Is GLA a woman’s car?

Cars are an acquired taste as some people like sportscars, some prefer sedans and SUVs while some are more than satisfied with a little hatchback. It all depends on where you live, do you have a family, do you spend a long time behind the wheel, and of course, your bank account.

The Mercedes Benz GLA is one of the most desirable subcompact SUVs on the market and is fairly popular with both men and women. It’s unjust to say that the GLA is a car for a woman because it is not designed with men or women in mind.

There were some cars in the past that were specifically designed for women and it’s safe to say that all of them failed. Modern-day manufacturers want their products to appeal to the widest possible audience, and that’s why a specific car is never really driven by only women or only men.

The GLA is a fairly small SUV and Mercedes itself utilizes a feminine design language for their newer cars. That’s why some people deem the GLA to be a women’s car. However, both men and women equally enjoy cars like the GLA.

 Women vs man: Car buying preferences

According to many data available online, men approach car buying with a greater sense of understanding which means that men know the exact car they want before they buy it. This is not to say that women don’t, but the differences are significant enough for them to be worth mentioning.

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Men are more emotional while buying cars which means that they are more prone to buying image-conscious cars while women play it safe, they go for utility a lot more. There are 1.4 million more women licensed to drive than men and most car-buying decisions are indeed decided by women.

Men also pay more money on insurance because they tend to drive more expensive cars, get in more accidents, and are more likely to drive under the influence. It is rather clear that men and women differ when it comes to car buying.

Another factor worth mentioning is that men generally enjoy a lower starting price at a car dealership. Women also take greater notice of the reliability and safety of a vehicle while men are more easily swayed one side or the other depending on the image.

Women vs men: Car brand preferences

As previously mentioned, men are more image-conscious while buying cars and that is rather obvious the moment you take a look at the most popular brands per gender. The most men-dominated car brand is Ferrari with 93.6% of all buyers being men while Maserati and Porsche also have an 80%+ male audience.

The most popular brand for women is none other than Mini with more than 48% of them being bought by women. Kia is second with 46,8% and Honda is third with 46%. As far as specific models are concerned, the most popular car with women in the US is the VW Tiguan because more than 60% of buyers are female.

Almost 80% of all VW Golf Cabriolet models were bought by women while the Honda Civic, Nissan Altima, and the Jeep Grand Cherokee are all more popular with women. Women prefer cars that are durable, safe, reliable, and offer great value for money.

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Men on the other hand prefer cars that are good-looking, rugged, and technology-oriented. Cars like the GLA are popular across the board, but men are more likely going to buy the GLA.

Mercedes Benz GLA – A great car for everyone

The previous generation Mercedes GLA was a bit of a mixed bag because it wasn’t really all that luxurious nor quality made. However, the latest-gen GLA is a totally different story as it manages to offer a few important class-leading qualities such as the best interior in its class and the most comfortable ride.

Practicality is not a strong suit of the GLA which means that the Audi Q3 offers both more seating space and a lot more cargo space. However, the GLA still manages to sell better than the Q3. Other competitors from this class are the BMW X1 and the Volvo XC40.

The BMW X1 is getting on a bit now and it is not able to stand its own against the rest of its class. The Volvo XC40 is arguably the best family car out of the bunch, but it does not sell nearly as well as the Q3 or the GLA.

All in all, the GLA is a desirable subcompact/crossover SUV that is equally appreciated by both men and women.

FAQ Section

Do women like sportscars?

Sportscars are mostly appreciated by people who buy them while everyone else is not all that fond of them. This is because sportscars sacrifice both comfort and practicality for a sporty drive and that is something most people get bored of after a while.

A sports car tends to be loud, uncomfortable, compact, and expensive to maintain. They are great to look at and take out on a weekend drive, but as daily drivers, they offer way too many compromises. That’s why most men and women initially love sportscars but get bored of them after a while. They are simply not good enough to serve daily duties for most people out there.

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Do women like SUVs?

In today’s day and age, everyone loves SUVs because they are the most desirable car segment out there right now. SUVs offer a raised-up driving position, a rugged look, and are confidence-inspiring. Older SUVs were only catered for off-roading, but ever since the Mercedes ML came out, SUVs have become luxury assets.

If you want to buy a car everyone loves, an SUV is the way to go. Besides being desired by many, SUVs are indeed great daily driver cars as they can deliver in almost every possible scenario.

Why do people think the GLA is a women’s car?

People think that the GLA is a women’s car because the GLA is compact, accessible and somehow fitting for women. Contrary to popular belief, women are not so fond of smaller cars as most men think they are.

The truth of the matter is that the majority of people out there love larger cars, both men and women. The GLA does look feminine, but almost every Mercedes out there utilizes a feminine design language.

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