Which Mercedes-Benz SUV is the largest?

Which Mercedes SUV is the largest?

The largest SUV Mercedes-Benz currently offers is the GLS. The GLS is a seven-seater behemoth with plenty of cargo and passenger space. While in some aspects the G-class offer more space, the fact that the GLS has seven seats makes it the largest SUV in the Mercedes family.

Mercedes-Benz GLS has the greatest cargo capacity

The new GLS has an impressive 93.8 cubic feet of cargo space when both the second and the third-row seats are folded down flat. In addition, the GLS offers 16 cubic feet of space for the third seat passengers, which ensures that even fully-grown adults would do just fine on moderately long trips.

Passenger and cargo space of the new GLS

The Mercedes-Benz GLS offers 41.2 inches of first-row headroom which is more than enough for even the tallest individuals. For some context, the best-selling Mercedes SUV, the GLC offers less than 40 inches in the headroom department and is still considered substantially roomy for most drivers.

The Mercedes-Benz GLS also has 40.3 inches of front leg-room, which is actually a bit less than the GLC. The GLC offers a smidgeon more, at 40.8 inches. But, as the seat offers plenty of adjustments, finding the perfect position should not pose any problems.

The second-row headroom is measured at 40 inches which is also more than adequate for pretty much any individual, and the second-row leg-room is around 38.5 inches.  In pretty much any seat, the GLS offers more than 50 inches of shoulder room which ensures that all 7 passengers can sit comfortably and decently spaced out.

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As far as trunk space is concerned, the GLS offers 470 liters of space with all seven seats in use. If you fold down the 3rd row, the trunk space increases to 890 liters. For some context, the G-class offers just 657 liters of trunk space, so it’s no match for the GLS.

The Mercedes-Benz GLS has plenty of room for passengers and their belongings, but the Mercedes-Benz SUV also have ample space. The 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLA is a compact SUV but it still offers plenty of space.

Differences between the Mercedes GLS and the G-class

In some aspects, the GLS offers less space than the G-class, and that’s mostly because the GLS compromises on front and second-row head and legroom in favor of the third row. The G-class does not offer 3-row seating, and that’s why the G-class might feel a bit roomier in some seats.

For example, in the second-row legroom, the GLS offers 38.5 inches, while the G-class has an inch more. Now that may not seem like much, but for context, the GLC “only” has 37.3 inches of leg-room in the second row. So, as you can see, the second row of the GLS is still quite spacious.

The G-class also offers more front leg-room, but the difference here is marginal at about half an inch. Pretty much every Mercedes SUV offers more than adequate space in all aspects and is capable of comfortably transporting 5-7 passengers, depending on whether there is a third row of seating.

Both the Mercedes GLS SUV and the Mercedes G-class SUV are true luxury vehicle for people that needs a great large car.

Car dimensions of popular Mercedes SUVs

The sheer size of the GLS is unparalleled in the Mercedes lineup, not even compared to the G-class. The G-class is a taller vehicle at 77 inches compared to 71.8, but pretty much every other measurement is in favor of the GLS.

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For example, the wheel-base length, or the distance from the front wheels to the rear wheels is around 123.4 inches, which is an entire 10 inches more than the G-class. The wheelbase of the smaller GLC SUV is also the same as the G class.

The width of the GLS without mirrors is measured at around 77 inches, an inch wider than the G-class, and 2 and a half inches wider than the GLC. The G-class offers the most ground clearance, which is understandable as the G-class is better for off-road driving compared to every other Mercedes SUV.

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Which Mercedes SUV is the largest Mercedes SUV of all time?

The largest Mercedes SUV of all time is the Mercedes G500 6X6. The 6×6 measures 231.3 inches in length, making it not only the largest Mercedes SUV of all time, but one of the largest SUVs to ever be produced.

Every other dimension measurement of the colossal 6×6 is equally impressive. The car measures 83.1 inches in width, which makes the GLS and the regular G-class seem like compact hatchbacks in comparison. The 6×6 is also more than a ton heavier than the GLS, and the wheelbase measures 40 more inches compared to the GLS.

Another huge Mercedes SUV is the Maybach G-class Landaulet or the 4×4². These Mercs are incredibly capable off-road, even though most of them have never seen any off-road action due to their high value. All three of these have been out of production for a while now, and only a handful of these have ever been produced.

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Which Mercedes sedan is the largest?

The largest Mercedes sedan is undoubtedly the S-class. The S-class spans a wheelbase of 124.6 inches, which even makes it longer than the GLS SUV. The S-class measures 207 inches in length, and around 75 inches in width, without the mirrors.

The S-class is also the most spacious of all Mercedes sedans, offering the most headroom in every seat, plus the maximum of leg-room in all of Mercedes models if you opt for the long-wheelbase version. The LWB (long-wheelbase) S-Classes are made for chauffeuring purposes and offer the most comfortable travel experience of any Mercedes model.

Which Mercedes car is the smallest?

On the other side of the spectrum, Mercedes also offers plenty of compact automobiles. The smallest of them being the A-class. The A-class falls into the hatchback segment and is a rival to models like the VW Golf, the Audi A3, and the BMW 1 series.

The A-class measures 169 inches in length and 56 inches in height. As far as width is concerned, the A-class measures around 70 inches without the mirrors. The A-class also offers 370 liters of trunk space, making it adequate for the segment.

The A-class might be the smallest car Mercedes offers but is still plenty spacious for 4 occupants, even for lengthy journeys. These days hatchbacks like the A-class offer similar or even more space compared to compact sedans a few years ago.

Which Mercedes SUV is the largest?

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