Is Volvo more reliable than Audi?

According to several sources, including UK’s Driver Power, NHTSA, IIHS, and Reliability Index, Volvo is far more reliable than Audi.

Almost all the car rating platforms rank Volvo better than Audi. This is due to Audi’s huge repair bills, which cost on average $987 annually. Whereas, Volvo’s average annual repair bill costs around $769. Volvo also ranks better in how often the car breaks down and crash safety, compared to Audi.

What is reliability?

The reliability of a car depends on various factors, including:

  • Crash safety
  • Repair bills
  • Number of times the car needs repairing
  • People’s satisfaction
  • Mileage
  • How long the car lasts

When it is to buy a new car, people often look for low repair bills. Another thing which is important is how many times a car breaks down or needs to be repaired because it is an inconvenience people don’t want to deal with. Reliability also depends upon how well the car has been taken care of.

Does reliability really matter?

Reliability in cars is a synonym for consistency and trust. You don’t just want your car to be fast and shiny, but also dependable. People want to simply start their cars and get on with their days, without worrying about a trip to the mechanic.

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Consumer ratings for reliability may not matter as much for newer cars, or if you only keep your car for a short period of time, but they matter the most when the car’s value decreases. If you’re buying a used car, it’s a very good idea to check out reliability ratings.

Problems with Audi

People often associate reliability with German-made cars, but it is not the case with Audi. Audi has made its name in the motorsport industry and luxury cars; however, it needs to work on its reliability scores.

The issues Audis have when it comes to reliability are in its engine, cooling and heating system, its fueling system, and electronics, which are also the most expensive parts to repair.

People often get mixed reviews when it comes to buying an Audi. Car reviewers like Driver Power, Reliability Index, or JD Power often rank Audi really far behind their other competitors.

Volvo’s reputation for reliability

While Volvo may not be as sporty as Audi, it is far ahead of Audi in reliability. Reliability often seems too boring for some drivers who wants thrill and speed, but surely people need it if they want their cars to last longer.

According to the Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicle program, which indicates the lifespan of the vehicle, Volvo and Audi both offer their customers CPO. Nevertheless, Volvo still wins over Audi overall.  Features like a 170-plus point inspection and a five-year, unlimited-mile warranty put Volvo on top.

The safety features in Volvo have always been top-notch. It has been in the market since 1927. They first came to the United States in 1944 which is earlier than Audi’s arrival, so Volvo made its mark earlier. The first PV444’s, made in 1944, were extremely reliable. They were so good that we can literally still see those cars in the countryside of Sweden to this day.

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Volvo’s rankings

In 2020, the Volvo XC40 was ranked as the number one reliable car by Driver Power. The Reliability Index and JD Power also rank Volvos very well. By reading the customers’ reviews, we can also tell that Volvo is very reliable in from driver testimonies. Volvo’s safety features often give them an edge over the other car brands.

In 2019, the Reliability Index ranked Volvo 23rd out of 40 automobile manufacturers, giving them a total score of 127. While Audi came in at 34th out of 40 in the Reliability Index rankings.

Volvo is the clear reliability winner over Audi

By looking at the surveys and the rankings by several websites and companies, it is clear that Volvo is much more reliable than Audi. However, having said that, some people still prefer Audi to Volvo because of its high performance, sportier look, and owner satisfaction.


What safety features does Volvo provide?

Volvo has always been very famous for its safety. It has active and passive safety. Active safety features are Lane Keeping Aid, Blind Spot Information System, Active High Beam Control, Driver Alert Control, and City Safety with its passive safety features include Pedestrian Airbag, Collapsible Steering Column, and Collision Mitigation Support.

What are the most reliable car review websites?

According to a 2016 survey, people spend 60% of their car buying process doing online research and looking for the best car for their needs. Some of the best car review websites are:

  • Edmunds
    • JD Power

Are Audis more expensive than Volvos?

Audis cost a lot more compared to Volvos. Volvo’s most expensive car ranges around one million whereas Audi’s most expensive car is around 3 million. Audi’s cheapest car is the Audi A3-sedan with a base price of $33,300. However, Volvo’s cheapest car is XC40 with a base price of $33,700.

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What is the fastest Audi car?

Audi’s fastest car is the 2019 Audi R8 V10 that can go 0 to 60 mph in just 2.8 seconds. It has a V10 engine with 562 horsepower. The car is rear-wheel drive, which gives it high performance. It is a seven-speed auto transmission.

What are the key features of Audi cars?

The Audi is one of the most famous German car companies. They are known for their:

  • Sporty look
  • Comfort
  • Performance
  • Elegant interior

Where is Audi from?

Audi was founded in 1932 by a German company Auto Union, which was later purchased and merged with Volkswagen in the 1960s. In 1965, it was launched as the Audi F103 which basically formed the modern-day Audi company. It is one of the biggest German automobile manufacturers in the world.

Where is Volvo from?

Volvo is a Swedish brand made by a Swedish company SKF. Originally, it used to make ball bearings. They started Volvo as a premium quality ball bearing company to export over the United States. Eventually, they changed and began to make cars. Volvo is pretty famous for its safety and reliability all over the world.

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