Common problems with Fiat Doblò

Fiat Doblò problems

The Fiat Doblò is one of the best small-panel vans on the market. It is spacious, comfortable, efficient, reliable, and affordable. But as expected, it also develops issues that owners should know about. Nonetheless, what are the common problems with Fiat Doblò?

Common problems with Fiat Doblò are gearbox problems, fuel pump issues, starting problems, electrical issues, engine problems, faulty door locks, steering loss, suspension issues, and fuel pump problems. Most of these issues come up as the car gets older. However, they can be avoided with proper care and maintenance.

What are the common problems with Fiat Doblò?

1. Starting problems

A common problem with Fiat Doblò is having trouble starting. So, if your car is having difficulty starting, check the high-pressure pump sensor. The high-pressure pump sensor pressurizes the fuel that comes in from the fuel tank before sending it to the fuel rail.

If the pump sensor has failed, it won’t carry out its function as intended. To fix this problem, ensure to replace the failed high-pressure sensor.

2. Gearbox issues                   

Another common issue with the Fiat Doblò is the gearbox problem. A good gearbox is supposed to last for more than 200,000 miles. However, that’s not the case with Fiat Doblò’s gearbox. This is because their gearbox develops issues as early as 20,000 miles.

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When the gearbox in the Fiat Doblò becomes faulty, it causes changing the gears to be difficult and shuddering. To correct this problem, you have to replace the bad gearbox with a new one.

3. Fuel pump problems

This problem is common in the latest Fiat Doblò models. It is caused by a design fault that involves air entering into the fuel making the engine cut out completely. As a result, the issues take place because of how the fuel is drawn via the filter to the injectors.

To fix this problem, you will have to replace the fuel cut-off switch. So, visit a professional mechanic to help you fix it. 

4. Engine problems

Most Fiat cars come with engine issues. The Fiat Doblò is not an exception. Some of the notable engine issues with this model are slow starting, loud tapping from the engine, and sudden overheating. These issues can be fixed as long as you fix the primary causes.

Slow start is normally caused by a damaged or worn-out starter motor. Have these parts replaced to avert the issue. On the other hand, loud tapping noise is caused by damaged or worn-out bearings. Replace the bad bearings to fix the issue. Last but not least, engine overheating is caused by a faulty head gasket, which has to be replaced.

5. Electrical issues

A common electrical problem with the Fiat Doblò is controls and switches not working properly or as intended. As a result, the dashboard light may come on. If you’re having electrical issues, you should check the alternator, fuse, and wiring. In this case, the earthing block makes the controls and switches not function well. Try re-attaching the separated block or replacing it if it’s damaged.

6. Faulty door locks

After using the Fiat Doblò for some time, the central locking system may fail to open the rear doors. This is because of a broken plastic piece on the remote locking motor. If your car has this issue, ensure it is replaced with a sturdy piece, instead of plastic. A metal piece is the best as it lasts longer.

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7. Suspension problems

Suspension problems are also common in the Fiat Doblò car. A common suspension problem on this model is the leaf springs getting broken, thus, making the car sag on one side. To avert this problem, ensure to replace the broken leaf springs.

8. Steering loss

Power steering loss is common on almost all Fiat models. On the Fiat Doblò, this problem is common on old models. Users have reported the van no longer turning when you move the steering wheel. The main culprit behind this problem is the weld on the steering shaft at the lower universal joint fitting missing.

This problem made Fiat recall Fiat Doblò’s made between March and April 2006. To fix this problem, the steering shaft has to be replaced. Check if this issue was fixed if you’re buying a used 2006 Fiat Doblò model year. 


Is the Fiat Doblò reliable?

Yes, Fiat Doblò is a very reliable car. It registers fewer problems per 100 vehicles and it comes with reliable engines. Most reliability agencies rate it above average, meaning that it is a dependable car. This car is reliable because it doesn’t come with a lot of gimmicks and modern features that make it vulnerable.

Is it expensive to maintain the Fiat Doblò?

No, maintaining a Fiat Doblò is considerably cheap. This is because these cars don’t come with lots of issues as they don’t feature many technological features like BMW or Mercedes. On average, it will take around $500 to maintain the Fiat Doblò annually.

How long does the Fiat Doblò last?

Fiat Doblò features some of the most durable Fiat engines. As a result, most Fiat Doblò models last for a very long while. On average, Fiat Doblò’s will last for at least 200k miles. But with good care and maintenance, these cars can clock over 250k miles.

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Is a used Fiat Doblò a good car?

It depends on how the owner has maintained and been driving the car. If the car is well-maintained and driven, it will be a good car. So, before investing in a used Fiat Doblò, ensure to follow up on the history of the car and how well it has been maintained.

All in all, a used Fiat Doblò is a wonderful car. Just ensure it is properly maintained for it to last long.

What is the most reliable Fiat Doblò model year?

The most reliable Fiat Doblò model year is the 2010 model year. This car comes with one of the most reliable Fiat engines. Apart from the 2010 model year, the second-generation and third-generation Fiat Doblò model years are very reliable.

Final words

The Fiat Doblò is an outstanding small-panel van that meets the needs of most families. With a seating capacity of five to seven passengers, this is a very ideal car for large families. But to fully utilize this car, owners and users have to take good care of the car to avoid most of the problems discussed above.

With proper care and maintenance, the Fiat Doblò can last over 250k miles. Besides, it is cheaper to maintain and reliable.

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