Common problems with Fiat 500L

Fiat 500L problems

Fiat 500L is a simple and efficient Mini MPV that debuted in 2012. It is also a nice city car as it’s compact and fuel-efficiency. Nonetheless, this car has several problems that interested buyers should be ready to deal with. But what are the common problems with the Fiat 500L?

Some of the common problems with the Fiat 500L are a rough ride, engine issues, braking problems, a multifunctioning infotainment system, a faulty power window, faulty power door locks, and braking issues. Despite having several issues, this car has never had major recalls. 

What are the common problems with Fiat 500L?

Engine issues

The first problem that Fiat 500L users should be ready to deal with is engine issues. Like most of its siblings, the Fiat 500l also experiences engine issues. Some of the problems that users have reported are the engine failing to turn over. This is usually caused by a bad ignition switch, a clogged or dirty fuel filter, or a faulty fuel pump.

If your Fiat 500L is undergoing any of the above problems, you should visit a professional mechanic. In most cases, the mechanic will replace the faulty part and restore a smooth engine operation.

Faulty power windows and door locks

Your Fiat 500L power windows protect your cabin from the elements and from damage. On the other hand, the door locks ensure the passengers are secured inside the car. However, these two parts can become faulty after the car puts on several miles.

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Some of the things that cause the power windows and door locks to become faulty are a bad window motor, a blown fuse, the switch, and wiring issues. If you’re having such a problem, ensure to visit a professional mechanic to have the problem fixed.

Rough ride

Another common problem that Fiat 500L users have complained about is poor ride quality. Many users have reported experiencing a rough ride when going over bumpy or rough surfaces. Aside from the ride is bumpy, clunking noises can also be heard when going over bumps or rough surfaces.

This is an issue that most Fiat 500L users should be ready to deal with. If you’re having such a problem, ensure your Fiat 500L tires have the right pressure.  

Multifunctioning infotainment system

The Fiat 500L delivers entertainment and information to the driver and the passengers via audio or video interfaces. But after some time of use, the infotainment system can malfunction and affect how the car works. Several users have reported the touchscreens becoming unresponsive and the phones can’t pair with the car’s Bluetooth.

Since the procedure for fixing the infotainment system is quite cumbersome, have the mechanic fix it. Besides, you should try updating the software ad checking the wiring system. 

Braking problems

Most Fiat models are known to have braking problems. The Fiat 500L is not an exception. Nonetheless, most brake issues in the Fiat 500L are caused by normal wear and tear, low-quality brake pads, excessive pad wear, and foreign objects lodged in the brakes.

To fix this problem, you will have to ensure the bad parts are replaced. Additionally, ensure to install quality brake pads. Proper service is also required to prolong the lifespan of the braking system. 

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Steering problems 

Most Fiat 500L models made in 2014 have steering problems. Several users have reported abrupt sudden loss of steering power. This is mainly caused by faulty wiring that causes premature wear and sudden electrical failure.

If you’re having such a problem, take your car to a professional mechanic. But if the steering wheel is not working anymore, you will have to replace the entire steering system. This is quite a cumbersome and costly fix. But it is vital and should not be delayed.   


Is the Fiat 500L reliable?

No, Fiat 500L is among the least reliable Fiat models on the market. Reliability agencies like Consumer Reports gave it a low-reliability rating, making it one of the least reliable Fiat models on the market. Besides, this car also has a handful of issues that interested buyers should be ready to deal with.

How long does the Fiat 500L last?

If properly maintained and driven, the Fiat 500L can last for a very long while. Since the Fiat 500L has not been on the market for more than 10 years, it is still somewhat challenging to know how long this car will last. But when you compare it to similar Fiat 500 models, this car should clock over 200k miles with proper care and maintenance.

Is it expensive to maintain the Fiat 500L?

When you compare the cost of maintaining the Fiat 500L with similar cars, it is considerably high. On average, it will cost you around $640 to maintain the Fiat 500L, while it will cost you less than $600 to maintain other Fiat 500 models. So, expect to pay more if you acquire the Fiat 500L. 

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After how many miles does the Fiat 500L start having problems?

Users of the Fait 500L should be ready to deal with minor problems like the spark plug and ignition coil issues as early as 50,000 miles. On the contrary, serious problems should be handled after the car clocks more than 100k miles. Nonetheless, with good maintenance, users shouldn’t worry about minor or major problems. 

Why was the Fiat 500L discontinued in North America?

Fiat 500L and other Fiat 500 models were discontinued in North America because of low sales. The North American market wasn’t impressed with the design, quality of materials, or even quality of the ride. Therefore, the Fiat 500L has never recorded positive sales.


The Fiat 500L may be spacious, practical, and with good visibility, but it also has several issues that users should be ready to handle. For instance, it has a tricky ride, awkward design, engine problems, and a malfunctioning infotainment system, to name a few.

But like most cars, if the Fiat 500L is properly maintained, it will last for a very long while. It is also fuel-efficiency, affordable, and cheap to maintain.

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