Best 5w40 Synthetic Oil For Audi

best 5w40 synthetic oil for audi

Looking for the best 5w40 synthetic oil for Audi vehicles? We have a couple of different options for you on this page. We recommend that you pick up the first one on this list but, honestly, any one of them is going to be fantastic. They will all help you get a better fuel efficiency.

1# Castrol EDGE 5W-40

When it comes to engine oils, Castrol is one of those companies that really can’t be beaten. In fact, many vehicle manufacturers will actually recommend that you purchase a Castrol engine oil. This is due to the close connection that Castrol has with them.

This engine oil is often recommended for higher-powered vehicles. So, if you have a sport vehicle from Audi, or the engine in general just packs a punch, then this is probably going to be the route that you want to go down.

Honestly, this is one of the best lubricants that you can buy for your vehicle. It is surprisingly affordable for what you get too.

2# Mobil 1 Delvac Diesel 5W-40 Engine Oil

If Castrol is number one in the engine oil department, then Mobil is a very close number two.

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One of the main benefits of Mobil synthetic motor oils for Audi vehicles is the fact that it offers superior thermal protection. Even in the coldest of temperatures, this is a motor oil that is going to thrive. This means that if you often have trouble starting your vehicle when it is cold, this could work.

For diesel engines: This particular engine oil is only suitable for use in diesel Audi vehicles.

3# Liqui MolyMolygen 5W-40

This is one of those oils which will last you an incredibly long time when it is loaded into your vehicle. In fact, the manufacturer says that it can cope with up to 50,000km, or 2-years before an oil change. So, if you do a lot of driving, this may be a fantastic option.

Many people report that when they add this motor oil into their vehicle, their drive becomes much smoother and a whole lot quieter. This goes to show just how fantastic it is at penetration and ensuring that the oil flows nicely through the system. 

This type of oil is highly recommended for the newest Audi vehicles. This is because it has been formulated specifically for higher-tech engines. Although, that isn’t to say it won’t work with some of the older models of the vehicle too.

4# AmazonBasics 5W-40 Motor Oil

You wouldn’t have thought that Amazon would make tremendous motor oil, but they do. This is likely a repackaging of one of the major oil brands, but just available at a lower price point. 

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This oil has been designed specifically for European engines, so it should go hand-in-hand with your Audi motor. 

This is a super basic oil. It doesn’t have all of the thrills that some of the other engine oils we have discussed so far have. However, for most people, this is going to be fine. You should be changing your oil regularly, which means that you do not need anything too intense feature-wise (although, those features are nice to have)

For the price, you won’t get anything better. However, do bear in mind that you may need to change this a little bit more often than some of the bigger brands. It is still an amazing synthetic oil, though.

5# Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic 5W-40 Motor Oil

Valvoline synthetic oils are fantastic for cold startups and being put under a lot of heat pressure during those longer and faster drives.

This particular synthetic oil has been licensed and has been fully approved for use inside of Audi vehicles. This means that you know it is going to be safe to use, plus give your vehicle the protection that it needs.

FAQ about Synthetic Oil for Audi

Is it ok to mix different brands of synthetic motor oil?

There is no problem in mixing different brands of synthetic oil, or for that matter mix synthetic oil with conventional oil. More or less every synthetic oil on the market is fully compatible with conventional oils, and you can safely mix them.

What is the shelf life of motor oil? 

You can typically have motor oils standing on the shelf for at least 5 years. Since it lasts well for so long, in many cases you can save a lot of money by buying the bigger packs. Remember to store the oil as advised on the package.

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Who Should Buy a Synthetic Engine Oil?

Most car owners will benefit from buying synthetic engine oil instead of conventional oil. The synthetic version gives better fuel economy, fewer emissions and gives you longer intervals between oil changes. At the same time it increases engine protection and wears because of lower friction.


Remember, you should always invest in a quality motor oil. Not only will it last a whole lot longer before an oil change, but it will ensure that your Audi’s engine is well-protected. This means smoother drives and far fewer engine repairs. 

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