Do Mercedes have spare tires?

Since many car companies are fighting to reduce carbon footprint, most of them no longer include spare tires as they add weight to the car, which means more fuel and pollution. But do Mercedes have spare tires?

Some Mercedes models have spare tires, while others don’t have. However, Mercedes has done a good job of ensuring that its customers have different options to help them in case of an emergency. As a result, most Mercedes-Benz cars are equipped with run-flat tires, a spare tire, or a tire fit mobility kit.

Besides, all Mercedes models are fitted with a tire pressure monitoring system complete with sensors in every wheel. Hence, if you happen to have a flat tire, the system will show a tire malfunction warning on the dashboard. When this occurs, you need to pull your vehicle on the side of the road.

Can I still drive if I have a flat tire? 

Even with the improvement in tire technology over the years, tire puncture or even tire burst still occurs. If you happen to have a flat tire, it’s advisable not to drive your Benz. However, you can still check and see if your Mercedes has a spare tire, run-flat tires, or a tire mobility kit.

A tire mobility kit can help you to patch the flat tire and get you to the closest Mercedes service center for repair or tire change. Another option is removing the slow punctured tire and replacing it with a spare wheel. However, you can also use a run-flat tire to help you drive your Benz to a service center.

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Unlike spare tires, run-flat tires enable you to drive on low pressure so that you can get to a Mercedes service center. Note that run-flat tires have a limited speed and range. These tires can move up to 18 miles per hour on the low-pressure tire and allow you to drive up to 50 miles. 

Therefore, if you’re a few miles to a service center, run-flat tires will help you, but if not, then you may have to call towing services or get in touch with Mercedes roadside assistance. So, if your Mercedes tire punctures in a remote area, the run-flat tires might not be so helpful.

Do all Mercedes-Benz models feature run-flat tires?

No, they don’t. However, almost all the latest Mercedes-Benz models feature run-flat tires. Therefore, if your car tire punctures or bursts, you can still drive it to the nearest service center without endangering other parts of the wheel or car.

Run-flat tires are not only advanced than regular tires, but they can also save you. If you’re stranded in the middle of nowhere, these tires can allow you to drive to a safe and convenient place where you can easily be towed to the nearest Mercedes service facility.

Some of the Mercedes-Benz models that come with run-flat tires as standard are Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Mercedes-Benz S-Class, and Mercedes-Benz C-Class. On the contrary, one of the Mercedes models that are known to have a spare wheel is the Mercedes GLC300.

One of the biggest advantages of having run-flat tires is that they don’t blow out or make your car swerve like traditional tires; thus, making your driving unsafe. Instead, these tires allow you to drive safely to your nearest Mercedes-Benz service center.

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What does Mercedes roadside assistance do?

Mercedes-Benz roadside assistance is intended to help Mercedes users when they are in emergence or trouble. If your tire is burst or develops an issue, you can always call roadside assistance for help. Mercedes roadside assistance covers normal problems like flat tire replacement, jump start, fuel delivery, and lockout service.

How long does Mercedes-Benz roadside assistance last?

Mercedes-Benz roadside assistance lasts for a period of the Mercedes-Benz 5-year warranty. This service is provided to every new Mercedes-Benz owner. It comes together with Mercedes-Benz road care. Nonetheless, Mercedes owners can still enjoy this service by buying an annual membership. 


Does Mercedes-Benz need special tires?

Yes, they do. This is because tires not specifically approved by Mercedes-Benz may not offer the same safety, comfort, and performance as a Mercedes-approved tire. With that said, most Mercedes-Benz models use all-season tires, while others use performance tires.

After how long do I have to change my Mercedes tires?

Like most vehicles, you need to inspect the treads and sidewalls of your Mercedes tires. What’s more, it’s important to change your tires every 30,000 to 50,000 miles. If you drive your car daily, you need to change your tires after 30,000 to avoid getting into an accident.

Why do new cars not have spare tires?

Most car manufacturers are not including spare tires in their vehicles. This is because tire technology has advanced and most tires don’t puncture or burst easily. However, the main reason behind not including a spare tire is to reduce carbon footprint. The tire adds weight to the car, leading to more fuel consumption.

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Is it okay to replace run-flat tires with regular tires, Mercedes? 

If you’re replacing one run-flat tire with another run-flat tire, there’s nothing to worry about. However, if you want to replace one run-flat tire with a regular tire, this is very risky. As a result, if you must replace a run-flat tire with a regular tire, you need to change all four tires and not just one tire.

How many miles do Mercedes tires last?

On average, Mercedes tires normally last for 50,000 miles. So, if your car hits 50,000 miles, you should inspect the treads and sidewalls of your tire. If they are worn out, replace them immediately. But even if they’re not, you should still change your Mercedes tires after every 50,000 miles for your safety.


A few Mercedes models come with spare tires. One of those models is the Mercedes-Benz GLC300. However, the latest Mercedes models feature run-flat tires, which are more advanced and can save you if you have a tire puncture. Some of the Mercedes models with run-flat tires are the E-Class and S-Class.

Besides, Mercedes has roadside assistance that can help you in case of a tire puncture. On top of that, some Mercedes models come with a tire fit mobility kit to help you patch up your punctured tire and get to the service center for repair or replacement.

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