Common problems with Fiat Freemont

Fiat Freemont

The Fiat Freemont is a D-Segment crossover SUV with exceptional features and versatile performance. This SUV also comes with a large cabin and a decent cargo space. But like most cars, it also has multiple problems that interested buyers ought to know about. So, what are the common problems with Fiat Freemont?

Common problems with the Fiat Freemont are lack of power, cooling system issues, incorrectly installed steering wheel wiring, transmission problems, and excessive fuel usage. Additionally, the user may also experience poorly secured engine cover, electrical issues, steering problems, and suspension issues.

What are the common problems with the Fiat Freemont?

Incorrectly installed steering wheel wiring

If you’re buying a used Fiat Freemont, this is one of the first issues that you should look at. The manufacturer recalled Fiat Freemont models made between 2010 and 2015, because of this particular problem. The manufacturer noted that an improperly installed steering wheel may chafe and cause a short circuit.

As a result, the driver’s airbag may deploy when driving and cause an accident. However, the manufacturer recalled the affected cars, and the problem was fixed.

Poorly secured engine cover

Another problem that made the manufacturer recall some Fiat Freemont models is a poorly secured engine cover. The sound-absorbing engine cover that was improperly secured could cause a fire in the engine compartment. Note that this could happen even if the engine was switched, thus affecting the car’s safety systems.

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The affected cars were the Fiat Freemont models made between April 2011 and April 2015. These cars were recalled and the issue was fixed. Nevertheless, if you’re buying a used Fiat Freemont, it is vital to check if this issue was fixed by the owner before acquiring it.

Lack of power

The Fiat Freemont has lots of engine problems. One of the common engine issues that Fiat Freemont users will experience is a lack of power. This is usually caused by fuel system problems, clogged air filters, or even a malfunctioning engine part. Aside from lack of power, other engine issues that may show up are difficulty starting the car, rough idle, or poor acceleration.

To fix this issue, you will have a professional mechanic diagnose the car and fix the underlying problem. For instance, if it’s a clogged air filter, it will have to be cleaned.

Suspension issues

Apart from engine issues, the user should also be ready to deal with suspension problems. Some of the common suspension problems that the user will undergo are excessive bouncing during driving and uneven tire wear. That’s why it is vital for the owner to have the car inspected before fixing any issue.

Some of the things that cause excessive bouncing are damaged suspension parts, worn-out shocks, or poor alignment. On the other hand, uneven tire wear is also caused by the same things. So, have a professional mechanic diagnose your car before fixing it. 

Steering problems

Steering problems are very common on Fiat models. The Fiat Freemont is not an exception as it also registers different steering issues. Common steering problems with Fiat Freemont are clunking noises while driving, the steering wheel not returning to the center position, and excessive body roll during turns.

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Ensure that a professional mechanic diagnoses your car before fixing it. Most steering issues on this model are caused by worn-out steering parts, worn-out bushings, and problems with the power steering system. 

Electrical issues

Since the Fiat Freemont is an advanced car, it is very difficult to avoid electrical issues as there are many things that can go wrong. Note that a good number of the electrical issues with this model are linked to a faulty or dead battery, a faulty alternator, a bad ignition system, and faulty wiring. To fix this issue, your mechanic has to find the underlying problem and repair or replace it.

Transmission problems

Transmission issues are not very common on this car but can be found on specific model years. The most affected models are the 2011 to 2015 Fiat Freemont models. Most users reported experiencing failure of the transmission control module. This normally makes the car shift erratically or fail to shift.

Have your car inspected by a professional mechanic and have them replace or repair the affected part(s).

Cooling system issues

This problem is common in the first-generation Fiat Freemont. Users have reported a failing cooling system that causes the car to overheat and damage the engine. One of the main things that cause this problem is a failing radiator. So, if the radiator is bad, your mechanic should replace it.

Excessive fuel usage

Unlike most problems on this list, this issue is usually caused by poor maintenance and negligence from the owner. This is because this problem is normally caused by dirty or worn-out engine parts. Therefore, you should always maintain your car properly to avoid such issues.


Is Fiat Freemont reliable?

Yes, the Fiat Freemont is a reliable car. It has an above-average reliability rating, which is good but slightly below most of its competitors. While the Fiat Freemont doesn’t have many issues, finding its spare parts is somewhat challenging. Moreover, the cost of repair and maintenance is also pretty much higher than most of its rivals.

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How long does the Fiat Freemont last?

It depends on how well the manufacturer takes care of the car. If the user takes good care of the car and drives it well, it can last for more than 200,000 miles. What’s more, for the car to last long, the user needs to adhere to the manufacturer’s recommended scheduled maintenance service.

Is it expensive to maintain the Fiat Freemont?

Maintaining the Fiat Freemont is not expensive. On the other hand, it is pretty affordable to maintain the Fiat Freemont. This is because it will cost the user between $95 and $1940 to maintain this SUV. On average, it will cost around $280 to maintain this car, which is way cheaper than most of its rivals.


The Fiat Freemont is an exceptional crossover SUV with a comfortable cabin and well-performing engines. But like most cars, this SUV also faces problems as it gets older. Nonetheless, this car can last longer if well-maintained and cared for.

Before buying a used Fiat Freemont, it is vital to find out if it had manufacturer defects and if the user had them fixed. Overall, the Fiat Freemont is an outstanding SUV with a few setbacks.

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