Common problems with Fiat 595

Fiat 595

The Fiat 595 is one of the most advanced Fiat 500 models on the market. It also looks spectacular with its sporty look. But like all Fiat 500 models, the Fiat 595 also comes with several problems. Nonetheless, what are the common problems with Fiat 595?

Common problems with Fiat 595 are steering problems, suspension issues, engine problems, electrical problems, a faulty clutch, power problems, and head gasket failure. Note that these issues occur in different Fiat 595 model years as some models are more reliable than others. 

What are the common problems with Fiat 595?

Steering problems

Like most Fiat 500 models, the Fiat 595 also experiences steering problems. The most common one is the power steering loss. Another steering problem that Fiat 595 users should be ready to deal with is the loss of steering. If you’re having steering issues with your car, you should have the problem fixed as it’s very risky.

Power steering loss on the Fiat is usually caused by faulty wiring below the steering column. Most users will notice this issue as they park or reverse the car. However, fixing a power steering loss is easy and cheap. If the steering is losing power, your mechanic may have to change the whole power steering system.

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Suspension issues

Aside from having power steering problems, users of the Fiat 595 have also registered suspension issues. The most common suspension problem with the Fiat 595 is the premature wearing of the strut mounts. When these mounts wear out, you may notice things like clunking or other abnormal noises coming from the steering and suspension systems.

Other signs that are common with bad strut mounts are excessive vibration, accelerated wear of shock absorbers, poor steering return, and uneven tire wear. To fix this problem, your mechanic will have to replace the bad strut mounts.

Faulty clutch

The clutch helps to transmit torque from a rotating driving motor to the transmission. So, if the clutch is bad, it won’t transmit torque as needed. Some of the symptoms of a bad clutch are difficulty shifting gears, slipping clutch, a grinding sound when changing gear, trouble staying in gear, and the clutch pedal getting stuck.

Apart from the clutch becoming bad, it can also burn out. So, different clutch issues may be reported in different Fiat 595 model years. To fix this issue, you will have to replace the faulty clutch.

Electrical problems

This is another major issue that Fiat users should expect to go through. Electrical issues on the Fiat 595 causes several electrical parts to malfunction, such as the radio, key fob, door locks, and panel lights. Some of the main causes of electrical issues in a car are bad wiring, a blown-out fuse, a bad alternator, or a dead battery.

If you want to rectify this problem, visit a mechanic to detect and fix it.

Head gasket failure

The head gasket is one of the major parts of your car’s engine. This is because it prevents the coolant and oil from leaking elsewhere; thus, protecting your engine from overheating. Besides, it also helps in sealing the engine’s combustion chamber so that your car can create the right compression that is required to maintain your engine power.

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Some of the signs of a bad head gasket are the engine overheating, white smoke coming from the tailpipe, coolant loss with no leaks, and milky white coloration in the oil.

Power problems

Several users also reported a lack of power when climbing hills. However, this issue was only limited to the 2014 and 2015 model years. This issue was usually caused by outdated software. May users fix this problem by updating the software. So, if you’re planning to acquire the Fiat 595 car, ensure to have the latest software to avoid such problems.

Engine issues

Like most Fiat models, the Fiat 595 also experiences engine problems. The most common Fiat 595 engine issue is the user’s not flushing oil in time. As a result, they may notice white smoke coming from the exhaust. This is a sign of an oil and fuel mixture. Ensure to flush out the old or dirty oil for the smooth running of the car.


Is the Fiat 595 a reliable car?

Yes, Fiat 595 is considered reliable. This is because it registers fewer problems than most of its rivals. However, it is also important to find out which model years are more reliable as some model years have a lot of problems. For instance, the 2014 and 2015 Fiat 595 are not as reliable as the 2021 and 2022 Fiat 595 models.

How long does the Fiat 595 last?

If properly maintained and cared for, the Fiat 595 can last for more than 250,000 miles. Apart from taking good care of your car, good driving habits have to be exercised as well for the car to last longer. So, the Fiat can last for more than 14 years with good car and maintenance annually.

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Is it expensive to maintain the Fiat 595?

It depends. When you compare the cost of maintaining the Fiat 595 with other sports cars, you will find that it is way cheaper to maintain. Nevertheless, if you compare it with other Fiat 500 models, you will find that it is way costlier. All in all, this is a cheap car to maintain.

Is the Fiat 595 a good daily driver?

No, Fiat 595 is not a good daily driver. This is because it is a sports car with a tuned engine and many other exceptional features. As a result, it consumes more fuel than other Fiat 500 models. Furthermore, maintaining this car is slightly costlier as it comes with more advanced features. 


The Fiat 595 may be a sleek and efficient sports car, but it also comes with multiple issues. Nonetheless, most of the problems that this car comes with can be prevented through proper care and maintenance. Overall, the Fiat 595 is a wonderful car to drive and easy to maintain.

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