BMW F10 transmission problems

Having your transmission in good working condition is vital for the overall performance of your BMW. Like engines, the transmission needs to be well-maintained so that your BMW performs optimally. However, transmissions also come with some issues that BMW owners need to know and handle in good time. With that said, what are BMW F10 transmissions problems?

Some of the common transmission problems with the BMW F10 are rough shifting, loud clunking noise, shaking & grinding, low transmission fluid, burning smell, lack of maintenance, and slipping gears. So, if your BMW F10 is undergoing one of these problems, you should have it inspected by a qualified mechanic.

What are the common transmission problems with the BMW F10?

Rough shifting

The first transmission issue that most BMW F10 users complain about is rough shifting. Rough or hard shifting in the BMW F10 is normally caused by low transmission fluid or poor oil conditions. So, if the transmission fluid is leaking or if the fluid is dirty or contaminated, you may start to experience hard shifting. 

Aside from rough shifting, the transmission may also jerk. This issue can be resolved by ensuring the transmission has the right amount of transmission fluid. On top of that, you should get rid of dirty or contaminated fluid and replace it with new or good fluid.

Loud clunking noise

If you start hearing clunking or humming noises from your car’s hood, this is a sign of a failing transmission. This noise usually comes up when shifting gears. What’s more, this noise is usually caused by computerized sensors and solenoids that send the wrong information to the vehicle’s gearbox,

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Furthermore, loud clunking noise can also be caused by low transmission fluid. If you have such a problem, it is better to take your car to a professional mechanic to help identify the problem and fix it. But before you take the car to the mechanic, ensure to lubricate it as needed. 

Low transmission fluid

As stated above, most transmission problems start with low transmission fluid. Therefore, if you want to avoid most transmission issues, you should ensure your BMW F10 model has the right amount and type of transmission fluids. If your car lacks transmission fluids, you will hear clunking noises, hard shifting, and much more.

Low transmission fluid is normally caused by leaking pan gaskets, faulty transmission cooling lines, and faulty seals. To fix this issue, you will have to fix the underlying problems.  

Shaking and grinding

This is another common problem that BMW F10 owners face. One of the reasons the F10 shakes and grinds is because of low transmission fluid levels. When this lubricating fluid becomes low, the components in the transmission system can grind together and lead to serious problems.

Besides, since the BMW F10 comes with an automatic transmission, a grinding noise can mean that something is wrong with the planetary gear system. So, if you hear such a sound, you should rush your car to the mechanic to fix the issue before it’s out of hand.

Slipping gears

Slipping gears is common in BMW F10s with old transmission fluid or low transmission fluid. It is also common in cars with faulty or worn-out clutches. To fix this issue, you will have to fill your car with the right transmission fluid and replace the bad clutches.

Burning smell

If the transmission fluid is leaking from your transmission, you may notice a burning smell. Fix this issue by identifying the problem and fixing it before refilling the fluid level. 


What are the symptoms of a failing transmission?

Following BMW’s recommended scheduled maintenance service is crucial as it can help you prevent costly repairs. One of the vital parts of the car that you should monitor is the transmission. So, knowing some of the signs of a failing transmission can help you fix the problems in time.

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Common signs of a failing transmission are dragging clutch, check engine light coming on, difficulty shifting gears, leaking fluid, noises when the car is in neutral, gears grinding or shaking, and slipping gears.

What are the common problems with the BMW F10?

The BMW F10 is a nice car with lots of high-end features, but it also comes with lots of issues. As stated above, it has transmission problems, which car common on most BMWs. Other issues include cooling system issues, problems with air conditioning, timing chain problems, faulty fuel pump, and worn-out tensioners.

Is the BMW F10 worth buying?

The BMW F10 is worth buying if you’re ready to spend to get one of the best executive sedans on the market. It is also comfortable, luxurious, spacious, and it performs exceptionally well. On the contrary, this is not a perfect car for a person looking for a low-maintenance, reliable, and fuel-efficient car.

Is it expensive to maintain the BMW F10?

Yes, it is expensive to maintain the BMW F10. Since the BMW F10 is part of the BMW 5-series, it is one of the most expensive luxury sedans to maintain. Apart from having several issues to deal with, this car comes with costly spare parts and the cost of service is way high as well.

What are some of the signs of low transmission fluid in the BMW F10?

One of the major causes of transmission problems in the BMW F10 is low transmission fluid. For this reason, it is vital to identify when the transmission fluid is low and fill it as soon as possible. Some signs of low transmission fluid include sudden jerks, a burning smell, transmission won’t engage, drips below the car, and humming noises.

Why does my BMW F10 jerk when I stop?

One of the common issues that BMW F10 owners face is jerking when they come to a stop. This issue occurs because of low transmission fluid, as it can lead to components in the transmission grinding against each other. Additionally, if the transmission fluid in your car has been used for too long or if it’s not the right type for your vehicle, then it can cause jerking when coming to a stop. Moreover, worn-out clutches can cause this issue as well. To solve this problem, you will need to replace your clutches and fill your car with the right type of transmission fluid.

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Is the BMW F10 reliable?

The BMW F10 is generally considered to be a reliable car. While there are reports of certain issues with the car, it has been widely praised for its performance and reliability. This is because BMW put in a lot of effort into ensuring that the car was reliable and durable. The engine, transmission, and other components are all built to last, making the BMW F10 a reliable option for those looking for an executive sedan. On top of that, BMW offers plenty of warranty options for their vehicles so you can have peace of mind when owning one.

What is the recall on the BMW F10 engine?

In June 2014, a recall was issued for BMW F10 5-Series Sedans that had N51, N52 or N55 six-cylinder petrol engines and were available for sale from 1 October 2009 to 30 April 2012. In these vehicles, the bolted connection on the housing of the variable valve timing unit (VANOS) adjustment units could become loose. This can lead to an increase in oil pressure in the engine which can result in damage to internal components. To fix this issue, dealers will inspect and repair any damaged components free of charge. The recall also includes software updates to ensure that future problems are avoided.


After looking at the common BMW F10 transmission problems, you can now take good care of your car as you know what to expect. Most of the above transmission issues can be avoided by adhering to BMW’s recommended scheduled maintenance service. Also, always ensure that your BMW F10 has the right amount and type of transmission fluids.

Overall, the BMW F10 is an exceptional luxury sedan with a luxurious and spacious interior. It is also advanced and fun to drive. Nonetheless, it is quite expensive to buy and maintain.

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