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Mercedes c-class

The Mercedes Benz C-Class is a compact luxury sedan made to compete with the likes of the Audi A4 and the BMW 3-Series. These three models are some of the best-sold premium sedans of all time because this segment always was, and still is incredibly popular. Even in today’s day and age of SUVs and crossovers, these are selling really well.

The C-Class was first introduced in 1993 which means that next year the C-Class is going to celebrate its 30th birthday. Choosing from 30 different model years is not exactly easy, but most people aren’t really all that interested in older C-Class models anyway. However, some C-Class models are certainly better than others.

Probably the worst C-Class generation is the 2015 generation because all cars from this model year were bad for a variety of reasons we are going to get into shortly. The 2007 Mercedes C-Class also isn’t all that good as this was the era when Mercedes didn’t really put their maximum effort into cars anyway.

Finally, the 2012/13 Mercedes C-Class also needs to be added to this list because it suffers from a variety of issues as well. The reason why we listed these three model years is that they are the least reliable model years out of their respective generations and because most customers weren’t exactly thrilled with having them.

2015 Mercedes Benz C-Class

The 2015 Mercedes C-Class is something we can call “the least luxurious experience you can get from a luxury car”. When it first came out, the 2015 model made lots of headlines because of its striking design and a plethora of upgrades which made the C-Class feel really luxurious and desirable. However, poor reliability scores and really bad customer satisfaction results came early on.

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Many prominent reliability surveys stated that the 2015 C-Class has between 15 and 20 different problem spots, all of which can break at any time. The engine, the brakes, the electrics, and the equipment were the most problematic areas. However, what really decimated the 2015 C-Class is the fact that the car had 11 different recalls.

The steering system was bad, headlight issues, engine issues, fuel delivery system issues, overheating issues, and the list goes on forever, The C300 is by far the worst 2015 model and maybe even the worst C-Class ever made. Such a shame for a car that managed to be the best-selling Mercedes sedan ever.

2007 Mercedes Benz C-Class

If we rewind back time to 2007, we are also going to experience a similar encounter with a car that hoped to be good but managed to be really bad. This was the end of an era where Mercedes stopped making Mercedes-level cars for some reason. The W220 S-Class started the era of really bad Mercedes models and the 2007 C-Class also belongs to that group.

The reason why the 2007 C-Class is also on this list is that it looks boring, lacks space, and experiences a bunch of issues as well. The car was initially recalled a bunch of times for pretty much the same issue. The engine balance shaft simply refused to stay in place. This is a really serious issue and the reason why so many Mercedes Benz C-Class models from this era ended up in a fire.

Lack of proper visibility, poorly executed equipment, high-maintenance costs, and the fact that most people weren’t really thrilled with it made the 2007 C-Class one of the worst C-Class models yet, especially because many of these were burned to the ground because of a fuel system rupture.

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2012/13 Mercedes Benz C-Class

The 2012/13 Mercedes Benz C-Class has quite a few nice touches such as the design, the overall driving experience, and the fact that this was when Mercedes made the best 63 AMG C-Class models. However, not everything was as bright because the car managed to survive through 8 different recalls which decimated driver satisfaction results early on.

The most troubling components of the C-Class from this era are related to the airbags which were the sole reason for many recalls. The 2012/2013 C-Class is also prone to fuel leaking which could also potentially end up in flames. The worst thing is that the sensors aren’t really all that good at catching that.

The car also had issues with electricals, the brakes, and some of the equipment which further made the car feel lesser compared to the F30 BMW and even the facelifted Audi A4. All in all, the 2012/13 isn’t as bad as the 2015 and 2007 models, but it certainly isn’t the best.

FAQ Section

Should I buy a Mercedes C-Class?

The Mercedes C-Class sadly isn’t one of the best Mercedes models ever made, at least not from the reliability perspective. However, the fact that the C-Class is the best-sold Mercedes compact luxury sedan means that the car is loved by many, and therefore should be considered.

However, be sure to do all the necessary pre-purchase inspections because you simply don’t want to risk it as this car can be absolutely terrible if not maintained correctly. Do your homework and if you like the car, you will be able to find one in good condition and one that is not going to ruin you financially.

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Which Mercedes Benz C-Class model is the best?

The best Mercedes Benz C-Class model is likely the entry-level C200 because it offers you everything you need from a car. It is efficient, smooth, reliable, and it can offer a punch most people should be satisfied with. If you want the best long-distance cruiser, you should consider the C220d as it offers better fuel efficiency.

If you want the most special C-Class there is, the C63 AMG is the one to get as it is the only car that still uses a V8 in this segment. However, this is all going to change really soon because the car is getting a small 4-cylinder engine.

Which Mercedes C-Class model year is the best?

The best Mercedes C-Class model year is the 2022 model year as the brand-new C-Class is amazing. It is almost as luxurious as the S-Class while also being almost as comfortable. It really is the pinnacle compact family luxury car.

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