Does the Mercedes C-Class come in hybrid?

Mercedes has recently released a brand new compact sedan C-Class which aims to regain the throne of the most popular compact executive sedan. Given the fact that most newer Mercedes models are proud to sport either mild hybrid or plug-in hybrid technologies, it’s no wonder that the all-new Mercedes C-Class models are indeed electrified.

Even the range-topping C63 AMG model is getting the hybrid treatment which means that you will not be able to buy the new C-Class without some form of a hybrid powertrain. Most models will come with the 48-volt mild-hybrid technology called EQ-Boost which is designed to both lower emissions and increase efficiency.

Full-on plug-in hybrids are also available and the C300 e is probably going to be the most popular pick of the bunch because it offers a 204hp 4-cylinder turbo engine paired with an electric engine that’s pushing out an additional 129hp.

The new 2022 C-Class represents the next step towards decarbonizing all Mercedes models and considering that the new C-Class looks like a mini S-Class both inside and out, it should be able to persuade both Audi and BMW lovers to consider the C-Class as their next executive compact sedan.

The 2022 Mercedes C-Class – Review and introduction

The new C-Class is arguably one of the most important C-Class models to ever be released because it officially transitions away from just a traditional combustion engine. As such, Mercedes has made sure to equip the new C-Class with all the modern bells and whistles you’d expect from a Mercedes.

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The exterior design greatly resembles the new full-size S-Class which is indeed something you want if you are buying an “entry-level” Mercedes sedan. However, the greatest upgrade from the previous model is certainly reserved for the interior which looks like a futuristic spaceship.

You are now getting a full-on widescreen experience in the new C-Class packed with incredibly advanced and cool-looking ambient lightning. Mercedes has made the plug-in integration as seamless as possible which means that the electric engine should take over automatically when the car senses it’s appropriate.

Practicality is also an upgrade with the new C-Class offering a much larger trunk space and rear passenger seating space which further boosts the appeal of the new C-Class.

New Mercedes C-Class Mild Hybrid technology

Probably the most significant part of the new Mercedes C-Class is the transition towards either a mild hybrid powertrain or a plug-in hybrid powertrain. The mild-hybrid technology is designed with a small 48-volt system that should only rely on the electric engine whenever you are slowing the car down.

This system should also take over completely whenever you are cruising on the highway in order to maximize fuel efficiency. This also lowers your overall emissions which should play its part whenever you want to register the vehicle because it is also likely going to lower your overall ownership costs.

Mercedes EQ Boost mild-hybrid technology is not only equipped with a 48-volt system anymore because it also comes with an integrated starter generator (IGS) which should provide 15 kW of additional power with each rotation.

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New Mercedes C-Class Plug-in Hybrid technology

As previously mentioned, the new C-Class will also come as a true plug-in hybrid made to maximize efficiency and provide a solid amount of added horsepower. The 300 e we mentioned is now packing 313hp which is enough to propel it from 0mph to 60mph in less than 6 seconds.

The system offers a 95kW electric motor and a 96-cell 25.4 kWh high-voltage lithium-ion battery which can be charged through a household outlet and using regular and fast chargers. It takes half an hour to completely charge up the battery using DC charging while AC charging is going to give you 11 kW in about 2 hours.

This makes the new plug-in hybrid C-Class fit for daily use which was precisely what Daimler engineers wanted to achieve with the new C-Class. Mercedes also says that the new 300 e should have a 60-mile electric-only range which makes it the most efficient plug-in premium executive sedan on the market right now.

The new hybrid powertrain is designed to work smoothly and unintrusively in the background without you even noticing it which should also increase overall comfort and make the car even quieter.

FAQ Section

How much does the new C-Class cost?

Mercedes has not yet released full pricing on the new 2022 Mercedes C-Class but it seems like the price is going to compete directly with the new BMW 3-series which means that it should start at around $42-44k. The coupe variant is likely going to cost a bit more and the same story goes for the cabriolet version.

The range-topping Mercedes C63 AMG is coming sometime in 2022 and it should be the most expensive C-Class model which is likely going to land somewhere between $80-90k without options. However, knowing Mercedes and how freely they price their options the new C63 should easily be able to cross the $110k mark if fully equipped.

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Does the new Mercedes C63 come with a 4-cylinder engine?

Yes, Mercedes has officially confirmed that the new 2022 C63 AMG is not going to use a turbocharged V8 anymore because it’s going to offer the 2.0L 4-cylinder found in the A45 packed with an electric motor. Even though the new C63 is likely going to offer more than 600hp most AMG enthusiasts have expressed utter disgust because the C63 is no longer sporting a V8.

The V8 was the defining characteristic of each and every generation C63 model until now. However, Mercedes seems to completely rely on the hybrid powertrain which means that the V8 is slowly going away completely.

Are all new Mercedes models going to be hybrid?

It’s fairly obvious that Mercedes is going all-out on hybrid technology and fuel efficiency which means that all newer Mercedes models will be either fully hybridized or will offer a hybrid variant.

The new E-Class is expected in a few years’ time and most Mercedes SUVs are due for a replacement in the coming years as well.

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