2022 Mercedes GT vs Porsche 911

The Mercedes AMG GT is nearing the end of its lifetime as it is soon going to be replaced with the brand new Mercedes SL. However, this does not mean that the AMG GT is not a state-of-the-art supercar that can’t stand its own against the Porsche 911, quite the contrary as these two are head-to-head competitors when it comes to German sports cars.

Even though they try and satisfy the same customer base, they do so very differently. The AMG GT is a front-mid engine mounted BiTurbo V8 that comes as a rear-wheel-drive car exclusively. The 911 on the other hand is a rear-mounted turbocharged flat 6 sports car that comes in both AWD and rear-wheel-drive and is even available with a manual.

Design-wise, it’s a really close call as both of these look stunning. The 911 is part of a 70-year old heritage that maintains a classic 911 silhouette while the AMG GT has a distinct scent of old-school hot rod sports cars mixed with the unmistakable essence of the Mercedes 300SL.

The 911 comes with a set of rear seats which are more or less useless for anyone with a pair of legs. Value-wise, both of these retain value well. Performance-wise, the 911 Turbo S is the fastest in a straight line while the fierce AMG GT Black Series and the 911 GT2 RS MR are the two fastest cars on the German’s legendary Nurburgring circuit.

Mercedes AMG GT – A hot rod racer

The Mercedes AMG GT comes in a few different variants. It comes either as a 4-door luxury sports coupe or a 2-door supercar. The 2-door GT can also be had as an “entry-level” AMG GT, but you can also opt for a more powerful AMG GT S, AMG GT R, AMG GT R PRO, or the range-topping AMG GT Black Series.

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A convertible version is also available for most 2-door AMG GT variants. All of these come with a variation of the AMG 4.0L BiTurbo V8 with up to 730hp in the Black Series. A dual-clutch fast-shifting automatic is a sole option for all AMG GT versions including the coupe and the convertible variants.

The Black Series is the fastest and most expensive one of the bunch because it starts at a ludicrous $325,000. The 4-door luxury coupe offers a perfect blend of AMG hooliganism and enough space for up to 4 passengers.

Luxury-wise, the AMG GT is a better car than the 911 because it offers more space, a more comfortable ride, and more cargo space as well. The AMG GT also arguably sounds better than most 911 models do, except for the 911 GT models.

Porsche 911 – A sports car icon

The Porsche 911 is a sports car icon and the latest 992 911 generation retains the very same essence. It comes as either a coupe, a convertible, a speedster, or as a Targa. All 911 models come with the legendary 911 flat-six engine while the GT3, GT3 RS, and the Speedster come with a glorious N/A engine which is better than all the engines offered in the AMG GT.

A big advantage the 911 has over the AMG GT is the availability of a manual gearbox and most people who tend to buy 911 GT products are more into racing than just style and drama.  As mentioned, the 911 does come with a pair of rear seats but these can only be used for shopping bags or similar.

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The Porsche PDK dual-clutch gearbox is the industry standard as it offers the fastest shifting times while not being jerky both in town and on track. As far as build materials are concerned, the 911 is the king as no other German manufacturer out there offers comparably high-quality build materials.

All in all, the 911 is more of a performance car because all 911 variants share the 911 racing essence which can not be seen with any other sports car on the planet, especially the ridiculous $645,000 GT2 RS MR.

Conclusion – It’s a complete draw

The 911 and the AMG GT are able to trade punches in almost every category. The AMG GT is better when it comes to everyday usability as it is available as a 4-door luxury sedan. It also arguably looks a bit more exciting, especially the matte green AMG GT R.

The 911 is one of the most iconic sports cars in existence and the 911 is available with a naturally aspirated engine, a manual, and all-wheel-drive. As such, the 911 might offer you more as far as performance is concerned because the 911 is the staple performance car for decades.

The AMG GT R is the head-to-head competitor to the GT3 but the GT3 takes the cake thanks to a naturally aspirated flat 6 and a manual gearbox option.

FAQ Section

Does the Mercedes AMG GT offer better value than the Porsche 911?

If you are after performance but you don’t want to spend exorbitant amounts of money, the $100,000 “entry-level” 911 is the one to go as it is perfectly balanced and it offers stellar performance numbers considering the power output.

The AMG GT starts at $154,550, while it does offer more power, it does not feel nearly as poised or as surefooted as the 911. Higher-end AMG GT models are indeed better than most non-GT 911s, but they all tend to cost a lot more as well.

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Does the Porsche 911 hold its value better than the AMG GT?

Given the fact that all of these cars mentioned in this article cost upwards of $100,000, it is important to buy one that will not lose you money. Entry-level 911 and AMG GT models have already depreciated quite a bit and they are not the ones to buy if you are buying from the factory.

The Porsche 911 GT3 and the 911 Speedster are the two best 911 models to buy if you want to use them for a few years and sell them as they hold their value better than every other AMG GT model besides the range-topping Black Series beast.

Is the Porsche 911 GT2 RS MR faster than the AMG GT Black Series?

At the very top of the best track car list, the AMG GT Black Series and the 911 GT2 RS rule the land. Both of these cost silly amounts of money and are designed and built to spend the majority of their lifetime on the famous German Nurburgring circuit.

Between the two, the GT2 RS MR is the faster car, but the AMG GT BS is not far behind. The 911 simply offers more grunt both in straight-line speed, top speed, and most lap records.

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