Best bike rack for Porsche Cayenne

The Porsche Cayenne is a full-size luxury SUV that is aimed at providing a comfortable ride on various different road surfaces. The Cayenne is available in many different trims and options, and all Cayenne models are made to fit trunk-mounted, hitch-mounted, frame-mounted, or roof-mounted bike racks.

Choosing the best bike rack for your Cayenne is rather important as bike racks can sometimes cause significant damage to your car and your bikes. For a Cayenne, there are lots of options to choose from and in most cases, a genuine Porsche bike rack is the most reliable pick of the lot.

Besides genuine Porsche bike racks, you are also able to choose between a large variety of aftermarket bike racks from manufacturers such as Thule, Kuat, Yakima, Saris Bones, or Rhino. Most aftermarket bike racks can also be bought for a discounted price compared to a genuine Porsche bike rack.

No matter which bike rack your end up choosing, you gotta make sure the rack is fitted safely and securely. The same goes for your bikes as well, especially the moving parts of your bike because they are the most prone to damage your car.

Genuine Porsche bike racks

Between all the available bike rack options, Porsche Tequipment bike transporting accessories are your safest choice. But, to be able to utilize all the available Porsche bike rack systems, you also have to opt for the Porsche Roof transport system main support which retails for about $479 excluding taxes.

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It’s also worth mentioning that you have to have a roof rail system to use these bike transporting solutions. If you do opt for these systems, paying an additional $210 for the 95B 044 800 06 Porsche Bicycle rack enables you to secure up to three different bikes onto the transportation system with tipping protection included.

You can also opt for the Porsche 95B 044 800 08/38 Racing bike carrier for around $286 with a front-wheel bag, or $328 if you want a designated front wheel holder as well. Up to two racing bikes can be fitted onto this system, and the system is reliable even at high speeds or adverse terrain.

If you prefer a rear-mounted bike rack, you are also able to opt for the Porsche rear-mounted carrier. This setup can take up to 2 different bikes, and the price for this rack depends on your Porsche dealer. It’s also worth mentioning that Porsche also offers designated heat shields for your rear-mounted bike carriers as well.

Aftermarket Porsche Cayenne bicycle racks

If you go through the aftermarket route, you can choose between a large variety of different roof, frame, hitch, or trunk-mounted setups. If you opt for a roof-mounted setup, you will also need the roof railing option in most cases.

Thule is a Sweden company that continuously provides safe and reliable bike carrying solutions for a bunch of Porsche models including the Cayenne. One of the most popular Thule bike rack options for the Cayenne is the 2-bike setup Thule Raceway Trunk Bike rack which retails for $700, but you are often able to find a discounted price of $450-500.

If you are looking for a bike rack suited for 4 bikes, the hitch-mounted  Yakima RidgeBack 4 Bike Rack seems to be a pretty reliable option. This rack retails for about $449, but you can often find these for a discounted price of $349. This Yakima setup is fairly popular due to its ease of operation, compact size, and reliable construction.

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If you prefer a sturdy frame-mounted bike rack, the Saris Bones Freedom Bike Rack is one of the most reliable options out there. This setup is capable of safely transporting up to 2 bikes at the same time for about $499, but you can often find these for a discounted price of $319.

Best Porsche models for bike transportation

The Porsche Cayenne is one of the best Porsche models for bike transportation because it offers a bunch of different bike rack configurations. Some Porsche models like the Cayman/Boxster or the 911 only offer a few different bike-carrying setups.

Besides the Cayenne, the smaller Macan SUV is also fairly capable of taking advantage of a lot of different bike rack options and configurations. Between the Cayenne and the Macan, the Cayenne generally offers more usable space inside and out, but the Macan does cost a lot less.

Other Porsche models like the Panamera are also fairly competent for bike carrying purposes, especially if you use a roof-mounted setup. If you opt for the roof-mounted setup on a Cayenne, the height increase is quite significant because the Cayenne is already a fairly tall vehicle.

FAQ Section

Do I have to use the Porsche genuine transportation system?

The Porsche main support transportation system costs a lot more compared to some rival aftermarket support systems, but this system is made specifically for Porsche models. And Porsche always offers a high standard of manufacturing for both the cars and the accessories as well.

From a longevity and reliability standpoint, the Porsche main support system will always be your safest bet. But many aftermarket manufacturers have come a long way to be able to compete with Porsche. You should speak to your dealer or someone with a decent experience with Cayenne bike racks if you opt for an aftermarket manufacturer.

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Is it safe to transport 3-5 bikes on a 1-2 bike rack setup?

Imagine yourself spending a few hundred dollars for a bike rack only to realize that you have bought a bike rack that is not able to transport all your bikes. In that case, you should try and return the bike rack, but if you are truly in a hurry, some bike racks can transport multiple bikes at the same time.

But, beware because most bike racks can only completely secure a few bikes at a time. And if you do end up putting an additional bike or two, many different safety issues might arise. Even though it is technically possible, you should always stick to the manufacturer’s instructions.

How fast can you drive with a bike rack?

It depends on the type of rack you are using. Rear-mounted racks are less intrusive for car aerodynamics which means that these types of racks can usually endure the highest speeds. Roof-mounted racks are not far behind though, but most racks are rated for speeds up to 60mph.

If you do end up driving at speeds exceeding 60mph, your rack is probably not going anywhere, but if something does happen, the manufacturer’s warranty is certainly not going to cover the potential expenses.

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