2022 BMW X4 vs Mercedes GLC Coupe

The BMW X4 is the entry-level BMW coupe SUV which is the very same story as with the Mercedes GLC Coupe. These two exist because BMW came out with the X6 back in 2007 and because Mercedes decided to offer the GLE in Coupe form as well.

Between these two, the X4 is more fun to drive, offers higher quality materials and a bit more interior space. The X4 is a more driver-focused car which is obvious the moment you climb inside the X4. The GLC is a more classic Mercedes luxury car interpretation which means that it is designed for comfort.

Engines on offer are relatively comparable, but the ones in the GLC do seem a bit more entertaining because you can buy the GLC with a BiTurbo V8. Reliability-wise, the X4 seems to fare a lot better because it is one of the most reliable BMW SUVs while the GLC fared a lot worse in most charts and surveys.

Overall, the X4 is a better car thanks to its more engaging drive, higher-quality interior materials, more space, and a more reliable platform. The GLC is still a wonderful car for those who simply want to cruise without exploring the car’s dynamic capabilities.

2022 BMW X4 – The driver’s choice

The 2022 BMW X4 is being offered with three different engine configurations. The entry-level X4 xDrive 40i starts at $51,800 and it gets a 2.0L 4-cylinder turbo engine with 248hp. The next one in line is the $62,400 X4 M40i that gets a 3.0L V6 with 382hp while the range-topping X4M that starts from $73,600 gets a 3.0L inline 6 with up to 503hp.

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All X4 models get an 8-speed automatic transmission that is both smooth and efficient. The main selling point of the X4 is its driver-focused approach. The X4 is more fun to drive and more dynamic overall when compared to the GLC which is more of a luxury SUV.

The X4 is also more spacious in both the front and the second row of seating. BMW offers higher quality materials throughout the cabin while the design might feel a bit too ordinary. The X4 is an efficient car that can do both family hauling and performance driving.

Reliability-wise, the X4 seems to best the GLC because the X4 is one of the most reliable BMW SUVs out there.

2022 Mercedes GLC – The comfort and style option

The GLC300 is the entry-level GLC model that gets a 2.0L 4-cylinder turbo engine with 255hp and a price tag of $52,500. All GLC Coupe models come with the 4MATIC Mercedes AWD system and all of them also get the 9G 9-Speed automatic gearbox which is both efficient and seamless when going through the gears.

The AMG 43 GLC Coupe gets an AMG-enhanced 3.0L V6 with 385hp and a price tag of $66,500. The range-topping GLC63 AMG gets a 4.0L BiTurbo V8 with up to 503hp and it costs $84,500. The GLC 63 offers the best sounding and feeling engine out of all X4 and GLC models.

However, this does not make the GLC the performance king because the GLC is more tailored towards a comfortable drive. The design seems more elegant and cohesive when compared to the relatively shouty X4 in comparison.

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The interior design is arguably a bit more appealing in the GLC, but the space on offer is worse. Finally, reliability is an aspect where the X4 beats the GLC with ease.

Conclusion – The BMW X4 is the better car

Thanks to a more aggressive exterior design and a higher quality interior, the X4 seems like a more impressive package. Furthermore, the X4 is both more spacious and more reliable which is in itself enough to make the X4 a more reasonable purchase.

The GLC might be a bit more desirable and better looking to some, yet the X4 does its job better. If you love a sporty drive, you will immediately be drawn to the X4 as it offers a more driver-focused approach. However, if you simply want a comfortable, docile, and easy to live with luxury SUV, the GLC is the one for you.

That’s not to say that the X4 is not a comfortable car, but rather that the GLC is always just a luxury car which means that you don’t even want to push it all that hard. All in all, both of these are amazing SUVs, but the X4 does seem like a better package overall.

FAQ Section

Is the 2022 BMW X4 more efficient than the Mercedes GLC Coupe?

The entry-level 2.0L versions of the GLC and the X4 are almost identical when it comes to efficiency and it’s a similar story with the 3.0L 6-cylinder engines. The range-topping V8 GLC 63 is the least efficient option of the bunch by quite some margin.

It’s safe to say that the X4 and the GLC are more or less the same when it comes to efficiency which means that the way you drive is likely going to be more important than the estimated MPG numbers listed for each model.

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Is the 2022 BMW X4 cheaper to maintain than the GLC Coupe?

A few credible online sources estimate that the BMW X4’s running costs are around $6,500 in the first five years of ownership while the GLC costs a bit less in comparison. Both of these are premium executive SUVs with lots of gadgets and features which means that you will have to maintain them if you want them to last.

Even though the X4 does hold a better-predicted reliability result, this only makes sense if you indeed do maintain it correctly.

Is the BMW X4 more popular than the GLC Coupe?

It is rather difficult to compete with any Mercedes model when it comes to popularity and desirability as no other premium executive brand offers such brand appeal. As such, it’s rather safe to say that the GLC is indeed a more popular option, but the X4 is not far behind.

There is something inherently more special about seeing a three-pointed star on the bonnet, especially for the uninitiated on-lookers. This is why the GLC is continuously pushing higher sale numbers even though it is not really better.

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