Mercedes W205 – All you need to know

The Mercedes W205 was in production between 2014 and 2021, and in time Mercedes has managed to sell a ton of these in the US. The W205 is available with a plethora of engines ranging from a small 4-cylinder engine all the way to a firebreathing 500hp+ 4.0L BiTurbo V8 in the C63.

The C-Class comes with the Mercedes proprietary 7G-Tronic transmission throughout the range of the W205. 4MATIC is available as an option which means that the W205 C-Class gets everything you’d expect from a compact luxury Mercedes sedan.

The design of the W205 is classy, refined, and eye-catching. The W205 C-Class was the very first C-Class to be available with the Mercedes Multibeam LED headlights which have drastically improved the way the C-Class looks. Interior-wise, the W205 looks appealing and packed with all sorts of amazing features.

Value-wise, the W205 can now be had for a fairly attainable price, but higher-end AMG models still tend to cost a lot of money. Practicality-wise, the W205 is a stark improvement over the W204 which means that it is in line with the Audi A4 and the BMW 3-Series.

Mercedes W205 – The powertrain

The W205 C-Class range kicks off with the C180 that offers a 1.6L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine with 156hp. The C200 is the next one in line with a 2.0L 4-cylidner turbocharged and 184hp while the C250 packs 211hp from the most powerful 4-cylinder engine found in the W205 C-Class.

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The 6-cylinder lineup starts with the C400 4MATIC that offers a 3.0L turbo V6 with 333hp while the C43 AMG performance version offers the same engine, but with 367hp. The C450 uses an identical engine with the same output as the AMG 43 version. The C350e uses the 2.0L cylinder and an electric engine in order to offer 211hp.

At the very top of the lineup sits the amazing C63 AMG with its 4.0L BiTurbo V8 engine either 476h or 510hp depending on if you get the regular AMG version or the S AMG package. All of these come with a Mercedes proprietary 7G-Tronic gearbox.

The MPG results are the best with the C200 which can return 53MPG while the least efficient W205 is the C63 AMG S which is able to return 29MPG.

Mercedes W205 – Design and chassis

The Mercedes W205 looks and feels like a true Mercedes should which means that it looks classy, eye-catching, and refined. The non-AMG W205 C-Classes look restrained and relatively ordinary when compared to the AMG-trim C-Class while the true AMG 43 and 63 models do look the best.

The W205 was the first C-Class to follow the design of the S-Class which means that the W205 looks a lot more luxurious when compared to the W204. Multibeam headlights and a new generation of the Mercedes infotainment system definitely made sure that both the interior and the exterior of the W205 look a lot more appealing.

The W205 offers a balanced chassis and suspension system that is aimed at providing comfort as opposed to let’s say a BMW 3-Series that hopes to be both comfortable and sporty. The AMG models offer a stiffer chassis in order to make the car a lot more performance-oriented.

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Mercedes W205 – Reliability and common issues

The Mercedes W205 is not the most reliable Mercedes of all time, but it does offer a relatively reliable experience if you maintain it correctly. The later models are indeed a lot better when compared to the earlier ones as Mercedes managed to iron out lots of issues during the production of the W205.

The most common issues that tend to plague the W205 are associated with the MAF airflow sensors, the gearbox, the camshaft adjuster solenoid, the interior electronics, and potential timing issues. The W205 is also known to suffer from many other issues, but these seem to be the common ones.

Mercedes W205 – Value and practicality

The W205 can be had at the low $20k mark for lesser equipped models while the range-topping AMG 63 S tends to cost up to $100k. The W205 is a really practical car because it offers seating space for up to 4 passengers while the cargo room is somewhere in the middle of the segment.

It’s worth mentioning that the W205 is often being used as a family car. The C350e is the least practical W205 of the bunch because it comes with a smaller cargo area which is being used to house the electric batteries needed for the hybrid system.

FAQ Section

Is the Mercedes W205 a safe car?

The W205 C-Class is indeed a safe car because it offers a 5-star crash test result both in the USA and the rest of the world. The active software safety features are also available, yet they are associated with how well the car has been equipped.

All in all, safety should not be an issue as the W205 is more than satisfactory. You can get all the modern-day systems with the W205 which include Mercedes Distronic, Mercedes PRE SENSE, lane keep assist, blind-spot assist, collision avoidance systems, automatic emergency braking, and a lot more.

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Which Mercedes W205 C-Class is the best one to buy?

It depends on what you want from a car. If you deem the C180 to be adequately powerful, it is the best one to get because it costs the least amount of money. If you want an adequately powerful car that is also class-leading when it comes to efficiency, the C350e is the one to get.

However, if you love a spirited drive, the C43 AMG, and the C63 AMG are the ones to get. The C63 AMG S uses the most exciting engine out of the lot because the 4.0L BiTurbo V8 with upwards of 500hp is a blast to drive.

Is the Mercedes W206 C-Class better than the W205?

The new W206 C-Class is a huge upgrade over the W204 because it offers a next-gen Mercedes interior that is more or less identical to the one found in the new S-Class. This means that the W206 is a lot better, even though many people are not all that fond of the exterior design.

However, the W205 C63 AMG S is leagues above the W206 C63 because the new C63 offers a 4-cylinder turbo engine which is not nearly as exciting as the V8 found in the W205.

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