BMW 325ci transmission problems

BMW 325ci

The BMW 325ci may no longer be in production, but it’s one of the finest BMW 3-Series models ever created by BMW. Used BMW 325ci’s are doing well in the used car market, but they also have some issues that interested buyers should know about. Nonetheless, what are the common BMW 325ci transmission issues?

Common BMW 325ci transmission problems are burning odor, a transmission warning light coming on, transmission fluid leaks, delayed gear shifting, grinding sound, hard shifting, and gear slipping. Knowing which transmission problems are ailing your car is vital and it can help you prolong your transmission lifespan.

What are the common transmission problems with the BMW 325ci?

A transmission warning light comes on

Like most cars, one of the first signs of a transmission issue is the check engine light coming on. But since the BMW comes with a transmission warning light, the user will be alerted by this light. Next, you should consult with your mechanic to find out what part of the transmission has a problem.

Note that the transmission warning light is more likely to come on BMW 325ci models with an automatic transmission and not a manual transmission. The light will disappear when the problem is fixed.

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Transmission fluid leaks

If you own a BMW 325ci, expect to have transmission fluid leaks if you don’t maintain your car properly. This problem comes up as you put on several miles without inspecting and replacing vulnerable parts in the transmission system. Some of the parts that wear out faster are the seals and gaskets, transmission tubes, transmission pan gaskets, and bad valves and Solenoids.

This problem should be addressed immediately as it may further damage the transmission and affect the car’s performance. Repair or replace the bad and damaged parts. 

Grinding sound or strange noise

If you detect a strange noise or a grinding sound as you attempt to shift gears when driving, this is a sign of a failing transmission. The main culprit may be cracked or chipped gear. In some cases, it may be due to a lack of lubrication. So, before you take your car to a professional mechanic, try filling the transmission fluid to the recommended level and see if the problem goes away.

If the problem is not resolved, have the mechanic diagnose and fix your car. And if the planetary gear system is damaged, you will also have to replace it to get rid of the grinding sound.

Delayed gear shifting

This is another common problem that is also easy to pinpoint. Delayed gear shifting happens when you’re trying to go into gear or shifting between gears but it doesn’t work according to your likeness. Some of the things that cause delayed shifting are low fluid, dirty fluid, transmission Solenoid issues, or issues with the clutch or converter.

Get your car examined by a professional mechanic to allow them to detect the problem and fix it.

Burning odor

The burning smell comes about as a result of leaking transmission fluid or low transmission fluid level. This is one of the easiest fixes as you don’t need to visit the mechanic unless you have a leaking fluid. Leaking fluid is normally caused by a cracked, faulty, or bad transmission part. Detect the bad component and replace it to fix the problem.

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Gear slipping

Transmission leaks or low fluid levels can make your gears slip or shift to be slow and inconsistent. So, if you want to get rid of this issue, you will start by fixing the leaking issue and ensure you have got the right fluid levels at all times.

Hard shifting

Last but not least, we’ve got hard shifting. Like most BMW 325ci transmission problems on this list, this problem is also caused by a lack of transmission fluid or dirty transmission fluid. So, if you want to avoid having hard shifts, ensure you have clean transmission fluid and the right amount.


Is the BMW 3-Series reliable?

Yes, the BMW 3-Series is the most reliable BMW series on the market. This series is usually rated to be above average reliability by most reliability agencies. Besides, it registers few issues per 100 problems than any other BMW series. 

Is it expensive to maintain the BMW 3-Series?

BMW 3-series is one of the cheapest BMW models to maintain. So, if you’re comparing the cost of maintaining a BMW 3-Series to the BMW 5-Series or 7-Series, then the 3-series is cheaper to maintain. Nonetheless, it is still costlier to maintain than mainstream cars, as its services and parts are very costly.

How long does it take to fix a faulty transmission?

It depends on the parts you’re dealing with and the gravity of the issue. Minor transmission issues can take a few hours to fix, while serious issues can take over two days to fix. Besides, it is also crucial to note that some parts are costlier than others.

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Which one is cheaper – rebuilding or buying a new transmission?

Of course, it is cheaper to rebuild an existing transmission than to buy a new one. Rebuilding an existing transmission means fixing bad or faulty parts while acquiring a new one involves getting everything new, which is extremely costly. The cost of rebuilding a BMW transmission ranges between $2,000 and $5,000, while the cost of buying a new one ranges between $3,000 and $7,000.

After how many miles does the BMW 325ci start having transmission failures?

The transmission is one of the most vital parts of any car. However, many people take it for granted and don’t change the transmission fluid level or flush out the dirty and old fluid. If the transmission is not properly maintained, it will start having problems after 50,000 miles. That’s why it is recommended to check the fluid level every 6 months and change the fluid every 30,000 miles.

Final thoughts

It is crucial to take good care of the transmission like the way we take good care of the engine. Failure to do so, the transmission will develop serious issues that will jeopardize the performance of the car. The BMW 325ci transmission problems can be avoided with good care and maintenance.

And now that you know some of the transmission issues you’re likely to face when you acquire quality used BMW 352ci, you should maintain it well and prolong the car’s engine and transmission.

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