possible problems that you might face in the future. This can help you to plan in advance and know how to take good care of your car.

The good news is that most of the problems can be handled by a professional mechanic or from the BMW service centers. Nonetheless, with proper care and maintenance, your car should last for a long while.

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