Mercedes S63 – All you need to know

The Mercedes S63 AMG is the range-topping 500hp+ Mercedes Benz model available only in short-wheelbase form because it is a performance car as much as it is a luxury car. You can indeed get an even more powerful 600hp+ S65 AMG with a V12, but many people argue that the S63 is a lot more dynamic.

The S63 is a true S-Class which means that it does not lack in both size and comfort. It is more than capable of transporting 4 people in utmost luxury at speeds over 200mph. Many people deem the S63 to be the best Mercedes model you can buy because it is superior in so many different aspects, especially comfort, technology, and performance.

The AMG treatment makes the S-Class look a lot more aggressive, faster, and desirable. You get numerous AMG-specific body styling and interior touches that separate the “regular” S-Class models from the fire-breathing AMG models.

The S63 costs a lot of money and it tends to depreciate very fast. It costs a lot of money to maintain and it is not free from various issues most of which are associated with oil-related problems, suspension problems, transmission problems, and premature component deterioration problems.

Mercedes S63 AMG – The powerplant

Back in 2009, Mercedes introduced the very first S63 model, the W221. This generation of the S63 comes with a 6.2L naturally aspirated V8 with around 520hp and 465lb-ft of torque. The 6.2L N/A V8 found in the W221 is one of the most famous AMG engines of all time because it sounds and behaves like a muscle car engine.

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The W221 S-Class got a refresh back in 2010 which gave it a few significant upgrades, but the second generation of the S63 was introduced in 2014, the W222. The W222 offers a 4.0L BiTurbo V8 with more than 600hp and an astonishing 900Nm of torque which makes the W222 the craziest S-Class model of all time.

The W221 did not come with a 4MATIC AWD system, but the W222 did and the 4MATIC is the only drivetrain option for the W222 S63 AMG. All S63 models come with an automatic torque converter gearbox because a torque converter is the only transmission available that can cope with 900 Nm of torque.

The S63 also comes with launch control which enables it to reach 60mph from a standstill under 4 seconds which is impressive for such a large automobile.

Mercedes S63 AMG – Design and chassis

The S63 AMG is a true all-out AMG model which means that it gets a comprehensive AMG styling upgrade straight from the factory. This makes the S63 look a lot more aggressive thanks to a set of new AMG-only front and rear bumpers, a set of aggressive side skirts, 4 exhaust pipes, and a set of 20-inch+ AMG wheels.

Most S63 models also come with a lot of styling upgrades for the interior as well such as AMG-specific seats, AMG-specific trim pieces made out of high-quality aluminum and carbon fiber, and AMG-specific instrument cluster graphics.

Chassis-wise, the S63 AMG offers a stiffer construction in order to make the car a lot more poised during cornering. Even though the S63 is primarily designed for constant high-speed cruising on the autobahn, it is also able to compete with many sports cars on a track day.

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Mercedes S63 AMG – Suspension and drive modes

Other aspects that greatly separate the S63 from more regular S-Class models are the suspension and the specific driving modes. The S63 comes with a lower ride height which makes the car a lot more dynamic. The S63 also benefits from an all-around stiffer suspension setup that does not eat into comfort all that much.

This was an issue with the W221 model because it was a little bit too stiff for an S-Class, but the W222 model perfectly balances comfort and performance. Finally, the S63 AMG also comes with specific driving modes which enable you to cater the driving experience exactly how you want it.

Mercedes S63 AMG – Common issues and reliability

The S63 tends to suffer from oil-related issues such as increased oil consumption and oil leaks. These need to be addressed ASAP in order not to damage nearby components. Earlier S63 models are known for lackluster suspension that mess with the ride height and make the car a lot different to drive.

Transmission-related issues mostly fall down to a jittery and bouncy ride under hard acceleration because the system needs to manage an incredibly heavy car and 900 Nm of torque. All in all, the S63 is a reliable car, but you need to maintain it as best as possible, otherwise, it can easily become a money pit.

FAQ Section

Should I buy the S63 AMG?

If you are in the market for a full-size luxury sedan flagship that can rival lots of sports cars, then the S63 is definitely worth it. However, given the fact that the S63 AMG costs huge amounts of money while also being prone to severe depreciation, it only makes sense to do so if you want to keep it for a long time.

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This makes all the sense in the world because an S63 is the type of car you are going to keep for years to come. It is an incredibly plush car that can stand its own both on winding roads and the autobahn.

Which S63 AMG model should I buy?

The refreshed W222 S63 AMG is the best S63 model out there because it offers all the newest technologies while also being incredibly comfortable. The W222 S-Class is indeed a lot better than its predecessor both regarding performance and comfort.

The S63 is the more dynamic AMG model while the S65 AMG offers a more tank-like driving experience that prioritizes comfort and smoothness. However, the W221 model is also a nice car, but it is not as reliable nor desirable as the W222.

Is the S63 AMG a safe car?

The Mercedes S63 AMG is indeed a safe car because all S63 AMG models boast impressive safety records. Mercedes prioritizes safety which means that you are safe with either S63 model. These cars are often used for both family and VIP chauffeuring purposes which means that they are top-notch safe.

However, it is also a 600hp car that can get out of control if you are not careful with it. As such, be sure to always keep the traction control on because the S63 is way too heavy and aggressive for you to control it yourself.

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