Best small Mercedes sedan in 2022

Mercedes is a brand known for making high-end cars packed with all sorts of innovations and technologies that should make your day-to-day life easier and more convenient. You have the option to choose from a myriad of different vehicles including sedans, SUVs, estates, sports cars, and even exotic cars.

However, Mercedes takes the greatest pride and joy in making sedans which are the true essence of Mercedes luxury. The Mercedes EQS and S-Class represent the flagship Mercedes sedans, but you can get most of what these two offer even with the three cheapest and smallest sedans.

The smallest Mercedes sedan is the A-Class which got a hefty restyle not all that long ago which made it in line with the newest Mercedes models on the market. The CLA is more or less the same size as the A-Class but it does offer a more appealing exterior design and a more dynamic driving experience.

Even though both the A-Class and the CLA-Class are impressive, there is no getting around the fact that the brand-new C-Class is one of the best Mercedes sedans in general. It looks like the S-Class both inside and out, but it does not cost nearly as much.

Mercedes Benz A-Class – The entry-level Mercedes sedan

The Mercedes Benz A-Class is certainly the entry-level Mercedes sedan, but that does not mean that it’s not a true Mercedes. Even though the last-gen A-Class was a bit of a mixed bag, the newer one is a superior car from every angle imaginable because it offers almost everything even the most impressive Mercedes sedans do.

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The A220 costs $33,950 and offers 188hp which is enough for a compact car. Both the interior and exterior design of the A-Class are stately, exciting, and luxurious. If you want a true Mercedes experience with the A-Class you will have to tick a few expensive options which can easily raise the price to $50k.

All in all, the A-Class sedan is a true Mercedes sedan, but it does lack short as far interior space is concerned. If you are already used to driving a larger Mercedes sedan driving the A-Class will certainly feel like a downgrade no matter how sophisticated the car is.

Mercedes Benz CLA-Class – A more stylish and dynamic-looking A-Class

The A-Class sedan and the CLA-class are more or less the same but the CLA does look and feel a bit more exciting than the A-Class. The exterior design is more angular and aggressive in order to portray a more dynamic image, and that’s certainly so if you opt for the AMG trim.

The CLA250 comes with a rather large price upgrade when compared to the A-Class because it starts at $38,200. The CLA is more fun to drive because it offers a slightly lower ride height and a slightly more dynamic chassis.

The rest of the CLA is more or less the same as with the A-Class so if you are not a huge fan of a sporty driving experience the increased price hike is not worth it. Either way, the CLA is mostly designed for younger drivers which means that hardly any middle-aged driver will be seen in one.

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Mercedes Benz C-Class – The best Mercedes small sedan

The new 2022 Mercedes C-Class is arguably one of the best compact sedans on the market because it combines efficiency, luxury, and practicality. The entry-level C300 costs $43,000 and it packs 255hp from its 2.0L 4-cylinder engine. It also comes with Mercedes mild-hybrid technology which means that the new C-Class is able to return 30MPG.

The moment you step inside the new C-Class you will be greeted by a true Mercedes experience because the interior of the C-Class looks almost identical to the flagship S-Class sedan. Space on offer is more than enough for 4 adults and the cargo space is also a lot larger than what it was on the previous-gen C-Class.

It is truly the best Mercedes compact sedan and it might even be the best Mercedes sedan at all. Hardly any car out there can match the new C-Class as far as technology, comfort, and luxury are concerned, especially considering the entry price.

FAQ Section

Are Mercedes sedans better than Mercedes SUVs?

A few years ago Mercedes SUVs were nowhere near as advanced as their sedan variants, but this has changed in the last decade because SUVs are now the most popular cars on the planet. As such, Mercedes has introduced many new SUV models and managed to upgrade their existing ones to be as good as their sedans.

However, this does vary depending on the specific segment. If you compare the C-Class or the E-Class with the GLC and the GLE you will realize that they are equally as good. On the other hand, if you compare the S-Class with the GLS you will see that the S-Class is superior to the GLS in every regard.

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Why should you buy a sedan over an SUV?

Sedans are a much better choice if you want a superior long-distance cruiser because they are quieter, more efficient, and more comfortable at higher speeds. That’s not to say that SUVs are uncomfortable in general, yet that they are not nearly as comfortable as sedans are.

If you prefer a sportier driving experience you should also buy a sedan because they offer a lower center of gravity and much less weight. However, if you love taking your car off-roading and you love the raised-up driving position SUVs offer, you should buy an SUV instead.

What is the best Mercedes sedan?

Even though the aforementioned 2022 C-Class is indeed a superior automobile, nothing comes close to the full-size Mercedes Benz S-Class sedan. The S-Class has always been the benchmark Mercedes against which every other model is compared, and it seems like the new S-Class continues that tradition.

Some people may not prefer the direction Mercedes is going with incorporating large screens besides hard touch buttons, but it’s undeniable that the future favors screens more. All in all, the S-Class is the king of the Mercedes sedan line-up followed closely by the Mercedes Benz AMG 4-door sedan and the all-new all-electric EQS.

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