Why are Mercedes used as Taxis?

If you have been to countries like Germany and Austria, there is a high chance that you boarded or saw a Mercedes taxi. Yes, Mercedes taxis are common in these countries, despite being luxurious. But why are Mercedes used as Taxis?

Mercedes is used as a taxi because drivers get to pay less taxes than when they purchase low-cost cars. However, this does not apply everywhere but in a handful of countries in Europe. So, if a taxi driver goes for a Ford Fiesta, he or she may end up paying more taxes than a driver who goes for a Mercedes E-Class.

However, not all German luxury cars are used for taxis. For instance, it’s difficult to see a BMW, Audi, or Porsche being used as a taxi. This is because the cost of insurance and maintenance is quite higher than that of Mercedes-Benz. Moreover, Mercedes offers more reliable cars than most of these brands.

Which Mercedes models are used as Taxis? 

Even though Mercedes-Benz is used as a taxi, not all models are used for a taxi. Typically, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and S-Class are the popular models used for taxis. Thanks to their spacious interior and outstanding legroom. Besides, they can easily accommodate all kinds of passengers from tall to short.

Additionally, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and S-Class are the most reliable Mercedes models on the market. Therefore, the cost of maintaining these models is slightly lower compared to entry-level models like the A-Class, CLA-Class, and C-Class.

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Even though the E-Class and S-Class are the most popular Mercedes taxi models, the E-Class is the most common. This is because it’s the most reliable Mercedes-Benz. Furthermore, it rates slightly above when it comes to reliability, unlike most German luxury cars.

Which countries use Mercedes as Taxis?

Several countries in Europe prefer Mercedes for the taxi business. These include Germany, Austria, Cyprus, Greece, Morocco, and Denmark. However, this does not mean that all taxis in these countries are Mercedes. But the reality is that Mercedes is the main car brand used for taxis. 

What makes Mercedes suitable for the taxi business?

There are several reasons why Mercedes is preferred for the taxi business over other car brands. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Mercedes is very reliable with excellent mileage. More so, in the 90s, Mercedes was the only brand that offered diesel sedans. As a result, this was more economical for the taxis as they stop and go several times a day.
  • The second reason is that driving in a taxi was considered a luxury, used by well-off people who preferred to ride in a prestigious car. This is an image that Mercedes has always portrayed.
  • Another reason why Mercedes was preferred for a taxi is because of the special cab version that they offered. This car came in the recommended official color beige and it has a special suspension reinforcement to reduce the burden of carrying lots of luggage.


Why do people prefer Mercedes over BMW?

Mercedes and BMW take a large share of the luxury car market around the globe. Recently, BMW has been outselling Mercedes, but Mercedes still holds the title for the most prestigious car brand. That’s why many well-off people still prefer Mercedes over BMW.

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Mercedes cars are highly engineered, comfortable, luxurious, and very safe. On top of that, they are more reliable and durable than BMWs. People usually go for BMW because of its sports appeal and ultimate driving experience. On top of that, the AMG line has high performing cars than BMW’s M Power line.

Why is Mercedes-Benz so expensive?

Mercedes-Benz is so expensive because they have created a name for themselves. They are the most prestigious car brand in the world. The second reason is that they build highly engineered vehicles with top-notch technological features. Apart from that, they have been the most consistent car brand since Daimler and Benz & Cie merged to form Mercedes-Benz.

Why are BMWs not used as Taxis?

The main reason why BMWs are not used as Taxis is that they don’t last long. Most BMW models develop a lot of problems after 350,000 miles. This is not the case with Mercedes-Benz as most of their models can do over 600,000 miles with fewer serious problems.

Aside from that, the insurance premiums for BMW are higher than that of Mercedes. Therefore, taxi drivers prefer using Mercedes as they are cheaper to maintain overall. What’s more, BMW spare parts are also quite expensive, which is another reason they are not preferred for the taxi business.

Are Mercedes, BMW, and Audi considered luxury or ordinary cars in Germany?

First of all, it depends on the model of the car. If it’s a low-end Mercedes, BMW, or Audi, it is considered to be an ordinary car. However, if it’s an upscale model like the S-Class, G-Class, RS7, Q7, BMW X6, or BMW X7, these are considered to be luxurious.

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What’s more, most of these brands have flooded the market as they are local cars. As a result, people are used to them and most of them see them as ordinary cars. However, some of these cars lack features that are included in models sold in America. For instance, instead of leather seats, some of them have cloth seats.

What cars are used as taxis in Germany?

The main car used as a cab in Germany is Mercedes-Benz E-Class. However, you can come across different car makes and models such as BMWs, Audis, Toyotas, and even Nissans. The most popular standard cars used as cabs in Germany are Nissan Leaf, Dacias, and the old Toyota Crown model.

Before 1971, all taxis in Germany were required to be black with a small illuminated “TAXI” sign on the rooftop of the car. On top of that, taxicabs have to be sedans, stations wagons, or MPVs.

Bottom line

Mercedes are mainly used as taxis because of their reliability and exceptional mileage. On top of that, Mercedes-Benz is a prestigious brand which makes many well-off people prefer it over other brands. Finally, Mercedes produced the first diesel sedan, which was more economical for the taxi business.

In Germany, having a Mercedes-Benz for taxi means paying less tax than having a cheaper car like Toyota Yaris or Ford Fiesta. The most popular Mercedes models for the taxi business are the Mercedes E-Class and S-Class.

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