Best bike rack for a Porsche Boxster

If you are the type of guy who loves adventures and outdoor activities, both your car and your bike are of the utmost importance. Porsche Boxster models are not exactly made for off-road purposes, but they do manage to shuttle you from and to your trail destinations in style and comfort.

The greatest bike trails and adventures usually don’t start on your front doorstep, which means that you will have to buy a bike rack to transport your bike safely. Choosing the right bike rack means that you will have to balance all different kinds of purchasing aspects.

How expensive it is, how safe it is, does it damage the paint, how heavy it is, does it obstruct the rear visibility? The best option would probably be Porsches factory bike racks, but these are usually the most expensive ones of the bunch, but they are made for Porsche models specifically.

Some aftermarket manufacturers such as Thule, Saris Bones, or Bird Automotive also offer fairly decent bike racks at a lower price point. No matter which one you do end up buying, you have to make sure that the rack is attached properly so it does not pose any safety issues.

Porsche Tequipment bike racks

Porsche offers a few different bike carrier options depending on the model in question, and the looks and style you prefer. Whether you choose the rear-mounted carrier, a racing bike carrier, or a regular roof-mounted carrier, Porsche is adamant at providing the best solution for your bicycle transportation requirements.

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But most of the Porsche Tequipment bike carriers sadly do not fit the Porsche Boxster, only the Roof transport system main support carrier is available for the Porsche Boxster for $823. This bike carrier can transport either more conventional bike models or specific carbon fiber-made racing bikes.

The system itself can carry as many as three different bikes with three different bike mounts mounted onto the roof transport system. These systems are also lockable which means that you will not have to babysit the rack, and the transportation system itself also locks to the roof of the car.

The benefit of genuine Porsche setups is the fact that Porsche tests these systems vigorously, and you are hardly ever going to find a system that will fit the Boxster better.  Some systems might actually void your warranty, but the Porsche system will leave your car’s warranty intact.

Saris Bones bike racks

If you do not want a roof-mounted transportation system, and you prefer a different set-up, you will have to go aftermarket, and Saris Bones offers a few fairly reliable bike rack options for all the Porsche Boxster models, from 1997-2021.

The most popular model offered by Saris Bones is the SuperClamp EX-2 bike rack, and the rack itself costs $499 and is able to transport up to 2 bikes at the same time. This system is rear-mounted and it attaches to the hitch pin for a safe and secure system.

The benefit of the SuperClamp EX-2 is the ability to tilt the system if you want to access the trunk compartment, you are also able to opt for a 4-bike version of this system which retails for around $900. Saris Bones also offers some systems that can carry your bikes and additional cargo with the SuperClamp + Cargo models.

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Saris Bones also offers a few different systems for different purposes, and the prices usually range from $190-$900. When considering buying a carrier from Saris, you should contact them directly and ask about these systems, and which one of these fits your lifestyle the most.

Thule bike racks

Thule is a long-standing manufacturer of all sorts of additional cargo solutions, and they also offer a few designated bike cars which do fit the Porsche Boxster. Many of the bike transporting solutions by Thule are widely considered as 4-5 star products, but you should always check the system out for yourself before buying it.

One of the best-selling bike carriers by Thule is the Thule Apex XT Hitch Bike Rack, this carrier is also available for the Porsche Boxster for around $379. This system is capable of transporting up to two different bikes and is also tiltable, lockable and securely mounted onto the back of the car.

Many online shops are selling these, and they are considered as best sellers in the Thule lineup, but almost every store offers different types of carriers and racks, so you should always speak to the salesperson, and try to look for a carrier that will fit your lifestyle, and the one that will not pose any safety issues.

FAQ Section

Can you drive around with an empty bike rack?

If you transport your bikes regularly, you might think that there is no need for you to ever remove the bike rack at all. But, some states legally require you to remove the bike rack if you are not using it. This is because the bike rack can obstruct the license plate, and block the rear lights in some instances.

You should always make sure that the bike rack does not obstruct the license plate, and if it does, get an auxiliary license plate to mount onto the bike rack. Some Saris rear-mounted racks are designed not to block the license plate, and pretty much every roof-mounted rack does not obstruct your license plate.

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Does a bike rack damage your car?

Most modern, well-tested and popular bike racks are not going to scratch your paint. But, if you don’t secure your rack as intended, or you don’t secure the bike onto the rack as intended, you might damage the paint itself.

Whatever the case may be, if you truly do care about your car, you should get a protective film solution applied to all the vulnerable areas. These types of solutions apply a thin, invisible layer of protective film that can mitigate smaller scratches and scuffs.

Should I buy a roof-mounted rack or a trunk-mounted rack?

The benefit of a roof-mounted rack is the fact that the rack itself will not obstruct the license plate, and you will still be able to gain full access to the trunk of your car. The drawbacks of this setup are the significant increase in height and the fact that at higher speeds these systems are not the most secure.

A rear/trunk-mounted systems are usually easier to use, and they work better at higher speeds. But, they might obstruct your rear license plate, your rear visibility, parking sensors, and the rearview camera as well.

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