Can You Change the Grill on a Mercedes?

One of the most distinctive features of Mercedes-Benz cars is their grill. Nevertheless, is it possible to change the grill on a Mercedes-Benz?

Yes, it’s possible. You can change the grill of your Mercedes-Benz if you don’t like it. Most people change the luxury Mercedes grill with the sporty one. However, it’s not an easy procedure. This is because you will have to replace several parts, such as the front bumper, radiator, and headlight assembly.

The front grill is one of the car’s parts that undergo excess wear and tear. So, if you notice that your grill is worn out or just want to change it with a fancier-looking grill, you will have to follow certain steps. Besides, today’s Mercedes grills are usually made from plastic, unlike in old models that were made of metal.

How can I change the grill on Mercedes-Benz?

If your Mercedes grill is worn out or wants to change the sporty grill with the luxury grill or vice-versa, the process is straightforward. However, if it’s for the first time, it may be cumbersome and take you over 2 hours to perform the replacement. Here’s the procedure:

  • First and foremost, identify the type of grill that you want to replace on your Benz. If it’s the same type, then the process is easy. But if it’s not, you will also have to change the radiator, headlight assembly, and front bumper.
  • Start by inspecting the top of the grill. This part is normally fixed in position by two plastic studs that sit in the grill. They are normally concealed below the trim or cover piece. Depending on your experience, you can either remove the trim piece or disconnect the piece with the cover still on.
  • Next, remove the plastic cover by turning the plastic lock 90 degrees to disengage it. Follow this up by removing the overflow and cable release from the cover. Finish by pulling forward on the cover on every side and pull up the rear of the cover-up and remove it.
  • Since the grill is fixed in place by multiple plastic clips around the bottom and end piece that rests in a channel on every side, you will have to apply some hand pressure and push the bottom of the grill back in and in the direction of the radiator.
  • Next, the grill will pivot in on the bottom and provide you with access to the mounting piece on the top.
  • Now you can quickly reach in with a flathead screwdriver and slowly pry the grill connection from the car.
  • If you’re an experienced mechanic or DIY enthusiast and know what you’re looking for, you can go ahead and disconnect the top of the grill getting rid of the cover. But if you’re inexperienced, you will have to remove the cover for ease of work.
  • Now that the top and bottom of the grill are free, pull the sides of the grill up and out from the channel it rests.
  • You can proceed to change the grill with a new similar grill, or change the necessary parts to fix a sporty or luxury grill on your car.
  • To re-install, the grill, follow the reverse steps above. This shouldn’t take a lot of time as it’s straightforward.
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Why does Mercedes feature different types of grills?

Mercedes-Benz comes with different types of grills to differentiate the purpose of different Mercedes cars. Typically, Mercedes offers four different types of grills, which include standard, AMGs, Maybach, and EVs. Here’s how different Mercedes grills look:

Standard grill – The standard Mercedes grill comes with horizontal lines divided into two parts and distinguished by a vertical line, with the three-pointed star on top of the grill.

AMG grill – It is one of the most spectacular Mercedes grills. Unlike the standard grill, the AMG grill features a big Mercedes three-pointed star in the center of the grill. Additionally, the lines are vertical and not horizontal like in the standard grill.

Maybach grill – this is the most luxurious unit of Mercedes-Benz. The Maybach grill comes with a three-pointed star on top of the grill. What’s more, it has writing that says “Maybach” on the uppermost section of the grill. Like AMG, Maybach lines are vertical, but more than AMGs lines.

EV grill – this is the latest addition to the Mercedes line of cars. The EV or EQ grill comes with a big three-pointed star badge in the middle of the grill. Moreover, it has multiple horizontal lines around the Mercedes emblem.


How do I change the grill on my Mercedes E-Class?

Changing the grill on the Mercedes E-Class is straightforward. Begin by removing the clip on top of the plastic shroud using a flathead screwdriver. Next, get rid of the lower plastic cover, then remove the grille that will be visible after removing the shroud. Finally, re-install the grill.

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What is the Mercedes Panamericana grill?

This is a GTR’s grill that pays tribute to a legendary car in Mercedes’ history: the 1952 300 SL Gullwing. The first SLs was a purely racing car and was involved in the Carrera Panamericana, which has hosted across Pan-American Highway in Mexico. The story behind this race is what makes the grill memorable.

Can I drive a car without a front grill?

Yes, you can. Besides, most cars feature grills for looks. So, if the grill is worn out and you haven’t replaced it, you don’t have to worry. Air will still flow inside the hood and cool off heated parts, such as the engine and radiator.

Bottom line

If you’ve been wondering whether you can change your Mercedes-Benz grill or not, you no longer have to. It’s possible as long as you are ready to set time aside and replace the grill with a new one or another type of grill. Most people change standard grills with sporty ones or AMG-style grills.

In most cases, you will have to remove the bumper. But if you’re changing the grill with a different one, you may have to remove the radiator and headlights. With the above step-by-step procedure, replacing the grill with a new one shouldn’t be a challenge at all.

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