Can Mercedes be flat towed?

can mercedes be flat towed

Whether you have a broken car or are going for a picnic, knowing if you can flat tow your car or not is vital. If you’re wondering whether to flat tow your Mercedes or not, you’re in the right place.

It is possible to flat tow your Mercedes-Benz. However, you cannot flat tow a Mercedes-Benz in the same way you flat tow a Jeep wrangler or Ford F-150. Instead, you will have to use special equipment such as a tow dolly or towing trailer. Without these tools, you may end up with a badly damaged car.  

However, you should note that Mercedes-Benz is against the flat towing of its vehicles. So, should anything happen in the process of towing, you shouldn’t expect any compensation from Mercedes if your warranty is still active. Additionally, it’s crucial to look through your car’s manual before towing your car.

What distance can I tow my Mercedes-Benz?

Mercedes recommends that their vehicles only be towed a maximum of 30 miles or 50 kilometers. On top of that, the towing speed should not go beyond a speed of 30 mph or 50 km/h. If you intend to tow your vehicle for more than 30 miles, then you need to raise the entire vehicle.

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That’s why Mercedes recommend using towing tools, such as tow dolly or towing trailer. It’s safer to have the vehicle transported than to tow it. A Mercedes-Benz with 4Matic should never be towed with one set of wheels on the ground.

How does flat towing work?

Flat towing is also referred to as four-down towing or dinghy towing. It features connecting a tow bar to a vehicle and enabling it to roll along behind the camper on its four wheels. Flat towing is called dinghy towing because the vehicle being towed looks like a small dinghy being pulled behind a big ship. 

A few years ago, this was the most preferred form of towing. This is because most cars, trucks, and SUVs were fitted with manual transmissions that could be pulled four down. However, this has changed in recent years as many cars like Mercedes prefer using an automatic transmission, which isn’t good for flat towing.

How does a tow dolly work?

A tow dolly works by being attached at the back of the truck or motorhome pulling the vehicle. However, this tool is only designed for front-wheel-drive vehicles that weigh below 5000 pounds or less. What’s more, the tow dolly does not add any miles to your car during transportation.

Before buying a car tow dolly for your Mercedes model, it’s crucial to go through the car’s manual and see if it’s recommended. Most Mercedes models are heavy and not suitable for towing behind motorhomes or trucks. Also, you should confirm that the car has an FWD as the standard drivetrain system.

How does a towing trailer work?

Unlike a car tow dolly, a towing trailer is more reliable and recommended for Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Nonetheless, this equipment is more expensive to buy and maintain. However, it takes up more space in your yard or garage as it has four wheels.

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A towing trailer works by lifting the entire car off the ground. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about where your drivetrain system is located. Whether your car is fitted with a four-wheel-drive, rear-wheel-drive, or all-wheel-drive systems, the trailer will lift it without adding any miles. It’s also more suited for long drives.

What are the disadvantages of having a tow dolly or towing trailer?

Even though a tow dolly and towing trailer are very helpful when it comes to towing your car, they also have some setbacks. These two tools require regular maintenance to execute their work effectively. They also take up a lot of storage space, which some homeowners may not have.

Mercedes towing FAQ

Can I tow my Mercedes-Benz with 4Matic?

No, you shouldn’t. You should never flat tow your Mercedes-Benz model with 4Matic. It doesn’t matter if it’s towing it with front or rear axle raised, this will wreak havoc on your transmission system. Mercedes-Benz models with 4Matic should only be towed with both axles on the ground or off the ground.

Is it okay if I tow my automatic Mercedes E-Class?

No, it’s not. As a matter of fact, you should never tow a Mercedes or car with an automatic transmission. If you do, you will end up damaging the automatic transmission, which will bring more trouble than good.

Should I tow my Mercedes from the back or front?

It’s important to understand that cars are not designed to be pulled from the back. This is because items in the front of the car could break off after being hit from below. Nevertheless, if you tow with the front wheels off the ground, you should remove the driveshaft.

Do I need to put my Mercedes in neutral before towing?

If you intend to tow a Mercedes-Benz model with a rear axle drive system and a front-engine, you will have to disconnect the driveshaft. This will help to avoid damage to the transmission system. Putting the transmission in neutral won’t help as it will not prevent damage because of a lack of internal combustion. 

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What cars can be towed without any problem?

Some car makes and models can be flat towed much easier than others. For instance, cars with manual transmission and a front-wheel-drive system can be towed without any challenge. These cars can also be towed for long distances without posing any danger.

Additionally, vehicles that are equipped with either a manual transmission and rear-wheel-drive or four-wheel-drive and a manual transfer case with the alternative of putting it in neutral can also be flat towed. Therefore, if your Benz model has some of these features, you can flat tow it. 

Tow carefully

Unfortunately, Mercedes-Ben models cannot be flat towed. However, you can tow your Mercedes-Benz car if you get a tow dolly or towing trailer. A towing trailer is the best choice as it does not pose any threat to your car’s automatic transmission. Before towing your car, always check the user’s manual. 

If you want to tow your Mercedes-Benz because it has broken down, get a tow dolly or towing trailer. If you have a tow dolly, never tow your Mercedes for over 30 miles or at more than 30 mph. Consider using a towing trailer as it’s safer and easier to operate.

can mercedes be flat towed

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