Common Problems with BMW 225xe

The BMW 225xe is a perfect family car as it can host up to five people. Despite its compact design, the 225xe feels like a BMW from behind the wheel. But what are some of the common problems that the BMW 225xe faces?

The BMW 225xe Active Tourer PHEV comes with multiple issues that can be easily handled by the BMW service center or certified technician. Some of the problems include electrical issues, fuel flap cover issues, weak battery, high battery voltage short circuit, and problems with the EVAP system.

What are the common problems of the BMW 225xe?

Fuel flap cover problem

The first and common problem that BMW 225xe owners undergo is the fuel flap cover issue. Even though the BMW 225xe comes with a handle that you’re supposed to pull to automatically open the fuel flap cover, that’s not always the case. Several 225xes have jammed and forced the driver to take matters into their own hands.

The fuel flap cover comes with a green wire on the side that can help you pull out the cover and fuel your car. The main reason why the cover jams are due to damage or poor design. If there is mechanical damage, you will have to use extra force to pull the cover open.

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Drivetrain issues

Even though the drivetrain problem is common on the BMW 330e, it can also occur on the BMW 225xe. The drivetrain is made up of several parts, such as the transmission, axle, wheels, and driveshafts that can go wrong at any time. So, when you hear some funny noise coming from your car or transmission leak, the drivetrain needs a technician’s attention.

Drivetrain malfunction normally takes place during heavy acceleration, steep inclines, or fast acceleration. The best way to diagnose a drivetrain is to have it scanned and the issue rectified.

Electrical issues

BMWs are synonymous with electrical issues. The BMW 225xe PHEV also has its own electrical problems. One of the common electrical issues that owners of this PHEV are likely to face is when they are driving and moving the gear lever into R or D, they may notice a “P has not been selected” error message and refuse to badge.

Aside from this error message, some users have also said that the voice command system triggers itself repeatedly. However, this can be done correctly easily by switching everything off and starting the car afresh. Ensure to have updated software to avoid such minor issues.

Weak battery

One of the biggest challenges of owning a plug-in hybrid car is that they have weak batteries. The BMW 225xe is not an exception as its battery is also weak. Several users have complained that the battery loses charge after covering several miles. One user cited that his range had reduced from 30 miles to 24 miles in a few years.

Plug-in hybrid cars like the BMW 225xe helps drivers to spend less on gas. However, when the battery’s range starts to reduce, it is important to change the battery to continue enjoying less expenditure on fuel. The only issue is that the cost of replacing a plug-in hybrid battery is costlier than that of a standard battery.

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High voltage battery short circuit

Another common problem that BMW 225xe users face is high voltage battery short circuits. This is normally caused by impurities based inside the high voltage battery pack. Note that high voltage in the BMW 225xe is needed to power the motor. Besides, the high voltage also increases efficiency.

If your BMW 225xe has a high voltage battery short circuit, then you should take your car to the nearest BMW service center for a checkup. Even though the issue is repairable, it is quite costly.

Issues with the evaporative emissions system

Like most plug-in hybrid cars, the BMW 225xe can also have issues with the evaporative emission system. The work of the evaporative emissions system (EVAP) is to store and dispose of fuel vapors before they are released into the atmosphere. This not only helps the environment but also helps fuel efficiency.

However, after driving your BMW 225xe for several miles, you may start to have EVAP issues. This is normally because of a damaged hose or vent, or a bad leak detection lamp. But with proper maintenance and repair, this issue shouldn’t bother you even after putting on several miles.


Is the BMW 225xe reliable?

No, the BMW 225xe is not a reliable car. BMWs may rank high when it comes to fuel efficiency, but they have lots of issues and their spare parts are costly. According to many reliability agencies, BMW rank at the bottom last. The BMW 225xe is not an exception and can be quite costly to maintain.

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Are BMW plug-hybrid batteries durable?

Yes, BMW plug-in hybrid batteries are durable. They may not be on the same level as Tesla, but they can cover over 60,000 miles. Besides, BMW claims that its battery packs can last over 10 years, which is a great feat. Nonetheless, after 10 years, the battery may drop its range.

How many miles can the BMW 225xe run on electricity?

Even though the 2021 BMW 225xe does not come with a very powerful battery pack, it can cover up to 34 miles, which is exceptional. This is the same range as the BMW i8, which is costlier and more powerful. Note that this range may be lower on earlier model years.

Bottom line

The BMW 225xe may be an exceptional active tourer with a plug-in hybrid drivetrain, but it also has several issues that interested buyers should know about. This car has a weak battery, issues with the EVAP system, fuel flap cover problem, drivetrain issues, high voltage battery short circuit, and electrical issues.

Generally, the BMW 225xe is a practical car as it comes with even more cargo space than the BMW i3. Additionally, it is spacious enough for its size and performs outstandingly. The car is also reliable and very efficient. With proper care and maintenance, most of the above problems can be avoided.

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