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Mercedes B-Class

The Mercedes Benz B-Class is a luxury MPV designed primarily for family use. Some say that the Mercedes Benz B-Class is the worst Mercedes model of all time because it is boring and it does not really do anything exciting at all. However, no one can deny that the B-Class is one of the best no-nonsense family cars out of the entire Mercedes Benz catalog.

The B-Class was first introduced to the market back in 2005 and was replaced by a new model in 2011. The third and latest model followed in 2019 and is likely going to stay that way for a few years to come. Some B-Class model years are worst than others, but the 2005 Mercedes Benz B-Class is likely the worst one of them all.

We also need to mention the 2011 model as it also is a heavily criticized car for many reasons. The 2013 model is not all that much better as it is really similar to the 2011 model. These models are the ones with the lowest customer satisfaction results and those that most people deem to be the least reliable B-Class models yet.

No matter if you go for one or not, you ought to do a pre-purchase inspection to be completely sure that the model you are looking at is good enough. Even a model from these three model years can be a good purchase as it is much more important how a particular car has been kept than the model year it comes from.

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 1. 2005 Mercedes Benz B-Class

The W245 Mercedes Benz B-Class was in production for 6 years before it was replaced. The reason why we placed the 2005 on the top of our list is that it is the one with the highest number of complaints. Most owners deem the 2005 B-Class to be a lack luster car that suffers from numerous issues, some of them are serious, others are just a nuisance.

You also need to keep in mind that the W245 B-Class commands no respect at all because it does not really seem like a true Mercedes model. Both the exterior and the interior of these are packed with plastic trim pieces which seem to discolorate the moment they are exposed to the sun for a longer period.

The W245 was also part of a few recalls, some of which were related to fuel issues and airbag issues. Finally, the W245 didn’t feel like a true Mercedes because it drove like a bus. You simply weren’t able to enjoy the car beside the fact that it can carry all your stuff and up to five adults which certainly is a good thing.

2. 2011 Mercedes Benz B-Class

The 2011 Mercedes Benz B-Class represents the very first 2nd generation model which definitely had a really rough start. The 2011 B-Class experienced a bunch of mechanical issues the moment it was released, and many of these were detrimental to the car’s ability to operate at all.

The transmission is a known gripe with the 2011 B-Class as it seems to be suffering from a ton of different issues. The electricals are also a pain because they seem to be failing left and right. It seems like most owners rated the 2011 B-Class with either 3 out of 5 or even less than that which certainly paints a broader picture about what customers think.

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Customer opinion is the only thing you need to take a look at if you are interested in buying a 2011 model as owners of these know how difficult they can be to own. However, if you decide to ignore that and you manage to find a well-kept model that has all the necessary maintenance records, it can be a good purchase for the right price.

3. 2013 Mercedes Benz B-Class

To top of this list, we also need to mention the 2013 Mercedes Benz B-Class which also seems to be one of the worst B-Class models there are. The 2013 B-Class was part of a bunch of recalls due to airbag issues, electrical issues, and issues with the transmission.

There were quite a few recalls for the 2013 B-Class as this was also the time when Mercedes was experiencing a bunch of airbag-related issues on a bunch of its models. The 2013 Mercedes Benz B-Class also isn’t the most reliable B-Class model there is, even without all the recalls we mentioned.

Customer satisfaction results seem to be fairly lackluster as is the case with the 2011 model. All in all, the 2013 is not as bad as the 2011 model, but it certainly deserves its place on this list.

FAQ Section

Should I buy a Mercedes-Benz B-Class?

If you have a large family or you simply want a car that has a bunch of space, the Mercedes Benz B-Class could be a good purchase. It is a relatively popular car on the 2nd hand market, especially in Europe where most of these are being sold. The B-Class is a great people carrier and no one can deny that.

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However, it is also a fairly boring car which means that it does not do anything particularly well. It is not the most exciting car to drive, nor the most comfortable one. Given the fact that we live in an era dominated by SUVs and crossovers, most people would rather spend their money on an SUV or a crossover.

Which Mercedes Benz B-Class model is the best?

The overall appeal of the B-Class is highly dependent on the options you go for which means that only AMG-line cars can be considered as cool. When it comes to engine choices, the B-Class does not come with high-end AMG models because that makes no sense at all.

You should go for one of the diesel options if you value efficiency. If you want a good city car, a 1.5L 4-cylinder gasoline model is the way to go.

Is the Mercedes Benz B-Class a real Mercedes?

There is certainly something about the B-Class that makes it feel not as good as most Mercedes models are. It’s the fact that it does not really feel like a true Mercedes to drive or to look at. The latest B-Class model is indeed more impressive than all the other models that preceded it. However, it is just plain boring and soulless.

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