What is the best Mercedes for long distance?

what is the best mercedes for long distance

If you are in the market for a long-distance cruiser, a Mercedes is a good option. Mercedes has earned its reputation as an automotive heavyweight primarily by constructing long-lasting and reliable grand tourers. Grand tourers are sports cars that are made for long-distance driving and high speeds.

These days, the most popular way of covering large distances is definitely by air. But, if you prefer spending time behind the wheel rather than in crowded airports, Mercedes has you covered. Grand Tourers are cars designed for cross-continental trips in the comfiest, most enjoyable manner possible.

Whether you opt for an upscale flat out grand tourer by Mercedes such as the S-class coupe, or a more attainable E-class sedan, one thing is certain, you will definitely get your money’s worth by opting for one of these long-distance sophisticated machines.

Long-distance necessities

In addition to coffee, occasional snacks and bathroom breaks, you’ll need a comfortable and reliable vehicle for any long-distance road trip. So, what makes a good long-distance car?


First and foremost, your car needs to be comfortable. If you opt for driving as opposed to flying, you should be able to feel well-rested while driving, as long-distance traveling might be quite tiresome.

Modern-day Mercedes models have seats sculptured for maximum comfort and relaxation, offering different heating, ventilating, and massaging features. All intended to keep you revitalized and relaxed so you can enjoy your road trip without feeling worn out.

Fuel efficiency

Long-distance vehicles should be fuel-efficient as well, as long-distance traveling does not come cheap. Nowadays Mercedes offers multiple choices when it comes to the power source, ranging from pure EVs and hybrids, all the way to the good old petrol and diesel-powered engines.

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A distinct advantage of a diesel-powered engine compared to any other engine type is the lower fuel consumption while traveling at a decent pace on a highway. Diesel-powered cars offer more torque and produce most of their power lower in the powerband, which serves well for long-distance cruising.

Many different modern-day car features are made to make your driving simpler and easier. Newest cruise control systems offer little driver involvement while traveling at a steady pace. Contemporary car designs offer slippery automobiles made for cutting through the air with as little resistance as possible. This improves noise reduction and fuel efficiency as well.

Best Mercedes sedans for long-distance traveling

Despite the occasional exotic by Bentley, Aston Martin, or Rolls Royce, German sedans dominate the long-distance cruiser market, and it’s easy to see why. German luxury sedans serve as the best option when choosing a comfortable car that can keep you relaxed and entertained, no matter the miles.


The Mercedes Benz E-Class is a staple when it comes to midsize luxury sedans. It’s the vehicle of choice for many individuals working in the people transportation business. It offers a spacious cabin, many creature comforts, and a large variety of different engines suitable for long-distance travel.


But if you are looking for the best German sedan, capable of chewing up the miles without breaking a sweat, the Mercedes S-Class is hard to beat. It’s a car with more than 6 decades worth of superior engineering set up to not only adhere to the standards of luxury vehicles but to set the benchmark for long-distance cruising.

The S-class comes in a large variety of trims and configurations. Engines start from 6-cylinder variants and go all the way up to the mighty V8s. The S-class is offered as a “short” wheelbase car with more than plenty of room, or the colossal long-wheelbase variant capable of comfortably transporting even the most demanding VIPs.

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Best Mercedes SUVs for long-distance traveling

As the ever-growing SUV craze keeps ramping up, it is hard to talk about desirable Mercedes models and not mentioning the SUV offerings. But the thing is, sedans make a lot more sense when it comes to long-distance driving.

SUVs benefit from more all-around usable space compared to sedans, and they offer a more compliant ride on unpaved roads. But they are a lot less fuel-efficient since they are a lot bigger and a lot heavier than sedans.

SUVs also tend to be a lot less slippery. They produce more drag traveling at higher speeds, which in turn means more road-noise, which could pose a problem on longer journeys. And it’s important to mention that SUVs are a lot less stable or maneuverable as a result of a higher center of gravity.

But, if you prefer SUVs to sedans, the GLE and GLS models should be more than adequate in serving as reliable cruisers, despite the disadvantages of long-distance SUV driving.

FAQ Section

Should I buy a new or used long-distance luxury car?

Well, it mostly comes down to your budget, and the willingness to accept the heavy depreciation hit associated with luxury vehicles. These types of cars are expensive, and there is no getting around it. Long-distance traveling also accumulates a lot of miles on the odometer, which will increase the negative effects associated with depreciation.

While buying a new car might save you some money on servicing and repairs, it does cost a lot more to insure, especially if you plan on driving the car long distances regularly. There are plenty of great deals in the used car market, so it has the potential to make a lot more sense for such an expensive car. Just make sure to get a complete vehicle history and have the car thoroughly looked at by a mechanic.

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Does Mercedes make better long-distance cars compared to Audi and BMW?

As is the case in many different industries, competition is a way of progress, and it is beneficial for everyone involved to always look for alternatives from different brands.

The S-class competitor from Audi is the A8. It offers a more futuristic design, a more modern interior, and is a bit less flashy on the outside. As far as BMW is concerned, the 7 Series is BMW’s answer to the S-Class. It’s a car often used by German diplomats, which says a lot.

The Mercedes S-class, Audi A8 and BMW 7 Series are all excellent vehicles, so in the end it comes down to taste and personal preference.

What are the best Grand Tourers money can buy?

Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, Bentley and Ferrari are hard to beat. These are the brands that play to your heartstrings when you think about the imaginary trips from London to San Tropez. They offer the finest materials fitted to cars, big smooth powerplants with lots of pulling power, and suspension setups capable of achieving the amazing levels of comfort.

These are the types of cars that make little to no sense compared to the aforementioned Mercedes sedans for example, as they are extremely expensive to own in every way imaginable. But people still lust after them. They offer something no mainstream manufacturer ever could, and that’s emotion, exclusivity, and pure unhampered driving pleasure.

what is the best mercedes for long distance

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