Best roof rack for Porsche Cayenne

The Porsche Cayenne SUV is the Porsche SUV flagship offered in a standard SUV or coupe form. This SUV has been on sale for 3 generations now, and it is one of the most popular Porsche models of all time.

There are many different engine and trim options to choose from, and pretty much every Cayenne model offers a sporty experience without sacrificing comfort nor luxury. Cayenne SUVs are not necessarily made for off-road purposes, but they are able to tackle light to medium off-roading without any issues.

Porsche Cayenne SUVs are fairly roomy inside and out, which means that these luxury barges are able of transporting up to 5 passengers and a bunch of cargo. But if you want to extend the cargo capacity of a Cayenne, opting for a roof rack is a good option.

The best roof rack for the Porsche Cayenne is the OEM Porsche Tequipment roof rack, but you are also able to choose between a bunch of aftermarket roof racks made by Thule, Malone, Yakima, and many others.

Porsche OEM roof racks

The Roof transport system main support roof rack is probably the best roof rack option for a Porsche Cayenne because this rack is made for the Cayenne specifically, and it retails for a reasonable $479, which is a lot cheaper compared to a Roof transport system main support for a 911.

The benefit of this specific system is the fact that it offers a perfect fit and it serves as a reliable cargo addition as well. The maximum load capacity of this system is 220lbs (100kg) which is more than plenty for most people.

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This system is also made to perfectly fit all the other OEM Porsche Tequipment transport modules which are priced more competitively to the rest of the competition. It’s worth mentioning that this system only works in conjunction with the roof rail option, but this is the case for every other roof rack system as well.

You also have to keep in mind that the Cayenne Coupe does not take advantage of this Roof transport system main support, but rather a specific $596 system that can take a maximum of 165lbs (75kg). The Cayenne coupe also offers less cargo space compared to the SUV, so pick the SUV if you want a more practical experience.

Thule/Yakima/Malone roof racks

Thule is a long-standing Swedish cargo transport solution manufacturer that offers reliable and cost-effective roof rack options. The base Thule roof rack transportation system indeed does fit the Porsche Cayenne, and this system is made out of aluminum and it offers a 165lbs (75kg) maximum load capacity for $500-650.

Malone is also a well-known roof rack manufacturer and the standard Malone roof rack fits the Cayenne, but this setup is made out of steel, which means that it’s considerably heavier compared to the Porsche and Thule systems, but it does cost considerably less at about $130-220.

The $400-500 Yakima TimberLine Car Roof Rack solution is also fairly popular with a bunch of Cayenne owners because it offers a maximum bar spread of 40 inches, aluminum construction, and a maximum load capacity of 165lbs (75kg).

Judging by the prices, build quality, maximum load capacity, and weight, the Porsche Tequipment roof rack does seem like the best option if you are looking for a standard roof rack. But, if you want a specific type of roof rack, you should consult with a Porsche dealer for further instructions.

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Porsche Transporation modules

The OEM Porsche main roof rack system is competitively priced for the SUV version. The Coupe version does cost a bit more, but the aftermarket options are fairly limited because the Cayenne Coupe is still a fairly recent model.

But the main advantage of the OEM Porsche roof rack is the ability to take advantage of a bunch of Porsche OEM transportation modules. Some of these modules like the bike racks/carriers are also fairly affordable, but others like the roof box options can cost upwards of $1000.

Prices and reliability are similar between the coupe and SUV Cayenne models, but the Coupe models are still way too recent for any durability and reliability issues to arise. By opting for a Porsche OEM system, you are fairly confident in knowing that you are indeed using a piece of Porsche engineered equipment.

Even though some manufacturers like Thule do offer competitively priced and fairly reliable systems, none of these can offer the levels of reassurance a genuine Porsche transportation accessory does.

FAQ Section


Do I really need a roof rack for a Porsche Cayenne?

If you are searching for these articles, you probably do need a roof rack even though the cargo space of the Cayenne is more than enough for most people. If you want a roof rack for aesthetic purposes, a Porsche Cayenne is not the type of car for such a look because this is a luxury premium SUV after all.

If you do care about space, then you should also consider the SUV as opposed to the coupe, because the Cayenne coupe does offer a limited amount of cargo and passenger space compared to the regular SUV version.

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What are things to look out for when buying a roof rack for your car?

First of all, you should cross-shop as much as possible because there are many different roof rack options out there, and some of them are better than priced than others. Aluminum construction is likely going to be a bit lighter compared to steel construction, but steel construction is usually the sturdier one.

A roof rack will indeed impact your fuel economy, and the wind noise a roof rack generates can be quite tiresome, so always try to opt for a low-profile roof rack if possible. You should also avoid roof racks that offer plastic construction.

Is a roof rack a better option for transporting bicycles compared to a rear-mounted rack?

It depends on a few different aspects. A roof rack impacts your fuel efficiency more, and it’s also a lot noisier compared to a rear-mounted rack. A roof-mounted rack can usually transport more bicycles at the same time, and it does not obstruct your rear vision nor your license plate and parking sensors/cameras.

If you are able to find a low-profile rear-mounted rack that does not obstruct your vision, not your plate or parking sensors/cameras, a rear-mounted rack is usually the one to opt for bicycle transportation.

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