Common problems with Fiat Ulysse

Fiat Ulysse problems

The Fiat Ulysse is a sleek and spacious van. It is also efficient and affordable, making it a wonderful family car. Regardless, it has some issues that interested buyers should take note of. But what are the common problems with the Fiat Ulysse?

Common problems with the Fiat Ulysse are problems with electric windows, heater problems, suspension issues, failing turbochargers, steering problems, and suspension issues. Most of these problems can be avoided through proper care and maintenance of the car.

What are the common problems with Fiat Ulysse?

Issues with electric windows

Electric windows on your Fiat Ulysse allow fresh air into the cabin and can also be used to protect the passengers from the elements. However, after some time of use, the power windows may stop working due to a broken motor, broken switch, or broken pulley. In some instances, it may be due to a faulty alternator.

One of the main reasons why electric windows fail is because of snow and ice. No matter the problem, have the mechanic inspect the problem and have it fixed or replaced.

Failing turbochargers

The turbocharger is connected to the engine to give it more power. As a result, smaller engines are able to put out more horsepower and torque than they ordinarily would. Nevertheless, if the turbocharge in the Fiat Ulysse is not properly maintained, it can fail after some time.

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A turbocharger usually fails because of a foreign object damaged, oil starvation, or oil contamination. So, if your turbocharger has started to fail, you should have it inspected. Oil contamination is normally caused by blocked or leaking pipes. This can be resolved by replacing the damaged parts or filling the right amount of oil.

Heater issues

The heater is a very vital part of the car as it can help to heat up the cabin if the weather is cold. On the contrary, if the heater is bad, it won’t deliver the results that passengers or driver desire. In most cases, the heater problems are linked to heater motor connectors.

Fixing this issue is straightforward if you’re a DIYer enthusiast. You will have to locate the heater motor behind the glove compartment and connect the heater properly. But if you cannot fix the issue by yourself, ensure to contact a professional mechanic to fix this problem for you.

Electrical problems

Electrical problems are common in Fiat models. The Fiat Ulysse is not an exception. This car comes with several electric problems, including lifting windows, the electronic door sliding issues, central locking instrument panel illumination, and much more.

To fix such electrical issues, you will have to acquire the services of a professional mechanic. The mechanic will inspect and fix the underlying issue. If the wires are disconnected or loose, the mechanic will re-connect them.

Suspension problems

The car’s suspension helps to ensure the driver drives safely and smoothly by absorbing the energy from different road bumps and other kinetic impacts. So, if the suspension fails or develops problems, the ride becomes rough and bumpy.

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One of the usual signs of a bad suspension is a knocking noise when you drive over speed bumps or rough surfaces. This is normally caused by issues with ball joints. To fix such a problem, you will have to replace the failed or damaged ball joints with a new ones.

Steering issues

This is another common problem among Fiat models. So, if your Fiat Ulysse minivan is having such a problem, you shouldn’t be surprised. This issue usually takes place in Fiat Ulysse models with over 70,000 miles. Therefore, if your Fiat Ulysse is having such a problem and has hit over 70k miles, you should check the steering system.

This problem is normally caused by steering arms that are not working well. The best way to fix this issue is by re-adjusting the steering arm or replacing it. Since this is a cumbersome fix, ensure to have a professional mechanic fix the problem. 


Is Fiat Ulysse a reliable car?

The Fiat Ulysse comes with an average reliability rating. This means that it is neither reliable nor unreliable. Hence, if you’re looking for a reliable car, you should stay away from this car. Nonetheless, it is still better than most rivals that fall below average reliability.

How long does the Fiat Ulysse last?

The duration at which your car lasts depends on how well you maintain your car. Nonetheless, some cars experience fewer issues than others over their lifetime. The Fiat Ulysse is one such car as it is quite reliable. So, if it is well-maintained, it can clock over 250k miles. But if it’s not well-maintained, clocking over 150k miles might be a problem.

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Is it expensive to maintain the Fiat Ulysse?

No, maintaining the Fiat Ulysse is considerably cheap as it does not register many issues. On average, the user or owner of this car should set aside about $500 to maintain this car annually. And with proper care and maintenance, it can be even much cheaper to maintain.

After how many miles does the Fiat Ulysse start having problems?

The Fiat Ulysse is a pretty reliable car. Nonetheless, it also experiences problems if it is not well-maintained. Like most Fiat models, the Fiat Ulysse starts experiencing problems as early as 50,000 miles. However, other major problems like steering and suspension issues start after putting on several miles. 

What is the difference between the Fiat Ulysse and Fiat Scudo?

Fiat Ulysse and Fiat Scudo are based on the same modular platform. However, they are two different cars.  The Fiat Scudo is offered in van, combi, and platform cab configuration, while the Fiat Ulysse with an option of 6 to 9-seat format. Besides, the Fiat Ulysse has greater visibility than the Fiat Scudo.


The Fiat Ulysse is a sleek, comfortable, efficient, spacious, and safe car. But like any other car, it also has several problems that interested buyers and owners ought to know about. Despite having these issues, the Fiat Ulysse can last longer if it is well-maintained and driven.

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