Which is better – GLK or GLC?

If you’re looking for a Mercedes SUV, then you will come across the Mercedes-Benz GLK or GLC SUVs. These are two outstanding rides that meet the needs of different users. But which SUV should you select? 

Both the Mercedes-Benz GLK and GLC SUVs are exceptional cars that make picking one of them to be quite challenging. However, the GLK SUV is perfect for people who want a sport and powerful car. On the other hand, the GLC is perfect for those who want a spacious, comfortable, and advanced car. 

Besides, the Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class is a replacement for the Mercedes-Benz GLK. That’s why we will only compare the 2015 Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class to the 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class. 

What are the similarities between the Mercedes-Benz GLC and GLK Class?

Before we look at the differences between these two luxurious SUVs, we shall start by looking at their similarities. Both the GLC and GLK SUVs are compact. This means they are small than the Mercedes-Benz GLE or GLS, but bigger than the Mercedes GLA-Class. 

Another similarity is that they are both 5 seaters, which is perfect for a family car. However, their interior space varies as they come with varying leg, head, and shoulder rooms. The GLK has better front legroom, while the GLC has better front shoulder room. Overall, the GLC has a larger cabin than the GLK. 

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What’s more, both of these compact SUVs come with rear-wheel drive. This is exceptional as it will ensure that these cars provide excellent traction both on and off-road. Besides, it’s also good as it improves steering during towing. 

What are the differences between the Mercedes GLC and GLK?

The first difference between these two SUVs is that they have a different finish or design. The Mercedes GLK has a box design, while the Mercedes GLC has a more rounded design. As a result, the GLK looks bigger on the outside than the GLC, but in the real sense, the GLC is the bigger car. 

The Mercedes GLC is longer, taller, and comes with more cargo space than the Mercedes GLK. Surprisingly, the GLC is still more fuel-efficient than the GLK despite being bigger and using more space. Besides, the GLK weighs about 4,068 lbs, while the GLC weighs about 3,889lbs. 

When it comes to height, the GLK is slightly taller because of the box design. It has a height of 66.9-inches, while the GLC has a height of 64.7-inches. In terms of width and wheelbase, the GLC is larger as it has a width of 74.4-inches and a wheelbase of 113.1-inches, while the GLK comes with a width of 74.2-inches and a wheelbase of 108.5-inches. 

In terms of power and performance, the 2015 Mercedes GLK is more powerful than the 2016 Mercedes GLC. This is because it comes with a 3.5-liter VY gasoline engine. This engine delivers a maximum of 302-hp and 273 lb-ft of torque. So, this car is more powerful than the GLC. 

On the other hand, the Mercedes-Benz GLC comes with a 2.0-liter turbo inline-4-cylinder engine that delivers up to 255-hp and 273 lb-ft of torque. This means that the engines produce the same amount of torque but differ in horsepower. Besides, the GLC comes with a 9-speed automatic transmission and the GLK has a 7-speed automatic transmission. 

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What car did the Mercedes GLC-SUV replace?

The Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class replaced the Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class. Formerly, the GLC-SUV was referred to as the GLK-SUV. However, the “K” was replaced by a “C”, meaning that it is a compact model, as in the C-Class. This also happened to the ML, which was transformed to GLE, meaning a midsize SUV like the E-Class. 

Which one is better – the GLC OR GLE?

Both of these cars are exceptional and it depends on what you desire. If you want more space and luxury, the Mercedes-Benz GLE is the better car. But if you want performance and a sleek ride, consider going with the Mercedes-Benz GLC. 

The Mercedes GLC-Class is fitted with improved individual seating and accommodates up to 5 passengers. On top of that, it has a comfy interior and a sizeable cargo area. On the contrary, the GLE can seat up to 7 people as it comes with a third row. Additionally, it has a larger cargo area and it’s more powerful than the GLC. 

What is the most reliable Mercedes SUV?

According to Consumer Reports, the most reliable Mercedes SUV is the Mercedes GLC-Class. This is an SUV version of the compact C-Class. Even though the C-Class is not the most reliable sedan, the GLC-Class is the most reliable Mercedes SUV, followed by the GLE-Class. 

This compact and luxurious SUV is reliable because of its exceptional build quality and fewer problems per 100 vehicles. Its spare parts are also cheaper compared to the likes of GLE, GLS, and G-Class Mercedes SUVs. 

When was the Mercedes GLK discontinued? 

The Mercedes-Benz GLK was manufactured between 2008 and 2015. So, it was discontinued in 2015, while the GLC-Class was born. The Mercedes-Benz GLK was manufactured in Bremen Germany, Beijing China, 6th of October city Egypt, and Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam. 

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Where is the Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class manufactured?

You may think that since the Mercedes-Benz GLC replaced the GLK, it is manufactured in the same places that the GLK was manufactured. However, that’s not the case as Mercedes changed some plants. The GLC is made in Bremen Germany, Beijing China, Pune India, and Finland. As you can see, some plants were retained while others were changed. 

Which is the best for tall people – GLC or GLK? 

Despite both of these cars being luxury Mercedes SUVs, they don’t have the same interior space. The GLK is better suited for tall people than the GLC because of its excellent front legroom and headroom. The GLK comes with 41.4-inches of front legroom and 39.8-inches of front-seat headroom. 

Final thoughts 

The Mercedes-Benz GLK and GLC are both outstanding SUVs that any person would love to have in their garage. The GLK is best suited for people who want a powerful and sporty ride, while the GLC is ideal for individuals who desire efficiency, comfort, and a highly advanced SUV. 

Besides, the GLC is somewhat costlier than the GLK, but the GLK is more comfortable for taller people. 

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