Mercedes A160 – All you need to know

The Mercedes W177 was introduced a few years ago as the brand-new Mercedes A-Class hatchback/sedan. The A-Class is the entry-level Mercedes model which means that the A160 is the cheapest way into Mercedes Benz ownership.

Even though that might seem like a bit of a stretch, the new A-Class is way better than the old one, so the W177 is a true Mercedes which was not the case for the previous model. The A160 is being powered by a small 4-cylinder engine that is designed to be efficient, quiet, and lightweight.

The exterior design of the A160 is more or less the same as with every other A-Class out there, bar the AMG models. The interior of the A-Class is where it’s at as it offers a class-leading design. However, both the exterior and interior design is highly dependent on the equipment you go for.

Value-vise, the A-Class is competitive, but given the fact that it is so new, you are not really able to find these for a lower price. Practicality with the A160 is more than decent with class-leading cargo space and enough space for up to four moderately-sized adults.

Mercedes A160 – The powerplant

The Mercedes Benz A160 is being powered by a 1.3L inline 4-cylinder engine that pushes out 109hp and 132lb-ft of torque. This might be considered weak by many, but for an around-town car, the 43MPG the A160 offers is more than perfect. The A160 is mated with the Mercedes 9G-Tronic gearbox for fast and seamless shifts.

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The A-Class is a front-wheel-drive car while the 4MATIC option is available for more powerful models. As mentioned, the A160 is a relatively slow model as the 0-60mph time takes almost 11 seconds. However, the powertrain is efficient, refined, comfortable, and relatively reliable.

Mercedes A160 – Design and chassis

The W177 A-Class was the very first Mercedes model to introduce the current Mercedes design language. This was typically something the S-Class would do, but for some reason, the A-Class did it. As such, the A-Class looks in line with the very newest Mercedes models out there which is indeed a good thing.

However, the A-Class design is heavily dependent on the option packages you go for as the AMG models tend to look a lot better when compared to standard A-Class models. The interior is more or less the same, but if equipped well, it is hands down the best interior for its class.

The A-Class chassis and suspension are tuned towards comfort and subtleness, except for the AMG models which are a lot more dynamic and stiffer.

Mercedes A160 – Reliability and common issues

The W177 Mercedes A-Class is a relatively reliable car, especially when compared to the W176 generation which was not all that reliable. This does not mean that the W177 is without fault as it typically experiences issues with the engine, the transmission, the electricals, and oil leaks.

Mercedes also issues quite a few recalls for the new A-Class, but that is rather typical for brand new models. As such, the later models have many of these issues fixed directly from the factory and that is why you should consider those.

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Mercedes A160 – Value and practicality

You can expect to buy a brand-new A160 for around $30,000 while used models can be had for around $20k if you want the lesser equipped models while AMG-line models tend to cost closer to $30k used. These are fair prices considering that the A-Class is a fairly new car and it is not going to be replaced for the next few years.

As far as practicality is concerned, the A-Class is capable of accommodating up to four moderately-sized adults without any issues while taller people might struggle for space a bit more. Three passengers on the rear seats is definitely a squeeze while the cargo area is class-leading. You can expect a similar amount of space in the Audi A3 and the BMW 1-Series.

FAQ Section

Should I buy the Mercedes A160?

If you are after a compact luxury car, and one that is also efficient and desirable, the A-Class is a really good choice. It makes sense to go for a lower-end model and spend the extra money on additional equipment as the A-Class is indeed really dependent on the options you go for.

You might be a bit disappointed with the 0-60mph times, but if you spend the majority of your tires in the city, you are not likely going to notice that. However, if you are not someone who enjoys fast cars, the A160 is actually a perfect choice as it is adequately powerful while also being really efficient.


Which options are a must-have for the Mercedes A-Class?

As previously mentioned, the look and feel of the new A-Class are highly dependent on the options you go for. Some of them like the larger widescreen infotainment and instrument cluster screens are a must-have because without them the car does not feel nearly as luxurious as it can be.

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Furthermore, you should also go for the high-end Multibeam headlights, both because the car looks better with them fitted and because the Mercedes Multibeam technology is really useful. The AMG package and the ambient interior lighting package are also incredibly popular in the second-hand market, so be sure to go for these if you want to retain as much resale value as you can.

 Is the new Mercedes A-Class safe?

The new Mercedes A-Class is indeed a really safe car. IIHS and Euro NCAP are the two most famous world crash testing organizations and both of these rewarded the A-Class with a 5-star safety rating. We have already discussed that the overall appeal of the A-Class depends on the options you go for and this is also the case when it comes to safety.

The A-Class is available with all the modern-day safety options such as Mercedes Distronic with steering, Pre-sense collision avoidance, all-around cameras, blind spot assist, lane keep assist, park pilot, and so on. However, all of these are additional options that are well worth it as they will keep you safe while also making the car more competitive on the 2nd hand market.

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