Best Oil Additive for Audi

best oil additive for audi

We all want our car engines to always perform at their best. No noise as we drive at higher speeds, economical fuel consumption, and an overall powerful working is all everyone demands from their engine. Such optimal engine performance is not achievable unless we use an exceptional oil additive, no matter how advanced or new the car is.

Excellent engines benefit from a good oil additive too

Almost all Audi models usually come with excellent engines. However, the engine and its overall working are sure to fail over time if you don’t arrange for the necessary services and overhauls from time to time. Practicing a little bit of extra care can help your Audi’s engine perform exactly how you expect it to. 

The best way to treat your Audi’s engine is to feed it with high-quality oil additives. You’ll find that some oil additives are made with an Audi engine’s particular needs in mind. Using these is a sure way to add more years to your car’s life.

Given below are some of the best oil additives that you can use for your Audi. However, before jumping directly to the products, it’s better to look at some features to look for in a quality engine oil additive.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into oil additives!

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Features of a Good Oil Additive

  • Multi-purpose 
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A good additive is multi-purpose and caters to almost all the necessities of an engine. You must check if the additive you’re investing in works for fuel economy, engine cleansing, and the reduction of friction between the engine parts. 

While some additives are meant to perform just one of these tasks, there are a few universal additives that perform all these functions. Try investing in the latter kind.

  • Made for audi 

Any additive that is marked as compatible and workable for a specific engine and model should be understood as an excellent choice for that particular car. However, we suggest going for an additive that works for a wide range of models manufactured by the same company.

  • EPA certification

Almost all quality oil additives are first tested and approved under EPA standards and then passed on to the markets. Make sure that the additive you’re investing in has EPA certification and doesn’t come merely with a Pandora box of lies about its quality and efficiency.

Best Engine Oil Additives for Audi Engines

Now that you know what makes an additive trustworthy let’s go on to explore some exceptional additive oil options for an Audi model.

1# Cera Tec Oil Additive

This is one of the most widely trusted oil additives and works best for numerous models, such as Audi, BMW, Porsche, MINI, Mercedes, and several other big names in the automotive industry. This additive compound is known to have all-ceramic qualities that reduce the wear and tear caused due to friction. Going for this additive is a great idea if you’re looking to increase the lifespan of your engine. 

Another notable and praiseworthy feature of this oil additive is its ability to keep your engine and its components rust-free for long, thus ensuring optimal working. Investing in this product is recommended for owners of classic Audi models and those who are running on older engines.

2# Sea Foam sf-16 Motor Treatment

Next up is another great additive compound for older Audi engines, regardless of whether they work with gas or diesel. This is quite a versatile additive that caters to almost all engine needs and keeps your engine running for a long time. 

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The most powerful part of this additive is its ability to get rid of the build-up and gum that corrodes the engine and ruins most parts well before their expiry date. This de-icing and de-gelling process of this additive is coupled with its ability to lower down fuel consumption, making it worth the investment.

3# BestLine 853796001049 Premium Synthetic Engine Treatment Additive

A universal additive, this compound is the most famous one produced by the brand and is excellent for longevity and strengthening a car engine overall. Do note that this additive doesn’t work with all gas engines. However, its ability to increase the fuel economy and reduce friction in selected Audi models makes it worth a try.

FAQ about Oil Additives

Are Oil Additives the Same as Fuel Additives?

Don’t confuse oil additives with fuel additives, since it is not the same. Oil additives are added to make the engine perform better and give it a longer lifespan. Fuel additives are employed to change the octane rating or corrosion inhibitors.

How Often do I Need to Change my Oil Additives?

When you change your motor oil, you’ll also have to change the oil additives. So the answer will to some degree be the answer to how often you need to change motor oil.

Motor oil usually needs to be changed with intervals with range between 6000 miles and 16.000 miles.

best oil additive for audi

User comment about oil additives

The Best Oil Additive For Older Engines

Before you run out and buy the first oil filter or motor lubricant you find, you should take a moment to consider the best oil additive for older engines. Many consumers are not aware that there is an efficient product that can significantly improve the performance of their engine.

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This company’s product, known as Archoil, is designed specifically to improve the performance and mileage of almost any engine on the market. These types of products work to protect and increase the performance of your engine by lubricating and protecting critical parts. With the use of this type of product, you will notice a dramatic improvement in the amount of miles you are able to drive before requiring maintenance.

Archoil Oil Additive (AR9100) is my choice

The oil additive from Archoil is designed to provide your engine with the proper amount of lubrication without decreasing the volume or thickness of the oil that is produced.

This type of oil additive is made with all natural ingredients, which makes it very safe to use in virtually any type of engine. For most vehicles, this oil change kit will only need to be used once every 100k miles or so, depending on the manufacturer’s recommended mileage limit.

Stop high oil consumption

There are a number of consumers that do not feel comfortable using an oil additive such as Archoil because they believe it is too intrusive or they are worried about the possible side effects that are associated with these types of products.

However, if you are currently experiencing problems with your vehicle, it may be time to review your oil maintenance practices. If you currently are not using an oil additive to protect and improve the performance of your engine, it is likely time for you to make a switch. Once you start seeing benefits, you will likely want to continue using this type of product to ensure your car performs at its best.

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