Best Audi A4 Air Intake

best audi s4 air intake

Audi makes a luxury car, so you should treat it as such. You need to take good care of your Audi by installing the best perfomance accessories. This will ensure that your Audi stays in the best condition possible while you own it. If you are looking for an air intake system for your Audi A4, you need to make sure you are looking at the right model year.

Car models change over the years as technology changes and we find better ways to make things. This is true even with luxury brands like Audi. Car parts are not one size fits all, even if it is the same car just a different year. We are going to cover a 10-year span starting from the 2005 model and ending with the 2016 model.

What is an Air Intake System?

An air intake system is a critical part of your car engine. It collects air and distributes it throughout the engine bay in order to keep your engine cool. An intake system pulls air from outside the engine bay, usually through the grille. The air outside the engine is generally cooler and more dense, providing a much richer oxygen content.

This process is better for the power output, engine efficiency, and combustion. When you choose the right intake system for your Audi A4, you can expect more horsepower and higher performance out of your car.

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2005-2008 – AEM Cold Air Induction System 21-681C

The AEM Cold Air Intake System increases horsepower by replacing your vehicle’s manufactured air filter and intake system. This system was specifically designed for the 2005 to 2008 models of the Audi A4. This oversized air filtration system provides incredible air flow and performance.

The synthetic material is washable and easy to clean when necessary, usually every 100,000 miles. You can feel at ease knowing this intake system comes with a lifetime limited warranty.

2009-2013 – Volant Air Intake 119206

Made from polyehtylene, this intake system has very low restriction, allowing for an increase in air volume. It has the ability to insulate and protect itself against heat from the engine, mositure, and debris that you may encounter while you are driving. Your engine will receive an increased amount of cold air, providing you with more horsepower. This system offers a 4 year, or 100,000 mile, warranty.

2010-2013 – Injen SP Cold Air Intake System SP3080P

The Injen Air Intake System gives your engine the chance to breathe deep and enhance the performance that you have been waiting for. The first air intake system to hold four patents on the tuning process, you will be extremely pleased with how this intake works. The aluminum material allows smooth and extremely efficient air flow to your engine. 

2013-2016 – AEM Cold Air Induction System 21-750

This AEM intake system is a newer model of the previous one we discussed for the 2005 to 2008 models. It was designed to reduce the temperature of the air it takes in and increases horsepower by doing so. You can use this system for up to 100,000 miles before you will need to think about cleaning it.

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Cylinder in shape, this intake system is made from an oil-free synthetic material and has a mass air flow sensor. It is super easy to install and even comes with a lifetime limited warranty. 

2014-2015 – K;N Typhoon Intake Kit 69-9508T

Another system made out of aluminum, you will be incredibly impressed with the enhanced performance your car will give you. The system comes with a reusable air filter made out of oiled cotton. You can also expect a heat shield designed especially for the Audi A4 and will regulate the temperature of your engine bay. Installation is simple and can be completed in 90 minutes or less.


When you buy a luxury car like an Audi A4, you want to make sure you are putting high-quality parts in it. An after market air intake can provide you with more horsepower and increased performance. You can’t pick just any air intake system, but there are some out there that are specifically designed to work with the Audi A4.

best audi s4 air intake

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