Are Mercedes hybrids any good?

Mercedes hybrids are excellent cars. However, you will have to select either mild hybrid or plug-in hybrid models. Depending on your budget and preference, you will find that both cars are exceptional and worth the cost. But as usual, they come with most of the luxury and safety features found in standard Mercedes models.

Mercedes mild-hybrid models cannot be charged, while the plug-in hybrid models can be charged at home or from a charging station. Besides, Mercedes mild hybrid cars are slightly cheaper than plug-in hybrid models. And when it comes to range, the plug-in hybrid models cover more distance on electricity than mild hybrid models.

The main reason why Mercedes hybrid models are good is that they use less fuel than regular Mercedes models. What’s more, they reduce CO2 release, making them more effective green vehicles than standard Mercedes models. Additionally, some states may offer tax incentives, which may reduce the overall cost of the car.

What is the best Mercedes hybrid model?

If you’re looking for the best Mercedes hybrid car, the Mercedes E-Class plug-in hybrid is on another level. This model has a powerful engine but still saves fuel. On top of that, it comes with exceptional safety and luxurious features that put it above its competitors like the BMW 530e hybrid.

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Features of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class plug-in hybrid

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class is beautifully designed to replicate luxury and prestige. It’s longer than the C-Class but shorter than the S-Class. But unlike the standard E-Class, the E-Class plug-in hybrid comes in AMG Line or more advanced trims.

As expected, the E-Class boasts a high-end interior with luxurious features. Even though the boot is not spacious, the interior is very spacious and can easily accommodate more than 5 people. It also features ambient lighting, a 12.3-inch digital screen, heated front seats, a panoramic sunroof, massaging front seats, and much more.

In terms of performance, you won’t be disappointed as this car performs just like the standard AMG Line trims but with better fuel economy. Fitted with a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, the Mercedes E350 can deliver up to 315-hp and 516-lb of torque.

Additionally, this car comes with a battery pack that allows the driver to alternate between sport and comfort drive modes. But for a smooth operation, it’s best to leave the car in sport mode. Moreover, the battery pack takes about 90 minutes to fully charge on a 7kW wall box or 5 hours on a normal three-pin plug-in.

When it comes to safety, you will still get the high-end safety features found on Mercedes E-Class models, such as PRE-SAFE technology, lane-keeping assist, blind-spot monitoring, lane-departure warning, adaptive cruise control, and much more. So, the car is very safe and on par with other Mercedes models.

Overall, the Mercedes E-Class plug-in hybrid is an excellent car. You will have to choose between their diesel and petrol variant. Note that the diesel version is slightly more costly than the diesel version. The Mercedes E350e has a base price of $58,000.

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What are some of the setbacks of the Mercedes E-Class plug-in hybrid?

As you have seen above, the Mercedes E-Cass plug-in hybrid is a very impressive car that will not only offer comfort and luxury but as well as speed and fuel efficiency. Nonetheless, this car also comes with several setbacks, which include:

  • Smaller boot than the standard E-Class – the boot of the Mercedes E-Class is quite smaller as it has to accommodate the larger battery pack that delivers electric power.
  • Another setback is that the car can be noisy under hard acceleration, which is something some people may be pissed off with.
  • The Mercedes E-Class hybrid is not as engaging as its rivals. This is a problem for people who want a performance vehicle.

What Mercedes models offer a hybrid system?

Apart from the E-Class model, several other Mercedes models provide hybrid variants. These include Mercedes-Benz A-Class Hatchback, B-Class, A-Class saloon, C-Class saloon, S-Class saloon, CLA-Class shooting brake, CLA Coupe, GLA SUV, GLC SUV, GLC Coupe, GLE SUV, and GLS SUV.


Does Mercedes sell hybrid cars?

Mercedes sells various types of hybrid cars. Whether you want a sedan, estate car, coupe, or even SUV, Mercedes has got you covered. Furthermore, Mercedes also has hybrid cars in its AMG line for people who want excellent performance.

Are Mercedes hybrids reliable cars?

Despite Mercedes introducing hybrid and plug-in hybrid models, its cars still face the same issues across the board. Most Mercedes models are still unreliable. This is because of the broader range of technological features that Mercedes comes with. Nonetheless, the Mercedes E-Class hybrid is still the most reliable Mercedes hybrid car.

Do I need to charge my Mercedes E-Class hybrid model?

This depends on whether it is a mild hybrid or plug-in hybrid model. If it’s a mild hybrid Mercedes, you don’t need to charge it at home or in a charging station. But if it’s a plug-in hybrid model, then you will have to charge it.

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Does Mercedes offer a hybrid SUV?

Mercedes offer several hybrid SUVs. They provide both mild hybrid and plug-in hybrid SUVs. Mercedes mild hybrid SUVs include GLC, GLE, and GLS, while their plug-in hybrid SUVs are GLA, GLC, GLC Coupe, and GLE SUV. Note that the plug-in hybrid models are more expensive with a better range than the mild hybrid models.

What are the advantages of a Mercedes hybrid over a normal ICE car?

Choosing a hybrid car over ICE cars has several benefits. The first one is tax incentives. Additionally, you will get Benefit-in-Kind (BiK) tax, which will also reduce your overall cost. What’s more, hybrid vehicles use less fuel as they interchange between electricity and fuel. Finally, the car will emit less CO2, meaning they are more eco-friendly.

Bottom line

Generally, Mercedes-Benz provides excellent hybrid cars. Mercedes hybrid cars will help you to reduce fuel costs and carbon footprint on the environment. On top of that, you may get tax incentives in some states, which will reduce your overall cost of owning the car.

Even with the improved fuel efficiency and reduced trunk space, hybrid Mercedes models still offer comfort, safety, and prestige. So, you still get a quality and reputable ride but with a reduced maintenance cost and pollution on the environment. 

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