Common problems with Fiat Qubo

Fiat Qubo problems

The Fiat Qubo is a sturdy minivan with an exceptional cabin and cargo space. It is also fuel-efficient and very practical. But like most of its siblings, the Fiat Qubo also has several problems to deal with. But what are the common problems with Fiat Qubo?

Common Fiat Qubo problems include reduced braking efficiency, airbag problems, DPF malfunctioning, starting problems, and front wiper problems. Some issues were a result of manufacturer defects, while others are as a result of prolonged use of the car.

What are the common problems with Fiat Qubo?

Reduced braking efficiency

This is a common problem among Fiat models. The manufacturer discovered this issue and recalled some Fiat Qubo models. A connector on the brake servo pipe may fail and lead to a loss of vacuum assistance making the driver apply extra effort when braking, due to reduced braking efficiency.

Fiat Qubo models made between 01/06/201 and 31/09/2014 were the most affected. Fiat recalled these models and the issue was resolved. 

Unintended airbag deployment

With the deactivation of the passenger airbag through the dashboard menu, the ignition on the passenger airbag may be reactivated following fast cycling of the ignition key. Additionally, the passenger airbag deactivation warning light would also have turned off but the driver may not know.

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Hence, in case of a collision or in particular conditions, an unintended airbag deployment may lead to an accident. This issue usually affected Fiat Qubo models made between 01/07/2014 and 31/07/2014. The good news is that Fiat recalled the affected models and fixed the problem.

Airbag deployment failure

Apart from the unintended airbag deployment issue, Fiat Qubo users have also reported airbag deployment failure. This is caused by the mixture of the airbag ignition chemicals being incorrect. As a result, in case of an accident, this can prevent the deployment of the airbag.

Most of the Fiat Qubo models affected were made between September 2016 and November 2016. Nonetheless, Fiat recalled all the affected models, and the issue was fixed. So, if you’re buying a used Fiat Qubo, ensure to check if the owner had this issue fixed.

Starting problems

Another problem that several Fiat Qubo users have reported is their car takes longer to start. While no particular part has been linked to this problem so far, there are several key suspects. Car starting problems are usually caused by bad spark plugs, dead or dying battery, corroded connection cables, a faulty starter, or a bad alternator.

 You can fix this issue by having the mechanic inspect the car and replace or fix the faulty part.

DPF malfunction

The particulate filter on your Fiat Qubo is meant to block polluting particles that your engine releases into the atmosphere. Besides, it comes with a self-cleaning system that works around the clock to prevent the DPF from clogging. However, if the DPF clogs, it can be unclogged or replaced as the last resolve.

The DPF on your Fiat Qubo normally clogs because of short drives or driving too smoothly. So, improving your driving habits can prevent the DPF from clogging and operate smoothly. Some of the signs of a clogged particulate filter are loss of engine power, DPF indicator light coming on, and high fuel usage.

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Front wiper problem

Your Fiat Qubo’s windshield wipers help to keep the car’s windshield clean by wiping off the water, snow, fluids, and other debris. However, after some time of use, these wipers can become faulty and not serve their intended purpose. So, if you notice that your Fiat Qubo’s front wipers are faulty, have them fixed ASAP!

Some of the signs of bad front wipers on the Qubo are a shrill noise and slow speed. The shrill noise is normally a result of wear and tear on the rubber blade of the broom. This should be replaced to avert the problem. But if the wiper is slow, then the engine may be the cause. 


Is the Fiat Qubo reliable?

It depends on the Fiat Qubo model. The first Fiat Qubo model years are more reliable than the latter Fiat Qubo model years. The least reliable Fiat Qubo models are the ones with the Multijet engines. Thus, if you want a more reliable Fiat Qubo, consider the ones made between 2008 and 2012. The 2014 and 2016 model years report more issues than the former. 

Is it expensive to maintain the Fiat Qubo?

No, maintaining the Fiat Qubo is pretty cheap. This is because it does not record a lot of problems like most Fiat 500 models. On average, the user will have to part with between $500 and $600 to maintain this low-cost MPV.

Why was the Fiat Qubo discontinued?

The Fiat Qubo was made between 2008 and 2019. However, because of low sales, Fiat had to discontinue the Fiat Qubo. Nevertheless, there is still quality used Fiat Qubo models on the market. So, if you want a used Fiat Qubo, you can still get it but it is vital to know that finding its spare parts may also be challenging if the car breakdowns.

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How long does the Fiat Qubo last?

The Fiat Qubo is well-made to last. If properly maintained and driven, this car can last for more than 200k miles. Nonetheless, for this to happen, the user has to adhere to Fiat’s scheduled maintenance service. Therefore, on average, the Fiat Qubo should last for at least 12 years. 

After how many miles does the Fiat Qubo start having issues?

The Fiat Qubo is a pretty reliable car. Nonetheless, it starts to have problems as early as 30,000 miles. Some of the first parts to develop the problem are spark plugs and ignition coils. Also, delay in oil change can lead to dirty or white fumes coming from the exhaust.


Now that you know some of the common problems that Fiat Qubo faces, you can prepare in advance to deal with them. This will help to prolong the lifespan of the car by tackling them even before they happen. Aside from these issues, the Fiat Qubo is a nice family car with lots of fantastic features. It is also affordable and cheap to maintain. 

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