Is Fiat Freemont a good car?

Fiat Freemont

Fiat Freemont is one of the most popular Fiat SUVs on the market. Thanks to its versatile features and engine options. But is Fiat Freemont a good car?

Yes, Fiat Freemont is a good car if you’re looking for a mid-size crossover SUV with a nice cabin, large cargo area, and a comfortable ride. On the other hand, it is not an ideal car if you’re in the market for a luxurious, high-performance, or reliable mid-size SUV.  

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History of Fiat Freemont

The Fiat Freemont is a D-segment mid-size crossover SUV. This car has been in production in Mexico from 2011 to 2016. Note that the Fiat Freemont replaced the Fiat Ulysse and Dodge Journey in the European market.

It is also the first model to be made after the alliance between Fiat Group Automobiles and Chrysler Group. What’s more, this SUV belongs to the same family as the Dodge Journey, and they are also based on the same platform. They share the Chrysler JC platform, making them very similar in many ways.

Fiat Freemont is made at the Chrysler plant in Toluca de Lerdo, Mexico. After the withdrawal of the Dodge Journey from the European market, the Fiat Freemont had the task of replacing it. It is also part of Fiat SPA’s global strategy to market and sell its products worldwide.

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Features of Fiat Freemont


Apart from replacing the Dodge Journey in the European market, the Fiat Freemont looks similar to the Dodge Journey. The exterior design is almost the same, with minor differences like the front bezel and a few features. But when it comes to the interior, the Freemont received a major overhaul with lots of improvements in quality and finishes.

Fiat made the necessary changes in the interior so that the car can match the tastes of the European market. Moreover, the manufacturer offers this car in different versions, including Base, Urban, Lounge, Park Avenue, Black Code, and Cross.


This mid-size SUV is powered by two engines: a 2.0-liter Multijet II diesel and a 3.6-liter V6 Pentastar petrol engine. Furthermore, the 2.0-liter diesel engine comes in two power levels: 140 hp and 170 hp. It also has a choice of a 6-speed manual transmission and a 6-speed automatic transmission. On the other hand, the 3.6-liter engine delivers up to 280 hp with an AWD and a 6-speed automatic transmission. 

Comfort and cargo space

The Fiat Freemont is a spacious SUV and it can carry up to five people. What’s more, the Fiat Freemont Crossroad is a seven-seat wagon that can carry up to seven people. Besides, its third row is spacious, making it perfect for a large family. Aside from offering ample cabin space, it also offers ample cargo space. 

Fuel efficiency

While the Fiat Freemont may be considered efficient, some models or engine options are more efficient than others. For instance, the most efficient Fiat Freemont models are fitted with the 2.0-liter Fiat Multijet I4 diesel engine. This engine has an efficiency rating of 28 mpg in the city and 43 mpg on the highway.

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On the contrary, some engine options like the 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 I4 petrol engine are not very efficient. This engine has an efficiency rating of 17 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the highway. On the contrary, the 3.6-liter engine performs way better than the 2.0-liter engine.


The Fiat Freemont is a pretty safe car. This is because it comes with lots of basic features that keep its occupants safe. Some of the safety features include airbags, standard four-wheel disc anti-lock brakes, brake assist, an electronic stability program, and electronic roll mitigation.


The Fiat Freemont may be a fantastic mid-size SUV with several fascinating features, but it is still very affordable. The cheapest models go for as low as $18,400. So, if you go for a higher-end model, expect to pay. However, this is way cheaper than most of its rivals like the Chrysler Sebring with a base price of around $22,200.


Is Fiat Freemont worth buying?

It depends on what your needs are. If you’re looking for an outstanding mid-size crossover SUV with a nice cabin, spacious cargo area, and a cool ride, this is the car for you. But if you desire performance, luxury, and reliability in a mid-size crossover SUV, look elsewhere.

What are the common problems with Fiat Freemont?

If you’re planning to acquire the Fiat Freemont, it is crucial to know some of the problems that you will face along the way. Common problems with Fiat Freemont are lack of power, poorly installed steering wheel wiring, suspension issues, and electrical problems. Furthermore, other users have complained about cooling system issues, steering problems, excessive fuel usage, and poorly secured engine covers.

How fast is the Fiat Freemont?

Fiat Freemont is a well-performing mid-size crossover SUV with several engine options. However, this car is not very fast as there are various cars in its class that are much faster. The fastest Fiat Freemont model is the Urban trim with a 2.0-liter 16v 170 hp diesel engine. It delivers a top speed of up to 121 mph and it can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 11.0 seconds.

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Is Fiat Freemont a good daily driver?

Even though the Fiat Freemont is an exceptional mid-size crossover SUV, it is not perfect for daily driving. This is because it is not very reliable. In addition, it has clumsy handling, making it unsuitable for daily driving. All in all, it is still a nice car and ideal for long journeys.

Which cars are similar to Fiat Freemont?

The Fiat Freemont may be an outstanding car, but it also faces stiff competition in the market. Some of its closest competitors are the Dodge Journey, Chrysler 200, Dodge Avenger, and Chrysler Sebring. So, if you want a car with better performance or with a more advanced interior than the Fiat Freemont, you can select from one of its rivals.


Generally, the Fiat Freemont is a good car with a nice cabin, a spacious cargo space, a comfortable ride, and an efficient ride. Nonetheless, it also has its downsides, including engine issues, transmission issues, suspension problems, and much more. Despite having these problems, the Fiat Freemont is still a fantastic car and can last longer if well-maintained.

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