Common problems with BMW 530e

BMW 530e problems

BMW produces highly engineered and high-performance vehicles. And for the most part, the BMW 530 lives up to this expectation. However, BMWs are also known to have lots of issues, and the BMW 530ealso has various problems that interested buyers should know about. But what are the common problems with the BMW 530e?

Common problems with BMW 530e are engine malfunction, oil leaks, electronic issues, hybrid problems, EGR problems, and LED daytime running lights yellowish discoloration. While the BMW 530e has issues, it is more reliable than other BMW 5-Series models. Besides, most of its problems are easy and cheaper to fix.

What are the common problems with the BMW 530e?

Engine malfunction

Even though the BMW 530e doesn’t have a lot of engine issues, it still comes with several engine problems. For instance, the B48 engine fitted in the BMW 530e has been reported to have failed belt pulleys that fracture. As a result, this fracture causes the belt to come off the alternator along with the coolant pump.

Besides, several BMW 530e users have reported hearing strange noises as early as one week after buying the car. So, if you come across any of these issues when your car is still under warranty, BMW will take care of the problems.

Oil leaks

Oil leakage is common in many BMW models. The BMW 530e is not an exception. Oil leakage in this car is attributed to the seal breaking. So, before you come to any conclusion about why your car is leaking oil, ensure to check the seal.

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If your BMW 530e is leaking because of a broken oil seal, ensure to replace it with a new one. However, this problem is very frustrating as a car of this magnitude shouldn’t have such problems.

LED Daytime running lights yellowish discoloration

Another common problem that BMW 530e users have reported is the LED Daytime running light’s yellowish discoloration. After using this plug-in hybrid sedan for some time, the DRLs usually get pretty dim, or you might see discoloration on them. This normally takes place because of a faulty module connection with the light tube.

Nonetheless, fixing this problem is easy as you simply have to replace the LED module. However, if the issue is not fixed after replacing the faulty LED module, you may have to inspect the internal light tube as it might be damaged. 

Hybrid problems

There are several hybrid problems that the BMW 530e users experience. The most common ones are battery discharge and battery charging cable problems. If the 48V battery discharges completely, you will have to replace it. But if you’re still under warranty, BMW will cover the cost of replacement.

The battery discharge problem is not only common in the BMW 530e but in almost all BMW EVs and hybrid units. When it comes to the charging cable problem, BMW issued a recall. This is because the TurboCord Portable Chargers have a capacitor that fails and causes a potential fire hazard.

So, before buying a used BMW 530e, ensure the original owner has rectified the issue or replaced the hazardous charger.

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Electronic problems

The BMW 530 also experiences electrical issues, such as the backup camera working inconsistently, ghost throttle or throttle getting stuck, and cruise control failure. The good news is that most of these issues can be tackled by a professional mechanic or by taking your BMW to a BMW service center.

EGR Valve problems

The EG Valve or exhaust gas re-circulation valve is a part of the car that helps it to reduce emissions. So, when the EGR Valve is working optimally, it can assist to reduce pollution to the environment. However, if the EGR valve is bad and leaking, it can cause serious damage. This is because the cooler is prone to leaking, and it can catch fire easily.

Always take your car for inspection and scheduled service maintenance to avoid such dangerous faults in your car. Detecting a bad EGR valve is not easy and it can be fatal. Fix the leak or replace the damaged EGR valve to prevent further damage or costly repair.


Is the BMW 530e reliable?

No, the BMW 530e is not reliable. This is because most owners have reported an issue in their first year of ownership. So, even if it is a hybrid sedan, it is still not as reliable as hybrid sedans from Mercedes, Audi, or Lexus. Hence, you should be ready to spend more when it comes to repair and maintenance.

Is it expensive to maintain the BMW 530e?

Yes, maintaining the BMW 530e is quite expensive compared to other luxury hybrid sedans. On average, it will cost you between $100 and $1800 to maintain and repair this car. Nevertheless, if you compare it with other BMW 5-series models, it is way cheaper to maintain.

How fast is the BMW 530e?

The BMW 530e has a top speed of 146mph and it can accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in 6.2 seconds. On the other hand, the BMW 530e xDrive can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 5.7 seconds with a top speed of 130 mph. However, when it is fitted with performance tires, it can do 146 mph.

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How long does a BMW 530e battery last?

On average, the BMW 530e battery will last between 3 and 5 years. Nonetheless, this will vary according to the weather conditions in your area, type of battery, battery size, and of course, you’re driving habits. That’s why installing a reliable and durable battery is very important.

How many miles does the BMW 530e cover on electric?

Like most BMW hybrid models, the BMW 530e doesn’t have a long-range when the driver sets it to electric. The 530e sedan offers a maximum range of 21 miles on electric alone. However, the range is even shorter on the 530e xDrive at 18 miles. Therefore, electricity is only ideal for shorter trips or commutes.


The BMW 530e plug-in hybrid sedan is a luxurious, high-performance, safe, and fuel-efficient car, but it is not very reliable. Most owners of this car have reported problems in their first year of ownership. And as the car puts on more miles, more issues will be registered.

Regardless of the problems that the BMW 530e comes with, most of them can be avoided by taking good care of the car. Overall, it is an excellent car that will help users reduce their expenditure on fuel.

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