Common problems with Renault Koleos

Renault Koleos

The Renault Koleos is a compact family SUV that was first introduced for the 2007 model year. Since then, it has had a refresh in 2011 while the 2nd generation of the Koleos came about in 2016. The Koleos is one of the more interesting SUVs Renault makes as it uses the same Renault Samsung QM5 platform which is also being shared with the comparably larger Nissan X-Trail.

In this article, we are going to go over all the common problems with Renault Koleos which includes telling you what is wrong and how serious it is. We will first start with suspension issues which were also a reason why Renault recalled the Koleos back in 2013. Other issues include problems with the car’s electrics, the handbrake, the car stalling, and problems with the door locks.

All in all, the Koleos seems to be a fairly reliable car, at least as far as the 2nd generation model is concerned. If you do everything that needs doing and you don’t go for an abused 2nd hand model with lots of miles on the clock, you will be able to enjoy it for a really long time.

Also, it’s important to state that the Koleos wasn’t all that popular when it first came out, but the sales in the past few years did seem to improve, especially in the South Korean market.

 Suspension Problems

The 2011 Renault Koleos suffered from a serious problem where the lower suspension arm at the front was prone to breaking off. This was particularly risky during braking which could cause the arm to break and thus trap the wheel within the wheel arches and cause an accident.

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Renault recalled a bunch of 2011 Koleos models back in 2013 and the issue seems to be fixed from that point on. Either way, if you are in the market for a 2011 Koleos, it is important to give your dealership a call and ask if the car has been included in this recall.

Electrical Issues

Modern-day cars have become immensely complex which is why they can often suffer from a wide variety of electrical issues. A few owners reported issues with the third brake light either coming on when not needed or staying on even when you park the car. There also seems to be a problem with the 4WD computer malfunctioning and thus causing severe damage to the 4WD system.

Other electrical faults include potential battery discharge which can lead to premature battery death. Last but not least, a few owners complained about the A/C not being able to consistently cool down the cabin which is typically down to condenser trouble.

Handbrake Problems

The electric handbrake was also a topic of discussion on a few forum threads about the Koleos. One owner complained that he wasn’t able to release the handbrake with the button inside the car while others also complained about the parking light either not working or refusing to go away even if the car is not in park.

This is usually an inner electronic fault of the handbrake system and it’s not really clear as to what is causing it.

Car Stalling

Renault Koleos diesel models have also been spotted stalling right after turning on, and the reason seems to be something to do with the fuel tank. Some have said that the fuel lines can leak and thus the flow of fuel becomes disrupted, starves the engine of fuel, and eventually shuts off.

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Air is likely going into the system somewhere which means that you will have to air and pressure test the system to find the leak and fix it.

Door Lock Problems

Last, but not least, we also need to discuss door lock problems. Owners complained about not being able to lock and unlock the car remotely using the car’s key. This is usually due to a faulty key fob, a discharged key fob battery, or a problem with the door lock actuators which will need to be looked at if a new key fob battery does not solve the problem.

This means that you will have to strip down the door trim of your Koleos and look for any sticking within the actuator itself. If the actuator is indeed the culprit, you will have to replace it with a new one and test it all again.

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FAQ Section

Should I Buy the Renault Koleos?

If you are after a spacious, yet reasonably compact crossover SUV, the Renault Koleos is a really good choice. It may not be the most luxurious SUV out there, but if the price is right, it can be a really good used car as is usually the case with these.

We have already said that older Koleos models aren’t really all that popular which does mean that the values of these have been relatively low for years. This is slowly changing as crossover SUVs are becoming the most popular cars in the world.

Which Cars Rival the Renault Koleos?

This market segment is incredibly competitive and filled with lots of enticing options. Models such as the Skoda Kodiaq and the Ford Kuga are really similar to the Koleos and are usually compared with each other. The Mazda CX-5 is also really similar in price, size, and engines, but is a more popular model overall.

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The new Koleos is soon to be released which means that the Koleos is likely going to become more popular than ever.

Is The Renault Koleos an AWD SUV?

The Renault Koleos is a 4WD car which means that it splits power between the front and the rear axle evenly. 4WD is a better choice for off-roading, towing, and hauling, but isn’t as efficient or as effective as ensuring traction on-road as an AWD system.

If you spend more time off-roading,  you will prefer a 4WD system as it offers more balance off-road while an AWD system is usually better for a daily driver. Either way, the Koleos starts as a FWD, but you can upgrade to 4WD if you so desire.

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