Is Mercedes GT reliable?

There is one thing we need to get out of the way immediately. A sports car/supercar is a type of car that virtually can not be affordable in any way shape or form. Even if it is an extremely reliable car, it will cost you money no matter how you look at it.

The Mercedes AMG GT is primarily a 2-seater sports car coupe designed to compete with the likes of the Porsche 911, the Audi R8, and the Aston Martin Vanquish. All of these cars are $100,000 plus cars and are fuel-thirsty, cost a lot of money to maintain and to insure.

Cars such as these usually tend to struggle to be as reliable as more common cars are, but AMG is a brand that subjects their cars to rigorous testing in order to make them as reliable as possible. As such, the AMG GT is indeed a reliable car considering what it is.

Mercedes is not the most reliable brand on the planet, but the AMG GT is better than most Mercedes cars. However, if you want to maintain that reliability record, be sure to maintain the AMG GT correctly, even if it costs a lot more money.

Mercedes AMG GT – Reliability and dependability

A reliable car is one that is able to perform over and over again without leaving you stranded. This is a bit more difficult with a performance car as they are usually being pushed harder than more regular Mercedes models. In order to achieve this, these cars have a lot stricter policy when it comes to maintenance.

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The AMG GT uses a 4.4L BiTurbo AMG engine which is built with the “one man, one engine” philosophy which means that only the most skilled and most experienced Mercedes engine makers can work on these engines. They are handcrafted which means that the quality control they need to satisfy is a lot stricter than usual.

The majority of the components found in the AMG GT are tested to withstand constant lateral g forces which means that they are mounted that bit tighter when compared to other Mercedes models. All in all, the AMG GT is indeed a reliable car considering what it is, but not as reliable as the Porsche 911.

Mercedes AMG GT – Warranty

Reliability is only partially a concern if you are covered under a warranty and most supercar/sports car warranties are shorter when compared to more regular cars. The AMG GT comes with an unlimited miles/three-year-long warranty that is comparable with all the other high-end performance cars.

Porsche, Jaguar, and BMW also offer the same warranty while Audi offers a 3-year long or 60k mile warranty. Given the fact that the R8 is the direct competitor to the AMG GT, this can be counted as a benefit of the AMG GT.

However, hardly anyone is going to cross the 60k mile mark in a supercar in three years. So in the real world, these warranties are identical. It’s worth mentioning that you should be careful when it comes to modifications as many of these can indeed void your warranty.

As such, be sure to contact your Mercedes dealer if you are thinking about tuning your AMG GT.

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Mercedes AMG GT – Servicing and running costs

Cars such as these have stricter service policies because they tend to be driven in an aggressive manner often. Mercedes recommends that you service your AMG GT every 12,500 miles or so. Mercedes does offer a pre-paid service plan for the AMG GT and you should buy it if you are not planning on driving more than 15.000-ish miles per year.

Maintenance costs are high and that’s just the reality of owning a supercar. A set of tires for the AMG GT cost a lot more when compared to more regular Mercedes models. The AMG GT uses a fuel-thirsty 4.4L BiTurbo V8 which uses more oil, more fuel, and more of your nerves if something goes wrong.

The AMG GT also costs more money to insure as the parts are not nearly as available and because these cars are often driven at high speeds. Always be sure to leave a few thousand dollars on the side for any potential costs associated with the AMG GT.

It’s just a reality of owning a supercar as they are a lot more delicate and attention-seeking when compared to more regular cars. On the other hand, most people who own supercars tend to maintain them better than most people.

FAQ Section

Is the AMG GT worth it?

If you are after a 2-door supercar that both looks and sounds nice, the AMG GT is a great buy. Out of all of its competitors, the AMG GT feels the wildest because the 911 is relatively tamed without stepping into the GT range.

The Audi R8 is a great car because it offers a naturally aspirated V8, but it is getting on a bit now and it simply can’t match the AMG GT as far as performance is concerned. Finally, the Aston Martin Vanquish is an incredibly similar car to the AMG GT because it uses the same powertrain, yet it also costs more money.

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Which AMG GT model is the best to buy?

The best AMG GT model to buy is the AMG GT R, especially in the Beast of the green heel green color. It simply looks perfect as it is not as overly dramatic as the AMG GT PRO nor the comically looking AMG GT Black Series.

The more regular AMG GT models are a bit too ordinary when placed near the AMG GT R. As such the GT R is the perfect balance between classic AMG hooliganism and sophisticated Mercedes design with the right amount of power as well.

How long can a Mercedes AMG last?

If you take proper care of it, your AMG GT  should be able to last hundreds of thousands of miles. The reality is that most of these cars are driven rarely as the mileage affects the price way too much. There are some people out there that are willing to drive their AMG GT’s until the wheel falls off.

Judging by the content these owners tend to post online, the AMG GT should be able to last a long time, but only with proper maintenance and your willingness to constantly spend money on it. No matter how you look at it, a supercar is not made for daily driving duties.

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