Is Fiat Tipo a good car?

Is Fiat Tipo a good car?

The Fiat Tipo offers great value for money. Not only is this car affordable, but it is also efficient, practical, spacious, comfortable, and fun to drive. But is the Fiat Tipo a good car?

Depending on your needs and budget, the Fiat Tipo may be a good or bad car. It is a good car for individuals looking for a reliable, comfortable, practical, spacious, and well-equipped city car. On the contrary, people searching for a high-performance, luxurious, and powerful hatchback won’t find it worthwhile.

History of Fiat Tipo

Fiat Tipo is a compact car made by Italian manufacturer Fiat. The first Fiat Tipo was made between 1988 and 1995. On the contrary, the current Fiat Tipo has been in production from 2015 to date. The first Fiat Tipo was a five-door hatchback that was made entirely from galvanized body panels to prevent rust.

On the other hand, the latest Fiat Tipo is also a compact car. It features a three-box design with sedan, hatchback, and station wagon body styles. The Fiat Tipo is also known as Fiat Egea in Turkey and Dodge neon in Mexico. While the sedan version comes with 4-doors, the hatchback, station wagon, and cross come with 5-doors.

Features of Fiat Tipo


The Fiat Tipo is an elegant and modern car with excellent finishes. Even though they offer sedan and station wagon body styles, the hatchback and cross-body styles are the most outstanding ones. So, the exterior of the Fiat Tipo is very appealing and the interior is very attractive.

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Some of the outstanding features found in this car are large tires, electric windows, adjustable headlights, glossy black front grille, LED daytime running lights, satin chromed logo, air conditioning, height adjustable steering wheel, height adjustable driver’s seat, steering wheel audio controls, and much more.

The Fiat Tipo comes with a wheelbase of 103.9-inches, a length of 178.4-inches, a width of 70.6-inches, and a height of 58.9-inches. Note that different Fiat Tipo body styles have varying lengths and heights. Nevertheless, the wheelbase and width are the same.


If you’re undecided about choosing between an efficient and performance variant, the Fiat Tipo has got you covered. This is because it has two engine options; a 1.0-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine that produces up to 100 hp and can accelerate from 0 to 60 in 11.8 seconds.

The second engine is the new 2022 hybrid engine that it shares with the Fiat 500X. This engine is best suited for people who desire efficiency over performance. Nonetheless, this engine is more powerful as it comes with an electric motor that works with a 1.5-liter petrol engine to deliver up to 130 hp. 

Comfort and cargo space

Since the Fiat Tipo has different body styles to pick from, the comfort and cargo space vary from one model to another. The hatchback, station wagon, and cross offer the most cabin and cargo space. Nonetheless, all of these cars are spacious and practical, including the sedan version.

Fuel efficiency

Aside from offering a decent cabin and cargo space, this model is also fuel efficient. As we’ve discussed above, people who want efficiency can opt for the hybrid variant to save more fuel and preserve the environment.

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The Fiat Tipo is not the safest car in its class, but it is doing fairly well. It comes with a variety of safety features that keeps adults and kids safe in case of a mishap. Top safety features in the Fiat Tipo include an automatic emergency braking system, six airbags, an anti-lock brake system, child locks on rear doors, a tire pressure monitoring system, and an electronic stability programme.


Fiat cars are considerably cheap. However, this doesn’t mean that they are not quality cars or don’t perform well. The Fiat Tipo is also very affordable as it has three trims options to choose from, including Tip standard, Tip City Life, and Tipo Cross. These cars range between $19,300 and $20,500. 


Is it worth buying the Fiat Tipo?

Yes, Fiat Tipo is worth buying because it is affordable, cheap to maintain, practical, and reliable. Whether you’re buying a new or used Fiat Tipo, you won’t have to spend a lot of money to maintain it. However, if you want a faster, more powerful, luxurious, and advanced city car, don’t consider getting the Fiat Tipo. 

What are the common problems with Fit Tipo?

Fiat Tipo offers good value for money. It is compact, comfortable, and easy to drive and provides enough space. Nonetheless, this car comes with various issues that users need to know about. Common problems include braking issues, door lock failure, poor digital dashboard display, airbag module software problems, electric window issues, and much more.

How fast is the Fiat Tipo?

Without a speed governor, the Fiat Tipo has a top speed of 122 mph. Additionally, it can also accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 11.8 seconds.  The best performing trim is the Fiat Tipo Cross, while the least performing trim is the Tipo standard. So, if you want a faster trim level, you will have to spend more.

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Is Fiat Tipo a good daily driver?

Yes and no. Fiat Tipo is a good daily driver because it is affordable, practical, spacious, and efficient. On the contrary, it is not a good daily driver as it lacks some vital safety features, and finding spare parts can be somewhat challenging. Since the Fiat Tipo is compact and economical, it is a perfect car for daily city driving. 

Is Fiat Tipo a big car?

The Fiat Tipo is not a big car, but according to its size, it is one of the biggest cars in its class. The cross version is the longest, while the station wagon version is the tallest. They have a wheelbase of 103.9-inches, a length of between 172.0-inches and 180.0-inches, a width of 70.6-inches, and a height of between 58.9-inches and 59.6-inches.


The Fiat Tipo is a nice car for city driving. It is sleek, efficient, affordable, practical, and safe. Besides, it comes in different body styles that allow buyers to pick a car of their desire. However, this car is quite lacking when it comes to interior quality, performance, and safety features.

Nonetheless, it is still an outstanding car for those who want value for their money, due to its affordability and ease of maintenance.

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