2022 Mercedes C300 vs Audi A4

The brand spanking new Mercedes C300 is making all the noise lately for a myriad of different reasons. It looks more like a sized-down version of the range-topping S-Class luxury yacht than an “entry-level” Mercedes luxury sedan. The 2022 C-Class offers a lot and it’s incredibly difficult for the Audi A4 and the BMW 3-Series to match that.

The current generation of the Audi A4 has been out for quite a while now because the initial model came out in 2016 and was facelifted two years ago. This means that we are likely going to see a brand new A4 in a few years’ time, but for now, can the A4 stand its own against the new C-Class?

To be honest, no it definitely can not. Even though the A4 still feels relatively new and fitting for a premium badge, the new C-Class simply feels better and newer in almost every aspect. The A4 is a bit more practical and cheaper to buy, but the C-Class is better at almost everything else.

If you have the means to upgrade to the brand new C-Class, you most definitely should. However, if you love flying under the radar with a few extra dollars in your pocket, the A4 is the one for you.

2022 Mercedes C300 – The best luxury compact sedan on the planet

The 2022 Mercedes C300 starts at $42,000 with a 2.0L 4-cylinder engine making 255hp. This 2.0L engine is also being boosted by the Mercedes branded EQ Boost mild hybrid technology which can temporarily increase that output for about an additional 20hp or so.

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All C300 models come with a smooth and sophisticated 9-speed gearbox that seamlessly shifts gears without you even noticing it. The entire powertrain is smooth and should stand the test of time if you are willing to do all the maintenance in due time.

The exterior design of the C300 is a lot more striking than the A4 as it looks more premium and more desirable. Interior-wise, the C300 looks two generations newer than the A4, but some material choices are actually better in the A4. The C300 is more technologically advanced while also offering a softer ride.

The truth is, the C300 is better at almost everything besides practicality and price. Until Audi comes out with a brand-new generation of the A4, the C300 is indeed the superior choice for most people.

2022 Audi A4 – Feeling its age a bit

The 2022 Audi A4 is indeed a premium compact sedan and hardly anyone is able to argue that the A4 is not a good car. However, the A4 simply feels way too dated when compared to the new C300 which definitely pushed the boundaries of interior design way past the segment.

On the other hand, the A4 starts at $39,100 and it also comes with Audi’s iconic Quattro AWD system as standard and a 2.0L 4-cylinder with 201hp. For a spot of context, a C300 with 4MATIC costs $5,000 more to begin with, and even so, most people are likely going to opt for the C300 no less.

The A4 got a slight refresh not too long ago but all they did was give the A4 a set of brand new headlights and taillights and a larger infotainment screen in the interior. Granted, this is something Mercedes is also likely going to do in a few years, but for now, the A4’s design is definitely getting on a bit.

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On the road, the A4 feels premium, comfortable, and well-isolated, but the C300 is better. The Audi offers an advanced infotainment screen, but the one in the C300 is better. The only area where the A4 beats the C300 easily is practicality as it offers more interior space and more cargo space.

Conclusion – The Mercedes C300 is the better option, but the A4 is the value option

As mentioned in this article, the C300 truly feels a whole two generations newer than the A4, but it also costs $5,000 more with an AWD system. Given the fact that the C300 is so new, most dealers are not going to offer any significant discounts for a while now.

On the other hand, Audi dealers are likely going to offer more significant discounts because the A4 is so old. This means that you can buy a well-optioned-out A4 with AWD for the same price as an entry-level RWD C300.

In this case, the A4 is the better choice, but if you are willing to spend true Audi or Mercedes level of money, the C300 beats the A4 in almost every category besides practicality. As such, the C300 is the new benchmark luxury compact sedan while the A4 offers a lot for the money, especially if you get one for a discount.

 FAQ Section

Is the Audi A4 more efficient than the 2022 Mercedes C300?

The new C300 is rated at 23MPG in the city and 33MPG on the highway while the A4 is rated at 26MPG in the city and 34MPG on the highway. Even though the Audi seems a bit more efficient on paper, in reality, both of these should fare more or less the same.

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It is more down to your driving habits and how conservative you are with the gas pedal as both of these are equally as efficient.

 Is the Audi A4 safer than the 2022 Mercedes C300?

Both the A4 and the C300 are equally as safe because they both boast a superior 5-star safety rating. However, the C300 offers more advanced software safety features, but they also cost more money in comparison.

In reality, both of these should keep you safe in most situations, but be sure to keep your eyes on your surroundings at all times, no matter how safe your car is.

 Is the Audi A4 a better family car than the 2022 Mercedes C300?

The Audi A4 is potentially a better family car than the 2022 C300 because it costs less money, is not as flashy, and is a bit more practical. The A4 scores points for both a larger trunk space and roomier rear seats, but the C300 is more comfortable and better isolated.

All in all, both of these are equally family-friendly which means that you are not making a mistake by opting for either of them.

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